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  1. I have to wonder if Amma and Adora are the killers working together? Like Adora groomed her to do this as the ultimate expression of her devotion to the "mother"? In some situations of domestic violence, a victim knows that if the perpetrator is abusing someone else, then they aren't being abused. Obviously it is a dysfunctional way of viewing it, but not in the case of a person who has been systematically abused. It is survival. I wish they would use the actual term for MDP, it is now called factitious disorder, although medical circles still tend to use the MDP term as opposed to what we us
  2. I was thinking that Howard might have written it.
  3. I agree with Juliegirlj. They totally spoil the show with the excessive recaps and what's coming next. I guess that water was not an issue for any of them, as they didn't even mention it at all for anyone that I can recall. I am liking Britt and really looking forward to seeing more of the women. Hoping for a woman to win this time around.
  4. Yeah, in the minority here, but I cannot stand Larry. Almost didn't watch this season when I realized he was on it. I think that having Dave, Carleigh, & Sam on this season are poor choices. We already know that they are able and willing to starve and do almost anything to win. Two of those 3 got pulled only for weight issues in their seasons. We already know that they can survive "Alone". I would have rather seen people who had an unfortunate issue and had to tap early in the run or people who tapped earlier than the 3 mentioned due to a health issue. I was sad for Carleigh and the fish h
  5. Does Carl's death mean nothing to Maggie and Daryl? They have known him since he was a young boy (although it has probably been only a year or two). Did Rick not share the letter with them? How can Daryl take care of Judith and "protect" her and then not be impacted by what Carl wrote in his letter? Daryl let's Dwight go, doesn't he understand Rick's position? Of course, no one is really talking to anyone anymore (not that they ever did, except to monologue). They are a very fragmented group, with each self-appointed leader, doing what they think is right. I think the new show runner is just a
  6. Why did Jadis change everything about herself the minute the GPK were dead? Was it all an act? She talks different, she wears her hair different. Why?
  7. Negan ain't dead-they are going to save him and he won't be able to talk
  8. Love it- I was actually angry at how CDB treated Eugene.
  9. Always my pet peeve, hair and makeup on Madison and Alysha. The other female characters are more realistic in their lack thereof. Drives me nuts and it is such a simple thing. They insist on Madison looking "attractive".
  10. Yeah-What the shit? How did that happen? Is this the new show runner's idea of making it interesting?
  11. It was so hot the night before that they had to leave the front door open, but NOW Rick is wearing a friggin' Fall coat and a denim shirt. Come on, be consistent.
  12. What the shit? Jadis has a mid-century Danish trailer under the heaps of trash. It was really nice and clean???? How is that possible? What the shit?
  13. I have a hard time liking Frannie, because I think the child actor is very poor. How old is she supposed to be? It only makes sense that she leave Frannie with her sister and move out because she has done that before. Carrie's sister (she is a psychiatrist-right?) should know better. The situation is too co-dependent and enmeshed. Again, she knows better. All she does is bitch at Carrie. I get it, Carrie's bipolar is very challenging. I have dealt with patients that were so erratic as well, but she gives her no credit for when she is doing things correctly. She hovers and nags. her sister is m
  14. Forgot all about that one. I like that one too. My DVR is going to vomit on Sundays.
  15. Looking forward to watching Homeland that is recording right now!
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