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  1. So BJ was just a run of the mill liar and flake. He seemed pretty old to be acting like that. Weird that he was such a good friend to her that she gave him a second chance and he still blew it. He probably has intimacy issues and was ok on the phone but couldn't handle the face to face meet ups. Get your ass in therapy dude! Life's too short!
  2. I was thinking Cops but Springer works too. Could have done without hearing Cheyenne whine Coooorrreeeeeeey. A little surprised Kayla was so quick to mention jumping ship. At least have a sit down discussion about expectations. Had to fast forward through Kaiya's breakdown. She needs some therapy and time to grow up.
  3. If the Vegas situation was so great why did they leave? They each had their own house, Kody didn't have to drive all over town, the kids could play in the cul de sac, no one was persecuting them, what was the reason? Something new to do on TV? Seems dumb now. Asking them all to live in the giant house is totally unfair seeing as how they are going to need something to pass on to their kids. The only type of person who would want to buy a giant house like Kody wants to build is some creepy, cult leader. Once the show finishes, which wives will stick around? Robyn and Christine or just Christine? She seems the most sucked in by Kody's limp charisma.
  4. They also had no resemblance to each other. Someone on Twitter said it looked like they had been hired off of Craigslist, lol! Hannah Ann seems like a slightly more grown up version of Madison. She hardly says like at all! The both seem like high school girls though. I'm no fan of Victoria's but it was just gossip and she should have just said haters gonna hate rather than getting all lathered up about it. Peter should have kept his mouth shut until after dinner. He also seems like a teenager when it comes to relationships.
  5. Ashley's mom going on and on about Rice Krispy treats gave me a real craving for them. She should try for an endorsement deal. Maybe if Rachel had checked out it's your sex life dot org she wouldn't have gotten pregnant. Just kidding, it really seemed on purpose. There was so much intervention by so many people and it still happened. I was surprised that her sister told her that it was okay if she wanted an abortion. That seems like a big no no with that group. Once Briana's new boyfriend heard she was on TV he was like, "I'll be right over". The Oregon coast is so pretty. It's a shame they were too busy yelling to enjoy it. Braeson is my favorite kid. So cute when he cried during his birthday song. I'm still not buying Kayla's I-barfed-up-my-birth-control-story. Who's thinking about heading to bone town when everyone's puking/ diarrhea-ing? I think she wanted #2 too. There were definitely girls in my high school that got pregnant on purpose which is something to this day I still don't totally understand .
  6. When Rachel's mom was talking to the grandmother ( I guess her own mom) about how she's struggling to stay off of drugs and that she made more money selling drugs than going legit, I could see a little bit more how their cycle of poverty has endured. Then on the couch when she's talking to Rachel about her options and suggests college, which Rachel scornfully declines. They weren't even looking at each other during the conversation and it seemed totally perfunctory. I doubt college is a possibility for these folks but how about trade school? Rachel's plan seems to be to sit on their sagging couch pumping out babies and her mom's plan is to have a lowing paying job and try to support all of them. Rachel's mom seems really lost at how to do the most basic things like set boundaries and plan the next year of her life. It's a real bummer. I did get a good laugh from the GIANT clock in the therapist's office. That clock screamed, "no one is staying a minute longer than their allotted 50 minutes"!
  7. Rachel used regardless in a sentence correctly twice, so progress? Way to go Ashley! Working on a real career in the TM world. She's a real unicorn! The two girls arguing over prom should break up. They're trying to do too much. Kayla's mom moving should be an invite only thing. Let the girl have some space. I like the basketball guy she's with though. He seems solid.
  8. Who lists a house during the holidays? Most people are too busy to go to open houses. Janelle as a realtor should know spring is the ideal time so that families can get settled before school begins. Also, if you stay in your house less than five years and aren't in a super hot market, you are going to lose money. Pretty sure most people who have owned a house know these basic facts. I'm not getting why Kody wants such a big house for all of them? The kids are getting older and they'll be empty nesters or close to it in 5-10 years. Sure, the kids will come visit but there's no reason to build basically a hotel. Why no one calls really calls him out is beyond me. I could see them building it and then Kody deciding he wants to go somewhere else in a few years. Future oriented thinking is not Kody's thing.
  9. No. But you did miss her fantastic monologue where she describes why she doesn't want to use condoms. 1. some guys find it disrespectful (!!!) 2. some guys say their pull out game is "strong" 3. She's an idiot and so are they. The last one was actually mine, lol!
  10. They remind me of Danny from The Shining, "redrum, redRUM"!
  11. And then when Dr. Drew asked him the same question he gave her answer because he couldn't think up his own. What works for them isn't necessarily what is healthy. And I don't think "no complaints" as an answer to what you love about someone is exactly high praise.
  12. Pretty sure Drew and Nessa don't watch the show. Part 3? Why God why? I think Cole likes being told what to do. Some guys are into that. I know a couple like this and it seems like it works well for them. They don't have much conflict that's for sure. I'd rather have more conflict and also feel like I have an equal partner. Jade's mom didn't want to face any consequences, color me shocked.
  13. I wasn't buying Briana's sob story either. I remember being very sick when I was her age and putting off going to the ER because I didn't want to have to pay some crazy amount of money that I didn't have. But that was a long time ago in the 90's or the late 1900's as I recently heard a teenager say, lol! Rachel saying that she was going to go out and get wasted on her 17th(!) birthday in front of her mom and then her mom sort of shrugging her shoulders, told me a lot about how they all got to where they are today. Her mom doesn't have any control over those kids and probably never has.
  14. I watched this episode with my husband who has never seen the show and during almost every scene he was like, "wait, that's so unbelievable, no way would that would ever happen!" Welcome to the world of The Rookie! How many times has Nolan had an intruder? Seems like it happens every third episode! If Jackson and Sterling work out, boy will they have a unique "how we met" story. But actually maybe it's pretty normal in The Rookie universe. I actually do like this show. It's a fun Sunday night escape. But I often wonder if the writers are self aware of the incredible plots, plot holes and cliches.
  15. Soobs

    S09.E30: Bear

    Thanks for the warning regarding Isaac. I cannot deal with animals being put to sleep, kids being sad about it etc.. I fast forwarded through a lot of that. Was the dog in pain? It wasn't really clear. I will say this in regarding putting animals to sleep - if you have advance warning and you can afford it, have a mobile vet come to your house where the pet is more comfortable and less stressed. It makes such a difference. Jade looked really put together at the dinner but then she looked like a Ross Dress for Less clearance rack, Vegas show girl at the bar. I do like it when people take chances with their look even when it misses. Makes life more fun. Leah's "tell me how you feeeel" made Jeremy try to crash his car, lol!
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