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  1. The Reaver$ are helping Jim-Bob out of sheer gratitude at the reward$ that their $aviour will give them in the form of $alvation. Jim-Bob will give them many, many, enormou$ thank$.
  2. I'd sure love to be a fly on the wall in the Covenant Eyes marketing department right about now.
  3. Haa, I totally get wanting to protect your thread title (I feel the same about the thread title that I 'won') 😜 But disagree about the understatement being funny anymore, because my wish is that the whole world stops giving fucking Michelle and JB any semantic wiggle room when it comes to describing Josh's crimes. Even when we're making a joke. Like, I think that Josh's name should always be coupled with the words sex offender, pedophile, criminal. I think that his crimes should be named, and that it should be in black and white everywhere. So, I do get the joke behind the thread name, bu
  4. Depending on the information we learn in the next few days, could we perhaps consider changing the title of this thread? I just feel like, this has gone beyond unfortunate events, and into CRIMES.
  5. Because women can pull bike trailers if they want? Perhaps the trailer is always coupled to Joy's bike, because she is the stay at home parent, so they keep it there for convenience rather than switching it back and forth for family rides? Perhaps Austin was doing some off road cycling or tricks, and Joy was happy to stay on a bike path, hence she has the trailer? Perhaps Joy is stronger and fitter!
  6. I think that Erin and Alyssa are simply reacting - each in her own specific way - to the trauma that they must have experienced growing up the way they did.
  7. I would love it if someone played dumb and said on Kendra's social media "Congrats on giving birth during Easter week, what a great Easter surprise!!11!!!!!11!!!!" just to force a Duggar to have to admit that they faked Easter. They. Faked. Easter.
  8. The ONLY good thing about Derick being on the Supreme Court would be the delicious fact that for all his planning, breeding, and 200 year plan, the only Duggar (adjacent) to have political power and clout would be the one that JB *doesn't* have a relationship with.
  9. Baby Nurthan is exactly the same size as a bottle of whatever Plexus crap Jill is trying to flog this month.
  10. The most horrible thing about the visit to the Pearls was that Nurie and Kaylee both looked happier, better rested, and better fed there than they did with their own family! FFS, how bad is your home life when a stay at the PEARL homestead is a better option?!
  11. Honestly, I think saying that "COVID makes you infertile" might be the only way to get some of these Fundies to take it seriously, and even then I have my doubts.
  12. Oh god, she (& Kelly) are going to bully Michael into being her surrogate, aren't they
  13. In that Daily Mail article upthread, there's a Forsyth family photo and Joy appears to be wearing pants. Unflattering pants, I might add.
  14. How do Erin and Chad afford three surgeries, and general medical care?
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