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  1. I too noticed no Tony but also no Mitch as well. I'm wondering if Kody cannot afford to pay them now? They have not show nearly as much of any of the older kids as of late. I am guessing if Tony was offered (and hi work allowed him?) he would not miss a chance to get on TV!
  2. Did I miss something because I came in a few minutes after the show started, what was Duff wearing that scarf for? Does he have a scar on his neck or something? If that is the case then I am sorry I remarked....because that does not go with his t shirt attire he wore about every scene.
  3. I was laying in bed watching....and also wondering....WHO WAS CUTTING ONIONS, like Mariah said too!? My gosh how Tia teared up is what really got me. Then Earl, who is my favorite parolee. When they showed the crates actually in the cell with the inmate I was in awe of the program. Like Tia said, those dogs don't care they are in prison. All they care about is having their own human and of course running in that huge yard! I cracked up when Tia said that Fancy was NOT escaping prison! This was probably the best episode yet for me so far.
  4. Does an epidural for childbirth involve narcotics? She said she had a natural birth because she refused the opioids. I guess since I have never had a baby, I cannot imagine any of the Duggar women having those drugs pumped in them! (on 19 kids+, Counting On) Also, remember Michael Jackson died from an overdose of Propofol. It was used under the care of a real doctor so he could go to sleep! I knew that, just wondered if numbing the spinal cord would have worked in the leg surgery....or is that a whole different area of pain/nerves than child birth?
  5. One time my husband and I were watching an old episode of Ree where the whole family was on some burn or cleanup, I forget now, in some old train cars and Ree serves up her food to Ladd and he grabs it with his kerosene soaked gloves still on! We about died! Husband actually saw it before I did because I am used to their "country lifestyle". Gross indeed!!!
  6. I watched her making those waffles and then serve them to her friends too and thought they were meant for my friends 4 year old. Idiotic. They show Ree going to sit at the table and give a brief glimpse of her legs/lower body and I was trying to notice if she had lost any weight. My husband told me he read on the internet how she's been working hard for MONTHS losing weight by lowering carbs, I think? When were these episodes filmed? When were the cookie challenges with Duff and Nancy filmed? (was that with them?) Going by what crap she had to taste on the cookie show as well as the sugary (3 cups POWERED SUGAR glaze!) shown here, is she spitting out food when the camera turns away like Giada does? I cannot tell if she is thinner, anyone???
  7. Thanks! I knew it must be him or Derrick but the letters were NOT matching up!
  8. Who is RFP? I give up guessing? LOL@ me misreading it as: JB HITTING Michelle while drunk instead of hitting ON her!!! I didn't find that too offensive either! (all just fun in games here) Let's not forget Anna giving birth on that toilet in the famed Jessa's birthing unit of a house! I literally was rolling around reading these past few posts....especially the above description.
  9. Oh. Thank You! I knew there must be a story behind it.
  10. Elise had on a shirt that said "MUTT SLUT" on it!? I don't get it. Didn't they show his newborn baby son being held by his mother.....and Mutt did not live to see the baby? I know they said Elise was really close with Mutt but I didn't think that shirt seemed appropriate. I must be missing something. Fill me in please.
  11. I noticed that as well....about the hair color. If you look back on video of Ethan the oldest son his hair looks brown! I think he colored it before the show started filming. It looks pretty yellow and brassy at the scalp especially now. Natural blonds don't usually have that solid of blond from ends to root like his is now. I call bs on the whole blond stuff!
  12. Mommy Dearest is very overweight, yet she doesn't allow her kids to eat sugar!? I saw those kids POURING honey in the lemonade one of the first shows! Newsflash; you gain weight (which is unhealthy) when you consume too many calories....doesn't matter if they are from sugar or honey or apples! What a bunch of horrible rules. What did Moriah mean when she asked her mom if she ever wondered WHY THAT IS....regarding not liking her mother? Moriah does whatever she pleases but if she were my daughter....she would NOT be allowed to prance all over California with those Daisy Dukes on! Love me or hate me for it. That is not showing her daughter any love when she has set no boundaries for her. She is NOT 18 yet. This causes Moriah to run away even faster. I think she does most of this for attention??? Oh...we must not forget that a camera crew followed those 2 hotties around San Francisco. Mommy is just making a buck off the kids with this show. Way to parent mama, lazy, lazy and more LAZY!
  13. Wait...the boys get to wear SHORTS now in the water? I may or may not have been DEFRAUDED by the camera angle in the boats with those boys!? When did this trend start? After Jill and Jinger started wearing pants?
  14. I recall an episode of Dog Whisperer where Caesar said to let them smell the rear end before introducing face to face. This is yet another example of how this can work. Glad it worked out! I had to look away when they showed the dogs abscessed took getting lanced! Oh my....bless Jade's heart she LOVES this kind of stuff and wants to do this when she grows up! We must THANK people like this for existing. I would have thrown up if I'd been in that room, wow!
  15. Michelle looked so dumpy at the camp ground. And I believe we were treated to her wearing the green top again! I realize she is short, but hopefully her "headship" is fine with her putting on some of the all too common menopause pounds around her mid section. (I have them as well, just pointing out she is also showing her age) JB looks like a slob as well....as we saw when he fell in the water! Too much of the parents.
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