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  1. I wasn't buying Briana's sob story either. I remember being very sick when I was her age and putting off going to the ER because I didn't want to have to pay some crazy amount of money that I didn't have. But that was a long time ago in the 90's or the late 1900's as I recently heard a teenager say, lol! Rachel saying that she was going to go out and get wasted on her 17th(!) birthday in front of her mom and then her mom sort of shrugging her shoulders, told me a lot about how they all got to where they are today. Her mom doesn't have any control over those kids and probably never has.
  2. I watched this episode with my husband who has never seen the show and during almost every scene he was like, "wait, that's so unbelievable, no way would that would ever happen!" Welcome to the world of The Rookie! How many times has Nolan had an intruder? Seems like it happens every third episode! If Jackson and Sterling work out, boy will they have a unique "how we met" story. But actually maybe it's pretty normal in The Rookie universe. I actually do like this show. It's a fun Sunday night escape. But I often wonder if the writers are self aware of the incredible plots, plot holes and cliches.
  3. Soobs

    S9b.E30: Bear

    Thanks for the warning regarding Isaac. I cannot deal with animals being put to sleep, kids being sad about it etc.. I fast forwarded through a lot of that. Was the dog in pain? It wasn't really clear. I will say this in regarding putting animals to sleep - if you have advance warning and you can afford it, have a mobile vet come to your house where the pet is more comfortable and less stressed. It makes such a difference. Jade looked really put together at the dinner but then she looked like a Ross Dress for Less clearance rack, Vegas show girl at the bar. I do like it when people take chances with their look even when it misses. Makes life more fun. Leah's "tell me how you feeeel" made Jeremy try to crash his car, lol!
  4. I just binged this season last week and I'm pretty excited to be caught up. I watched this show when it was on Fox in the early 00's and I remember it being really controversial but by today's standards it seems pretty normal, lol! A lot less dry humping this week and a lot more introspection. Good for them. I usually don't like seeing people upset but it was fun to see Casey cry. He was so arrogant coming in. Hopefully he can take this newfound knowledge to his next relationship because it looks like the current one is done.
  5. Jade cut Sean's hair and beard where they eat and then he brushed all the hair off onto the table. Barf. He let the rent and utilities go unpaid so she's take him back. What a manipulative deadbeat. Just say no, Jade! Speaking of deadbeats, Luis, showing up for a "loan he'll pay back with interest" Sure Jan. Brianna might as well of thrown that money in the garbage. Kale assumes that the dog is having accidents out of spite? When behavior changes the first thing is to take the animal to the vet to get them checked out medically. Duh. That scene played out like she wanted to put the dog down because he has accidents. He might have cancer but maybe not. The vet said wait and see and Kale was all like, guh-bye. Chelsea telling Cole that if the cameras weren't there she'd (in a baby voice) "give him a blowie" A big no thank you to hearing more of their sex talk. Leah, he's just not that into you.
  6. Out of all these girls Rachel seems to have the worst odds. She has her mom's support as far as food and shelter but her mom has to spend her down time raising the no-good daughter's kid. I don't see how she can get a job or go to school with such little help. Adding to this, it's not like this group are super driven, go getters. Also, she misspelled the kid's name. Shouldn't Hazelee be pronounced Hazel Lee not Haisley (rhymes with Paisley)? Brianna - "I want my kid to have a dad because I didn't." Shortly after, "Oh, wow my kid has a dad now I have to share and I hate it". Pick a lane, girl. Kayla - Drama queen trying to live a Kardashian life on a WalMart budget. Ashley - Dumping dead weight Bar and going to CNA (or whatever it is) school is her best shot at hitting refresh. She has grown the most from fist fighting in church and at birthday parties to bringing homework on vacation. Good for her.
  7. If Janelle left him for real, I'm amazed everyone managed to live through it. Marysa's coping skills must be next, next level. Hopefully, she has a normal adult guiding her in life.
  8. Soobs

    S9b.E27: Bailout

    Jade should take the Mtv money, change her name and leave town. When it's just her and the baby, she does pretty well. Her folks will ruin her new, better life. Nice to see Ali enjoyed getting some independence. Chelsea's segments could just be her pigs doing funny stuff and I'd be okay with that. Kale calling her kid a little shit and talking about shitting her pants etc was a lot. She thinks her mouth is funny or fierce but it's really obnoxious. Also, the new house looked pretty much like the other house. I'll bet the kids won't care much. Brianna hating Devoin when her kids obviously adore him, was pretty selfish. She seems really sour faced this season.
  9. I hate it when my husband asks me this!! It totally stresses me out. Can't imagine being a kid and being asked. Seems like Parenting 101. I also disliked Leah's rose colored glasses talk with Ali where she told her she could do anything she wanted. The kid clearly can't and she knows it. Like Ali, I also can only see out of one eye and softball (like most sports) is never going to happen for me. I literally cannot see where the ball is in space. My mom never blew smoke up my ass with a bunch of b.s. magical thinking because it doesn't help.
  10. It's hard to know if the Ali/Gracie dynamic is normal sibling stuff or bullying. Ali can certainly give as good as she gets but it seems to come less naturally to her than to the others. I agree that Gracie (and the little one) act out for attention. Hopefully, that won't include teen pregnancies when they're older but we all know the odds of that aren't great. Corey and his dad are great setting boundaries with the girls whereas Leah lets them run amok. Miranda totally packed that bag, lol! Agreed that Jade needs to go low or no contact. She would get a lot less lathered up about her mom's failings. Her baby was taking it all in during the dinner and is already sharply attuned to the stress in the room. She's already been around way too much shouting. Please let Jade not bail her out next week. That lady will suck her dry if Jade lets her. Chelsea's plaid shirts looked like stuff you can buy at Kohl's. Aubrey looked cute in her first day outfit/ hairdo. Chris, a grown man and father was threatening to spit on people who are hired to do a job. He sounds awesome.
  11. If you've ever watched the ID show Ice Cold Killers you know this is very true.
  12. Cole really likes to play dress up! Good for him. Leah's sister makes Leah look positively awesome, which is no small feat. Jade and Co. need a swear jar. That whole family is so angry and humorless. It's only a matter of time before that sweet, smiling child gets swallowed up by their toxicity. Briana's boyfriend is never leaving NY. He should just be honest but honesty doesn't really seem to be his thing. Kail needs one of those "I was petty today" t-shirts.
  13. On the Skylar Richardson case - I think she probably killed the baby but the evidence wasn't there. Skylar's self worth was wrapped up in being the perfect, blonde, thin cheerleader and her parents helped facilitate that. The picture of her on vacation, she looked pregnant to me. And her mom waiting until she was 18 for birth control when she already had serious boyfriends, her mom was a day late and a dollar short on that decision. There was a lot of denial from the parents. They wanted the perfect family. When it blew up in their faces, they doubled down and backed up Skylar by endlessly defending her. Striving for perfection is also what saved her from jail. No one was going to put this little, cute, blonde girl in prison. I really wish they'd have women interview teenage girls about traumatic events. I saw one of the detectives was a woman but it looked like she showed up later. The main detectives interviewing her in the beginning were middle aged men who seemed physically intimidating. You just can't count on getting to the truth that way and it did leave room for reasonable doubt. The DA was not good. I don't think she go away for life, but having to take more accountability for her crimes than just probation would have been nice.
  14. Jade needs to drop Sean now. He might be a good partner and dad in a decade, after ten years of her yelling at him. A little surprised Chelsea went meds before therapy. Willing as hard as you can to make anxiety go away, is exactly the wrong move on how to deal with it. A therapist could teach her some strategies. Leah and Jeremy have chemistry together and that's about it. Not enough to build on but some fun times, I'm sure. Kail acts like this is the first time she's ever taken care of kids. Yeah, kids run all over the place and poop when it's inconvenient. I did like the boys sassy conversation at dinner. They are funny, outspoken kids who still manage to be respectful. Someone did something right or maybe Kail just got lucky.
  15. But Cheyenne isn't taking care of Taylor's kid.
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