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  1. In the episode with the visiting cousin, I was a little worried for the cousin. Even Anna was telling Maya to get it together. She's a creative, impulsive person but add that into her insecurities, lack of parental oversight and need for peer acceptance, she has the potential to go down a dark path,
  2. Looking forward to the new episodes but I'm sad the show is ending. I'm happy for them that they're in demand. I was hoping that we'd get an episode or season in the future to see how they ended up as adults.
  3. That Maci stuff was confusing. I always thought she and Taylor were a good match. It almost sounded like she was saying she regretted having their kids. I guess they need a story line. I'd rather watch her clean her house than have a fake, near break up. If Mack could have given more of her kids away she would have! Amber's therapist was like. "she's not as terrible as she used to be, (shrug)".
  4. Gary is correct in withholding information from Amber. Dr. Drew calling it a mistake and then slightly pulling back saying Amber thought it was a mistake, was super gross. She is 100% not trustworthy. You could see her seething at her own kid because Leah makes her look bad. There's not more to it than that. Cory is no longer human. He's just a reality personality. It's like he's a cardboard cutout, lol!
  5. It seemed to me that Kody is using covid as an excuse to permanently distance from at least two wives. I may have given a couple of people the boot and used covid as an excuse however I'm not sealed in marriage to them, they're just annoying acquaintances who I didn't really click with anymore. Pretty heartless and even if Robyn is the puppet master (which is likely) I'm still looking at him as the responsible party for treating these women who he has many, many children with, so poorly. They replayed perhaps my favorite scene from this entire show where Meri tells Christine during her br
  6. Mac's self described dirty house looked a lot better than Maci's cluttered compound. It looked like Home Goods barfed up an entire store in Maci's mansion. Weird argument between Maci and Taylor. She said something like their whole thing is being there for their kids. I guess that means you aren't allowed a sick day and you have to be a servant to your kids? She has control issues and the life coach lady was useless. Looks like Gary's wife is sick of being Saint Kristina and I can't blame her. I didn't follow the Instagram drama that closely but didn't Amber blame her for Leah not wanting
  7. The only reason Amber is upset about Leah is because it makes Amber look bad to have her daughter reject her. She's a classic narcissist and the earlier Leah learns about and accepts this the better off she'll be. Hopefully, Gary can get her to a therapist that can work on this with her or she's in for a tough life. Tyler commenting on how well spoken Carly is spoke volumes about how differently she's being raised. She's cherished and being given opportunities Tyler and Cate couldn't give her even with their MTV money. They should be happy for her and knock off the Eeyore routine. Those t
  8. My best guess is because the pros might advise the moms to quit the show.
  9. The biggest difference between Rebecca and Nate is that Rebecca apologized and begged Ted and Higgins for their forgiveness. Sure, Keeley forced her hand but the apologies were genuine and were accepted by the wronged parties. Nate on the other hand doubled and then tripled (by tearing up the sign) down on his behavior with no remorse at all. We are in good hands with this show, so I think the way forward will be what it should be.
  10. It is so sad. His future without Rachel is very bleak. I highly doubt a 12 year old boy from a troubled home would go to a foster family if it came to down to foster care. He'd end up in a group home with a bunch of other kids from the same type of troubled homes. At 18, he'd be dropped off somewhere with everything he owns in trash bags. You can see why most foster kids (especially ones who enter the system in their teens) don't do so well in life.
  11. Soobs

    S9E19: Balancing Act

    That the kids are obedient with Josh sounded like maybe they're scared of him. They aren't scared of Mackenzie so they run amok. I don't have kids but that doesn't seem like the contemporary thinking on getting them civilized properly. It's good she had the parent expert come by. I wonder if that was production's idea because it was that or call CPS. When she was yelling at them about cleaning up that seemed like too vague a direction for their age. Aren't they all around or under 10?
  12. That was a painting by artist Ed Ruscha. Steve Martin is a big contemporary art collector. It was a nice touch.
  13. I like it! It's one of the few shows my husband and I watch together. I really don't need twists and turns. I would have been happy watching their antics, all zonked out on their smoothies, roaming the property having weird, emotional revelations.
  14. I was getting some serious Tootsie vibes from Sean.
  15. I'm a big Mike White fan and I also love The Good Girl which he wrote and has a small role in. I feel like we're in good hands and this will go to interesting places.
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