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  1. I really do like Paul, but he's a little bit of a root rat. And I'm trying to say that in the least offensive way. 😊 He's the type who can't be alone. No idea why the bakers have to work in oppressive heat. Hot doughnuts and ice cream cakes. No reason why the tent can't have regulated temperature. I haven't seen Matt Lucas in anything except an episode of Community, and I loathed his character. He was really sympathetic with the bakers in this episode. I still don't think he's a good fit for this show, but I'm less irritated with him.
  2. Mando seems a little too OP. Auntie Peli is the aunt we need for baby Yoda. Love her.
  3. I watched a few episodes, and everybody is forgettable. Nobody stands out.
  4. Mando is so op! He was ten steps ahead of everybody and won. The running theme that Stormtroopers are terrible shots... That motley crew was so damn unlikeable. I'm glad that got their comeuppance. It's still a liability for Xi'an et al. to be alive and for them to have seen Baby Yoda. Mando should have killed them. Baby Yoda is so smart. He knew that he and Daddy were in trouble, so he played hide and seek with the droid. And Daddy to the rescue. Oh, and he got his ball again. She was so irritating. It was disappointing that she lived to be a thorn in Mando's side in the future. The Widow was a step-up for Mando.
  5. When Mando turned over Baby Yoda to Werner Herzog and the Doctor, he instantly knew that it was a mistake. Armorer's helmet was distracting. I kept wondering how she got it from Dr. Fate. The Mandalorians are badasses. Hopefully, we see how they live nowadays and how they lived in the past before the Great Purge. I like you, Greef Karga, but nobody gets between Baby Yoda and his Daddy. Glad you survived. Yes! As a new parent, Mando gets a pass. He'll be stumbling and learning what he should/shouldn't do with Baby Yoda. I'm all in!
  6. I love this show. Visually, it's stunning. The storyline doesn't feel slow. The characters. The call-backs and Easter eggs. Stormtroopers still can't shoot. I never knew that I needed a Baby Yoda in my life. When he looks at Mando, he sees Daddy. He is always looking for Daddy. The cuteness overload! I love Pedro Pascal's voice. The Jawas are always so irritating in a good way. Bring back Nick Nolte's character in future episodes.
  7. I'm watching it now. I'm glad that 90s WW is back. I hate her look in other animated movies, etc. Young Justice, Justice League v. Teen Titans. At some point, I hope that 90s-styled Justice League movies will happen. Esp. when the animated movies are geared toward adults. BBWW can be in JLA, and BB?? can be in other movies. I finally saw Hush, and it's good except for the BatCat romance. I rolled my eyes when Catwoman told Batman that he's crazy to try to save the Riddler. There's such a fundamental divide between them.
  8. spaulding

    Toy Story 4 (2019)

    Same. I think that the relationship between Buzz and Woody is the heart of Toy Story. Each Toy Story movie is amazing. Each movie shows how bittersweet it is to be a child's toy. Gabby Gabby lulls Woody by reminding him of his past life with Andy, and despite the eventual heartbreak, she wants to be a child's toy.
  9. spaulding

    Toy Story 4 (2019)

    The Toy Story movies have always had a sense of pathos. It's so bittersweet being a child's toy. I love the relationship between Buzz and Woody. That's why I looked around in the theater and wondered who was cutting onions at the end of the movie.
  10. I've always liked Eddie ever since the first episode when he had to eat alone in the bathroom. There are times that Eddie acts like a dick; but it's probably because the real Eddie is a dick, so I wave it off. I've never liked Jessica and her "tiger-mom" antics. When Evan became her mini-me, I started to loathe him too. In this episode, she tries so damn hard to not admit that she misses Eddie--her son. In the episode where Evan has a fencing contest, Jessica tells Eddie to stay away from her perfect son (his brother) because Eddie will be a bad influence. She hates him because he refuses to be molded in her image. How she acts is beyond the pale. Eddie isn't a mouthy kid who drinks and does drugs. He's stealth smart and very thoughtful. He surrounds himself with nice, loyal friends, including Trent who works hard for Louis. Re: Louis and Jessica's success. I thought that Louis wanted to move to Florida to open a restaurant, but Jessica was hesitant. So far, Jessica got bored with her real estate business, got a publisher to print her terrible novel, and spent her and Louis's 401K to massage her ego in academia. She has a business degree from Maryland, so maybe she should have used it. I just don't see how Jessica was successful when Louis is the reason why the restaurant is successful. And Grandma is still the OG.
  11. It's such a slog to watch this movie. I keep forcing myself to watch it in 15 min increments. Right now, I've only seen half of it. I was meh about Rey in the last movie. Now, I absolutely loathe her so far and actively rooting for Kylo Ren.
  12. WTH did I watch? Ten minutes in: Scully is getting coded messages in her brain. I switched over to Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster to cleanse the palate. That episode is pure perfection. I'll try to watch My Struggle III another time. Ugh, it'll be such a chore.
  13. I love this show, and the cast is great. Nicole Ritchie is an MVP here. She has chemistry with everybody. This show should focus on other relationships aside from the mother-daughter one. E.g., Justin and Chuck, Portia and Chuck, etc. It's also pushing hard the Greg-Katie romantic relationship. I don't mind, but keep it in the background. I'm not 100% Team Katie because Cat has fantastic chemistry with Greg. They kinda look alike. It's not surprising that they're married in real life. Sorry, Carol.
  14. The hmmm-ing is annoying. The movie wants to make Batman pensive, but he comes off as some caveman. It's hilarious that Batman is dragged into every DC direct-to-video. Like how Lego Batman is the break out star of The Lego Movie. Darkness, No Parents! Stop making Superman and Wonder Woman a thing. Superman's boring, and forcing a S/WW relationship has made her boring. (Their relationship in Justice League Action is boring and squicky at the same time.) Drop the relationship and let Diana be great. (Her flirtation with Batman in Justice League is hotter than her actual relationship with Superman. And it didn't detract from her awesomeness.) Batman aside, this movie is all about Constantine. I love Matt Ryan and his short-lived Constantine show, so I'm glad that he gets to play Constantine again. I hope that there's a plan for more Constantine movies. I love how he's a likeable asshole, and somewhere, he is redeemable. I don't know how I feel about this version of Zatanna, but she is bursting at the seams. Yikes! Jason Blood is dead. Boo! I care about him and Etrigan after JL. Not a fan of Swamp Thing, but it was creepy and sad about how he ended. Is he permanently Swamp Thing without his human side? Creepy that his human side was brutally pulled out and creepy that his human form is decaying. DC shouldn't listen to Zack Snyder. This movie is too dark/brutal. Marvel is so much better at balancing lightness and darkness. Side note: GHScorpiosRule, have you watched Powerless? It's hilarious, and Batman and Bruce Wayne are unseen characters in it. Love it. The show gives a sense of humor to them.
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