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  1. Blinkoshuman

    S04.E10 Episode 10

    MY condolences on your loss. I have lung cancer (good results so far from treatment.) THe last scene with Vik and Helen was really hard for me and my husband to watch. I was hoping he’d change his mind about treatment. His statement that he wants more life is exactly why refusing treatment was never an option for me, and why I never ask the docs about a prognosis. I also think we are being prepared for a Helen and Noah reconciliation, and I’m fine with that.
  2. Blinkoshuman

    S06.E10: Chocolate Chip Nookie

    A banner at at the gymnastics meet said 1982. And the meth head girls.
  3. Blinkoshuman

    S06.E05: Mischief Mischief

    Do we know where the other inmates are? Sophia? Big Boo? Yoga Jones? Leanne and her meth head friend?
  4. Blinkoshuman

    The Great British Baking Show On PBS

    How many seasons are available on Netflix? Just the 5? Where can the other seasons be viewed?
  5. Blinkoshuman

    S08.E04: Some Guy

    I cannot believe how hard I ugly cried over the death of a fake CGI tiger.
  6. Blinkoshuman

    S07.E09: Drink the Kool-Aid

    Lyric said: "Those two are such solid, compelling actors. Billie Lourd - not so much." Agree....Billie Lourd is terrible. She has literally zero facial expressions.
  7. Blinkoshuman

    S05.E09: The Tightening

    I can't stand them. Their characters are the most unlikable. Even the tiny bit of comic relief they used to provide is tiresome. I haven't watched beyond this episode, so I'm really hoping they get a karma smack down when it's all over.
  8. Blinkoshuman

    S03.E04: Sabrosito

    Timeline question: where is Gus' product being made at this point, and who is making it? No super lab and no Gale yet, right?
  9. Blinkoshuman

    S04.E11: People Persons

    Wow. This episode packed some punches (no pun intended.) Go ahead and engrave Lori Petty's name on an Emmy. I'm so sad for Lolly, and I hope that the character isn't disappearing forever. I am so angry about these freaking guards. True, they're working in a prison, but it's a minimum-security prison for crying out loud. They're all on such a power trip and they're all so sadistic and cruel. I wonder how long Piper and Blanca would have stayed on the table if not for the lock down. I hope that there's some sort of a comeuppance for these guards in the end. So, who or what was in the corn field while Coates was sitting post?
  10. Blinkoshuman

    S02.E09: Nailed

    During the bar scene, I wondered how many times we saw Mike smile like that in BB? Not many, for sure. Agree completely. I would have disagreed with you at the end of last season, but now I'm hooked into Jimmy's and Kim's and Chuck's and Mike's stories. I don't need to see Saul any time soon. All of the discussion upthread about Ernesto maybe being the connection between Jimmy/Saul and Gus Fring,and that Saul really didn't know Fring that well, made me realize that I've been mistaken about that. I remembered it differently than it actually happened, and I had to look it up: I would have bet that Saul and Fring had a closer business relationship than they really did. Huh. I guess it's been awhile.
  11. Blinkoshuman

    S02.E01: Monster

    This is pretty terrible. I was fully hooked and invested in the story by the middle of season 1 of TWD. I can't stick with this. I can't figure out why it's so bad compared to TWD. Ultimately, it's a lot of the same people on the creative side. I was actually kinda intrigued by a story of the beginnings of the ZA. This is not what I wanted. THAT is what I wanted. I agree the the only character I'm remotely interested in is Strand. Zombie being killed by an outboard motor was kinda cool. Might save these next few episodes to watch later on if the buzz gets more positive.
  12. Blinkoshuman

    S02.E08: Fifi

    That single-take opening sequence was true art. Absolutely brilliant. I hope they talk about it on the podcast. I cannot wait to see how the altered documents play out. Random thought: While looking at IMDB last night, I noticed that they describe BCS as taking place 6 years before the events of BB. That makes me so confused about Kaylee. She seems to be a much older child in BCS than what we saw in BB, yet she's supposed to be younger...6 years younger! She only seemed to be about 5 or 6 the few times we saw her in BB, so she should be an infant, or at least a toddler in BCS. It's just one of those things I'm not going to be able to not notice.
  13. Blinkoshuman

    S06.E16: Last Day On Earth

    I wish we had a better opportunity to see this. I'm really interested in elements of his character other than being a stone cold killer. I hated the Governor, but we got to see how he manipulated his people. Maybe next season...
  14. Blinkoshuman

    S06.E16: Last Day On Earth

    My main disappointment is that, other than a monologue about how much of a killer he is, we didn't really get much of a sense of Negan and why he has such a following. I keep hearing that he's such a charismatic character, and I really wish we could have seen a little taste of that last night.
  15. Blinkoshuman

    S06.E13: The Same Boat

    I almost had a panic attack myself when Carol was hyperventilating. That made me so uncomfortable and anxious, I was doing deep yoga breaths. When Molls saw that Carol had a rosary, Carol looked like she was trying to eat it. I thought maybe she was trying to play like she was mentally challenged in some way so they'd let their guard down around her. What was she doing?