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  1. Yeah Daryl. Too bad he wasn't at the other place he would have mowed them all down.
  2. Sorry, Maggie as a leader doesn't work for me. Sort of like Madison on FTWD. The whole idea of the "world is ours" is exactly the same belief system that Neegan has. How is theirs more noble?
  3. I too, loved it. Cannot wait for season 2. Slow is ok because of what they are trying to show here (for me at least), the forging of a new scientific methodology and all the ups and downs of convincing others. Hope this goes for more than 2 seasons. I suspected that was BTK, right out of the box and had to Google the town, yup they are showing BTK on the horizon. I think the point of that is to show that there is always someone else out there to catch or figure out. Hated the girlfriend. It was like she didn't even like him, but wanted to be better and smarter than him and disliked that she wa
  4. Hoping it will be something profound. Not sure what to expect. probably will be "Claire!?" ha
  5. I was disappointed that we didn't see Claire go through the stones. Even if it was a long shot, from a distance, just a few seconds, I really wanted that. I always found the Pagan ladies dancing in the rising sun to be one of my favorite scenes. I was somewhat hoping to see Claire in the sunrise going through. Someone up-thread mentioned about Claire going through the stones any time. Maybe, you will only hear the noise if you are wearing a gemstone? We know that the time travel "uses" a gem in some way and it is gone when you arrive. If you aren't wearing one, I suspect that you cannot go thr
  6. Lynn Whitfield looked stunning with her hair up in her outfit for the Cotillion party. She is a stunning woman. Great episode. However said it, Oprah did look very slim.
  7. Yes, the twin beds were common during this time period. The movie A Christmas Story is set during this period, and they show twin beds. If memory serves there was a depiction of that (or away from that) on the Lucy show as well. It had to do with the burgeoning acceptance of science! See this salon article: http://www.salon.com/2012/08/14/separate_beds_are_liberating/ The 6 year leap was jarring and if Bree was born at the beginning of that stretch, than the baby's development is WAY off. I wish that there had been more of a lead-in to the time jump.
  8. Yup, the movie was Sneakers. I love it too and I have watched it many/many times. I knew the minute I heard the "quote" with Elena Rishcoff (sp?).
  9. For myself, I cannot get past the tub scene with Brig. Her foot (with massively weird toes) just sits on the guys shoulder like a lump, or a fake foot that will not move. Generally, when we sit we move around a bit, we wiggle our feet. We don't just sit stationary with a dead foot, while we tell people how our father tried to have them killed. It is petty of me, but my eyes kept going back to her foot, each and every moment of that scene. I can't unsee it!
  10. Yes Tracy. Of all the ladies to be on the show, she was the largest thus far. I wondered if that would have been a plus if she had stayed.
  11. I agree based on what we have seen. Dave was probably the smallest of all the male winners. Brooke was great, but couldn't go any farther. The lady (who used to be a cop-cannot remember her name) that tapped early in a prior season was zaftig, I really wonder how far she could have gotten if she hadn't tapped due to psychological issues.
  12. Off topic: My daughter was world ranked in Taekwondo for many years and won on the World level too. We flew all over and it adds up as well, but not quite as much as the kids who dance and do ice skating in terms of the costuming (but we do pay for the new weapons, uniforms, and privates). The costumes are very expensive in dance, but we spent on traveling, because you could potentially do a tournament every weekend all around the US and overseas and the top ranked kids have to accumulate points, so you HAVE to go to enough tournaments. Then they have Districts, States, Nationals and Worlds to
  13. Yup, you are correct. There are tricks that dancers and gymnasts and performers learn while coming up. The fact that the girl KEPT pulling them down, tells me that she was aware of it and it was bothering her. Doubt she will wear those again! Off-topic: I had a friend whose daughter was world (top 5 ) ranked in Irish Dancing for her age. The dresses are very expensive.
  14. I used to be a pro fitness instructor and I have to say that really high quality items are likely to stay in place if they are the proper size. Casey was a gymnast and knows the tricks or brands that stay in place. Notice that Jessie's outfits are always perfectly form fitting, but they never move-she is in show biz and probably has the items fitted and made for her, and they are thick and not see through, made of high quality fabrics. The tricks may be that you buy one size larger or use hair spray on your skin, whatever. I didn't like seeing the participant's butt cheeks, because I see this
  15. All of the magic from season 1 and isolated moments from other seasons was missing in this season. For many contestants, the "aloneness" caused them to go inward and self-reflect on really deep levels. The camera became a diary to their souls. THAT was the part that made this show unique from other competition reality shows. Many contestants bonded with nature and themselves, their spirituality, and shared it with us. That quiet reflection was truly awesome and possibly caused the viewers to self-reflect as well. I hope next season goes back to singles.
  16. Worst season ever. I want to see people with skills doing their thing. I don't want to see someone win who never even made an attempt at a shelter.
  17. Oh, I had my seasons mixed up. Didn't he tap after like 20 minutes?
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