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  1. Thank god he's going to be okay. Felt like I had my phone on a permanent refresh after seeing the news last night.
  2. So glad someone started a thread for this show! Absolutely love it especially as someone who looked into adoption in the past as an option to build my family. Really looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.
  3. Official Ted Lasso merchandise is now available through the WB store: Ted Lasso
  4. Absolutely loved this, and hope there are more episodes in the future. Their music is also available on Spotify.
  5. Yeah, I absolutely teared up when he went back and had Peter read the book. Would not have called that Mythic Quest would make me cry, lol. Agree that their casting was fantastic.
  6. I really, really hate that they went there with Gary’s character. I’m not sure how you come back from that. And I loathe the message it sends. It was truly surprising to me how no one among the group thought there was a possibility that Peter would not be arrested. He’d clearly covered his tracks with the text he’d sent Sophie and there was no hard evidence of what he’d done. It’s truly awful, but unfortunately all too common. Maggie at the very least I thought might temper their expectations for any kind of justice.
  7. I get those concerns completely, and agree that's a storyline that is told all too often, but I didn't get any sort of "this is tragic" or "it's a bummer to be disabled" narrative sense from this episode. Nicholas having to pivot from a previous ADHD diagnosis, and what the family knew as autism and autistic trait manifestation (as Genevieve said, she thought she knew everything about autism, but what she really knew everything about was Matilda), doesn't mean he's self-loathing about it. The time lapse in the episode is a little wavy, but he's known he's autistic from a self-diagnosis standpo
  8. A lot of people have difficulty accepting diagnosis, even if it's something they've actively gone after for themselves. Especially when diagnosed later in life, while it is on the one hand a massive relief to have everything come into focus, it also means reassessing your entire life through that lens, which can be overwhelming. I sought diagnosis for over a year. I, like your friend, was extremely relieved when I finally got it because it explained SO MUCH, especially things I never would have thought were related (like sensory issues). Would never have connected those dots! At the same
  9. black-ish to End With Season 8 at ABC
  10. Prodigal Son canceled at FOX
  11. I would have loved to have seen Chadwick win - I was rooting for him. However, I will say that as an autistic person, I am happy to see a fellow autistic take the win (Anthony Hopkins was diagnosed in his 70s). Diversity comes in many forms, and the list of disabled Oscar winners is super short. While I doubt the Academy voters were actively paying attention to that when they cast their vote, it does have a ripple effect - I saw many happy posts from folks in the autistic and disability communities the next day. That being said, I can completely understand why some are upset by the resul
  12. Agree with the previous comments that the episode was telegraphed from the beginning - at no point did I think the results would be anything other than what they were. Kandy did well and deservedly got praise for her set, but her getting the win over Gottmik or Rose is just...no. Gottmik was basically most improved and took their notes to heart, and Rose killed in the toughest spot of the lineup. Kandy said herself if she were put last she'd struggle because she wouldn't be able to come up with stuff on the fly. I do not understand why Kandy continues to be pushed at the audience.
  13. Two books that left me completely cold but seem inexplicably popular - The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides, and The Guest List by Lucy Foley. The Silent Patient was just so poorly written, and the final act so ridiculously implausible, I almost threw the book across the room multiple times. I only ended up slogging through it because it was for my book club, but my god my eyes almost rolled out of my head. The Guest List was also incredibly disappointing. Every twist was telegraphed almost immediately, which sucked all the air out of whatever narrative tension the author was go
  14. That kid's segment ending with them all knowing Chadwick Boseman was an emotional sneak attack. Tears from my couch right now.
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