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  1. Danny knew exactly what he was doing dropping that guy off, as well as what the reaction of the gang and consequences would be. It’s one of the reasons he was blustering so much to Baez about how he didn’t do anything wrong because technically whatever happened once the guy was out of his car wasn’t his fault. She saw right through that BS and called him out on it. It’s not the first time in the series he’s used that tactic, either. I think they are having a very difficult time this season writing a show that typically skews heavily on the pro-police side in the current climate. T
  2. I used to love early Anita Blake - followed Lauren's blog, the whole bit. I think the turning point for me was Narcissus in Chains, and everything past that rapidly devolved. I tried to stick it out, but the sex completely overshadowed any semblance of plot. I once did a page count of one of the later books (I forget which one) and found about 45 pages of actual story plot, and the rest of the book was people screwing. I did not sign up for (badly written) porn. Her attitude toward the fan response was also a massive turn off.
  3. We aren't sure of the context of what Beard was told, though. If Beard thinks that Ted's reaction at the karaoke bar was specific to the event of him signing the divorce papers and finalizing his divorce, he may not realize that it's a more constant underlying issue. And while he did notice Ted's hands at the start of Season 1, he could have chalked that up to the "first day of school" jitters/excitement the two of them mentioned prior to showing up at practice that day.
  4. I honestly was taken aback by their choice of winner. I would have given it to Melanio.
  5. Considering Jamie didn’t know what “Pavlovian” was last season, I’m guessing it’s not him quoting Rilke on a dating app. Though it would certainly be an interesting pairing.
  6. I'm so sad to see this, not only because the show was so good, and I wanted to see more from these characters, but also because it means one less show with disability representation on television. It was such a breath of fresh air to see autistic characters played by autistic actors.
  7. One hundred percent. I love that he didn't force his words on the model, and ended up with a much more authentic result because of it. And by doing the painting himself on the outfit rather than have the models paint each other, he retained that level of control necessary to really take ownership of his garments, and that artistry. It was a great combination of leadership and collaboration.
  8. No idea whether Gary is autistic or not, but as an autistic viewer, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Loved his concept, but was so concerned he wouldn’t be able to bring it to fruition. Was so pleased to see he was able to bring everything together. Thought it was executed really well.
  9. Thank god he's going to be okay. Felt like I had my phone on a permanent refresh after seeing the news last night.
  10. So glad someone started a thread for this show! Absolutely love it especially as someone who looked into adoption in the past as an option to build my family. Really looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.
  11. Official Ted Lasso merchandise is now available through the WB store: Ted Lasso
  12. Absolutely loved this, and hope there are more episodes in the future. Their music is also available on Spotify.
  13. Yeah, I absolutely teared up when he went back and had Peter read the book. Would not have called that Mythic Quest would make me cry, lol. Agree that their casting was fantastic.
  14. I really, really hate that they went there with Gary’s character. I’m not sure how you come back from that. And I loathe the message it sends. It was truly surprising to me how no one among the group thought there was a possibility that Peter would not be arrested. He’d clearly covered his tracks with the text he’d sent Sophie and there was no hard evidence of what he’d done. It’s truly awful, but unfortunately all too common. Maggie at the very least I thought might temper their expectations for any kind of justice.
  15. I get those concerns completely, and agree that's a storyline that is told all too often, but I didn't get any sort of "this is tragic" or "it's a bummer to be disabled" narrative sense from this episode. Nicholas having to pivot from a previous ADHD diagnosis, and what the family knew as autism and autistic trait manifestation (as Genevieve said, she thought she knew everything about autism, but what she really knew everything about was Matilda), doesn't mean he's self-loathing about it. The time lapse in the episode is a little wavy, but he's known he's autistic from a self-diagnosis standpo
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