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  1. Soobs

    Who Killed Garrett Phillips?

    I want to hear more about these kids he didn't get along with. I could definitely see this as bullying/ horseplay taken too far. When I think back to my latchkey days we did a bunch of stuff where someone could have been seriously hurt or killed, especially at around 12 or 13. My brother and I once tried knife throwing using each other as targets and that's one of the tamer stories! Another possibility is that there was already someone in the apartment who attacked Garrett when he walked in the door. A burglar or someone who was stalking Tandy, say a jealous ex like Jones.
  2. Soobs

    General True Crime Shows

    I too love Web of Lies and I have to say Lakeisha might win the prize for biggest moron I've ever seen on a true crime show, ever. Actually, it might be a tie with the parents in Abducted in Plain Sight. The cops questioning her were really nice to her considering her terrible judgement. They should have given her mom custody and sentenced her to six months of Catfish reruns. The detective said that kidnapping was treated as seriously as homicide so if the kidnapper only got 6 months do murderers get like a whole, entire year?
  3. Soobs

    Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

    I'll add Maria Bamford and Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson to the list of comedians I'd like to see on this show. I think there's only 2 women out of 12 comedians this season.
  4. Soobs

    S15.E11: The Men Tell All

    I kept yelling at my screen, "it's a game show where one contestant gets a shot at dating the lead!" The whole engagement part with the ring, down on one knee etc is just for TV ratings drama and largely meaningless. I would not be surprised if Luke wasn't that familiar with the format and bought into the fairy tale bs. Not an excuse but an explanation for some of his behavior. That being said, I think Luke is a really controlling guy who has the potential to be abusive (emotional if not physical) and in the climate we are currently in, it's necessary to call that behavior out. A lot of the male contestants did do that (no means no) and it was nice to see. In the larger scheme of things, when I think about say teenage girls watching this show, it's been a good season with it a lot of important issues being brought up. I would like to see older contestants. Imagine if everyone was in their 30's how differently these relationships would play out.
  5. Soobs

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    Lizzie should be more worried about Scott rinsing his shoes in the kitchen sink and putting them on the counter than what's on his dirty spoons which I'm sure is just old gross food. He probably eats with them and puts them back. The Clint/ Tracie drama is total producer hijinks. Great timing that the Stephanie message pops up right when they're taking a selfie. Sure Jan.
  6. Soobs

    S07:E34: Taylor & Christian

    Nev has Tallulah in his phone as Tallulah Willis because he knows more than one Tallulah? I wonder if people are trolling Taylor on Instagram or perhaps no one watches this show and it didn't effect her at all. Jerrika is a smart girl. The problem with catfishing Catfish is that most people aren't naturally good actors.
  7. Soobs

    Big Little Roles: The Cast and Crew of BLL

    I just realized that Zoe Kravitz's dad is Martin Donovan who was in Hal Hartley indie movies from the 90's. Also starring Adrienne Shelley from Waitress
  8. Soobs

    S08.E07: Mother of a Mother’s Day

    All parties involved in Leah's life need to protect her privacy. The way this was handled is insuring she'll never talk anyone about it again. It would have been helpful for her to speak to someone who could give her tips on what to do when it happens but I'm talking about a professional, not her dumb ass mom. Butch is reaching the age where lifelong users often succumb to the disease. Much as I'd like to, I can't hate on Maci. Anyone trying to bring attention to women's health issues is doing a good thing in my book.
  9. Soobs

    S15.E10: Week 10

    Peter said "we came together like so much", Get it gurl! Tyler is a lot more mature than 25 and deserves someone that is as well (ie not Hannah) Jed's love pronouncements were unsurprisingly as heartless as his music. Luke is so insecure. Hannah learned that the dark side of "love at first sight" is "my dysfunction fits perfectly into your dysfunction". Yay for all the Greek cats!!
  10. Soobs

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    Michael is only interested in being there for the birth because getting there will involve a lot of drama. Scott looks slightly better compared to how he used to look. Now he looks like he usually sleeps indoors. I also think Brittany's friend should have gotten a lot more time. It always blows my mind how someone can get less than a decade for killing a person, let alone two people! When the judge was talking to her, she was crying for herself. Brittany needs to join a mom group and leave the criminals behind. I hear those mom groups tend to like wine too.
  11. Soobs


    I find the whole shotgun dad schtick so loathsome that I had a hard time with this episode. At least the daughter new he was full of shit. I love that they're giving Martha more to do this season.
  12. Soobs

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    The beginning of the affidavit states that threats and abuse are an ongoing situation. Big shocker. I feel for Andrew. A lot of people who don't understand how domestic abuse works are going to say that he should be able to defend himself. She's a serial abuser and should lose everything, freedom, money fame, partner, children, fans etc...
  13. Soobs

    S07.E33: Kaden & Adriana

    I think/hope Kadan learned some good lessons. 1.Someone can look good on the outside and still be ugly. and 2. Just because you connected with a girl on a cruise for one or two days years ago doesn't mean you need to continue that relationship past the nice, brief time you shared.
  14. Soobs

    S15.E09: Week 9: Hometown Dates

    I was surprised that I like Luke's family. On a shallow note, his mom's hair was really pretty. So what was up with his behavior? Does Luke not show that side of himself to them or did he freak out because he was on TV? I hope Pilot Pete is the next bachelor. He seems down to earth and like a fun, friendly guy. I like how his family really went for it with the German chant/ prayer. They seemed like a good bunch.
  15. Soobs

    S08.E06: Momcation

    If Amber can't cope with her various illnesses then she's not well enough to be on TV. That giant glass of wine she poured when they first arrived said it all. What a bunch of sad sack girls to take a trip with, especially Amber. Lots of people have anxiety but the way she tried to offload it onto the other women in the store showed how she expects others to take on her problems and solve them for her. Cheyenne seems like the only one I would be able to stand being in a room with and only because she's kind of a blank slate.