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  1. Soobs

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I've spent a little time dealing with the foster care system and sadly, Barb might be the best option even taking into account the strain on her and possible dangers. It's truly disgusting how we put the barest minimum in for kids who are the most vulnerable.
  2. Soobs

    S09.E19: Season 9 Reunion Part 1

    That was heartbreaking. He really let her down. Hopefully, seeing that footage will be a wake up call for him. He seems like a sweet, charming guy that has a hard time creating stability for himself. I want to know more about his back story.
  3. Soobs

    S15.E02: Week 2

    Luke is as real as his shady "import/export business. He knows how to play the game though. I think she's acting like she believes him so she can sex him up guilt free. Cam is a little scary. Basement check on that guy, pronto! Hannah talks too much about how real she is meanwhile she seems like she's auditioning for an E Channel job. Tone it down, girl. We all know this can be a stepping stone. The guys all looked magazine perfect in the speedo competition, but honestly who wants to be around the type of person that commits to maintaining that type of body. All those guys probably spend 5 hours a day at the gym, never eat carbs, and have several food monitoring apps on their phone. No thank you.
  4. Soobs

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    It makes me really sad to think about the fear and pain that poor dog was in the last terrifying minutes of its life, being chased and beaten by a monster. If the kids witnessed it, they're traumatized too. You can't undo that in a developing mind. David has the makings of a family annihilator. If it happens, a lot of people knew and did nothing. I'm done with this show. It should have been over years ago. Off to go hug my beautiful, rescue animals.
  5. Soobs

    S09.E15: Bow Down

    Gracie's comment definitely demanded further questioning. Maybe she wants to poison him because he's hurting her, maybe not, but I hope Leah got the kid alone and asked some more detailed questions. I doubt it though. I hope that the girls have a stronger relationship with Corey. Even if there's no abuse in Leah's home, between the pills and the men, Leah has created an unstable environment for them. It's going to affect them later in life.
  6. Soobs

    Black Summer

    I like this show. It's super bleak but there's the right amount of cursing and it feels slightly more true to life than other zombie fiction in that people make really poor decisions because they're stressed out. I watch it while I work out and it's a great motivator, lol!
  7. Soobs

    S09.E14: Something We Said

    These women are still girls in so many ways. I don't know if the show has held them up or this is how they would have been regardless. Cmon Leah, birth control isn't that hard to figure out. Certain types make me sick but you keep trying until you find something that works. All her excuses did make it look like she wants a baby with Jason. Barb has lowered herself to Janelle's level in order to be accepted by her. Not a good look at all. Missed opportunity for Cole not to put American flags all over his diaper bag design. You had one job as a designer Cole!
  8. Soobs


    Maybe the "friend" who watches every show but Sally's, and also doesn't have time to watch shows (lol!) mentioned their conversation to the ex. In any case, that guy is so dead. I love how this show can be super serious/ very funny/ sad. I want Barry to get caught but I also see him as a sensitive guy who is also a product of a violence obsessed culture and I feel badly for him.
  9. Soobs

    S10:12 Tell All: Part 1

    Kodi and Meri's physical awkwardness is because they are like a new couple.
  10. Soobs


    Wouldn't she have shown up by now? Is Barry holding her somewhere and sneaking off to feed her? He hit her on the head and she lost her memory? He scared her into leaving permanently? All of those options are pretty lame. Before our every move was recorded, no body meant the person could be missing but with online banking, cameras everywhere, cell phone data etc if someone is offline for more than a week or so they're almost always dead. Convictions without a body used to be impossible but that's not as true anymore. It's pretty hard to go off the grid these days. But that's the real world. In the world of TV, I guess it's possible, but it's kind of cheap. I hope they don't go there.
  11. Soobs


    I assumed that Barry hid/ disposed of Janice's body so that he'd be harder to catch and prosecute. He's getting rid of any evidence he may have left on her body. I never thought she's alive. Henry Winkler was interviewed on Fresh Air yesterday and discusses Barry as well as his years as Fonzie. I thought it was a pretty good interview. He's very honest and funny.
  12. Soobs

    S09.E13: Home Is Home

    Didn't know they were realtors. Good for them! Still, you can lose your shirt if you aren't careful especially if they're doing commercial real estate, or so I've heard.
  13. Soobs

    S09.E13: Home Is Home

    Briana could have just called Devoin to talk about Nova and then later, brought Nova over to hang out. Dum dum. I didn't get a booty call vibe. They have so little chemistry, I'm surprised they made a kid. Something was up with Leah. She was slurring a bit and other times her words seemed out of order. She seemed confused. Poor Kaiser. Just let Nathan's mom raise him, jeez. Janelle sees her kids as her property and no one can take them away, well except the one that actually got taken away. I don't really get what's going on with Kail and Jo. It kind of sounded like Jo sunk all his money into a business that isn't going well. If that's the case, perhaps he should have gone to work for someone and learned the business like a normal person before going all in with his cash. Vee saying she didn't want Kail's money was smart. There would be so many strings attached, it's not worth it. Chelsea and Cole are outnumbered.
  14. Soobs

    Very Cavallari

    Jay had to get blotto in order to be able to stand all of Kristen and her friends shrieking and I don't blame him one bit.
  15. Soobs

    Cold Justice

    That was a really tragic episode and that's saying a lot because this show is pretty dark. The son killing himself on his mother's grave right after Mother's Day makes me imagine all their future visits to their mom's grave after their brother died. Mother's Day is an obvious time to go pay tribute too. If I were in their place, I don't know if I could handle ever going there again. Add to it the terrible things that were done to this sweet women and also the pictures of the bloody dog. Did they say that the children had to live with him for a year after the crime? It's just all so awful and I wonder how any of them stayed emotionally intact. So many of these cases on this show are domestic violence cases. I got into to true crime after a co-worker of mine was murdered by her husband. She was going to leave him but hadn't done it yet which is apparently the most dangerous time for a person. One thing I like about this show is that I get the sense they go to communities that can't afford to put enough resources on these crimes. Everyone kind of knows who did it (like the friend who said he was nervous and sweaty on the day of the murder) but it takes more time and research to gather the info to take to the DA. It is a public service in a way that a lot of other true crime shows aren't. You could possibly put Unsolved Mysteries in the same category or America's Most Wanted.