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  1. For me, I would say that it was a really great scripted show but like you I would say that the show started to go downhill around, when they left New Caprica (and the show was able to also do some hot button takes on the current events of the time. New Caprica was more or less Iraq, the Cylons were religious tourists, the Colonials were basically us but they had a different religion, etc... There was an edge to it but it was written well enough to get away with it, IMO).
  2. They are different in that Feige mentioned that it would be the first time the MCU has a TV show and it will be tie-in to the movies, though. That is a big hint that he isn't counting the previous shows. As with Agent Carter, I think it's easier to accept that as canon and/or a parallel universe that is part of the Feige's larger MCU multiverse than AoS. With the point that Feige was involved with creating that show, as a producer, so that is at least a direct connection that AoS doesn't have. Sure the show had Joss Whedon and also Jed Whedon but overall Feige is the main sticking
  3. Didn't Feige made the comment that starting with WandaVision, the MCU will be having it's first TV show? I just feel like their is a lot of wishful thinking and also also grasping at straws trying to explain away the AoS (and well as the other Marvel Entertainment Shows) canon Continuity to the MCU films.
  4. No. It's a concept. It's like this. What the MCU just did was more or less created their own multiverse but the Marvel multiverse has been around for decades. It's basically something that Marvel (as a comic book company and entertainment company) created to say that all of their past tv shows, movies, comic books, etc... exist within a multiverse (it's just a collection of different universes. In that each universe exist next to each other but they are not the same universe. MCU seems to have just created their own version but that's not to say that AoS and the other old Marvel live action tv
  5. I think that Gunn is talking about the movie side, per se. There are not any connections to the movies (aside from Coulson and a few cameos that now all can be lumped into some other timeline in the multiverse), in the movies. He is right to say that because Feige and Joss seemed to have either didn't care and/or forgotten about Joss telling Jed about what was going to happen in AoU. Because they never put a reference (or an obvious reference) in AoU and after wards. There is something called the "Marvel Multiverse" where everything that Marvel has done (TV shows, cartoons, comics, etc
  6. Yeah, I would say that is mostly Joss and Jed Whedon talking between them but overall, from what I understand, Joss told Jed all that after AoU was done filming. So the connection was (and still is) AoS responding to the movies. They just got lucky that Joss told them something but you can tell that afterwards, the connections got really small and then they stopped. Clearly there wasn't anything going on and I remember Joss Whedon saying that both sides (the movie side and TV side) barely talked to each other (like the bare minimum) but you can tell by the end of Season 5 they weren't talking
  7. If you are talking about the Turn, Turn, Turn spoilers that was already found out when the showrunners were told that the show they were working on, the movie side already decided to get ride of the organization that they were going to base the said show on, roughly 6 months before the first episode aired. As with the AoU tie-in that was because Joss and Feige told the showrunners of AoS. That was about it as far as communications went. Even Joss Whedon literally said that communication was basically zero. I would take his word on this since, looking back, that makes the most sin
  8. Well, if you liked that is fine but Star Trek:: PIcard is a failure as a show.
  9. So nothing official then? Well, I do know that he isn't the only one but I doubt that it will be some time later on. Right now, Amazon is trying to make a Lord of the Ring series and from what I heard, it's plague with problems.
  10. Gunn isn't the final say, that would be Feige and that is where I would say is who can determine what is and isn't canon. Although, with Gunn, he seems to be more open to talk to people (he even told us what IP rights that FOX and the MCU had before the FOX buy-out). So I would say that he is very important but not the final say in anything. That being said, has Feige ever clearly stated that the pre-WandaVision Marvel shows are/were part of the MCU. Very little, if nothing at all. I do remember Joss Whedon talking about this and saying how things are not really connected and t
  11. I don' t know if this has already been asked but since Amazon bought MGM could it be possible for them to revive Stargate?
  12. It was still supposed to stand-in for the Mind Stone (you know that one that Stucker experimented on with her and her brother) but yeah, the ending of that video did fell apart. I did wish that WandaVision didn't end the way that it did but apparently their was a version that DID have Dr. Strange in it but he was taken out from it.
  13. Yes, your mileage may vary and I am glad you enjoyed the show. But I found what I saw to be low quality TV, riddled with plot holes, the new characters are either unlikable and/or just poorly developed, and inconsistencies within the Star Trek lore. It's not really the serial nature of the show but that Picard is reduced into a frail old man, Data and Picard were never really BFFs (that was always Georgie. They literally forgot that Geordi WAS Data's best friend. Picard was more standoffish towards Data (probably because he took his job as captain seriously)) but I know that in the TNG movies
  14. So, I didn't see a thread that was for all of Season 1 but I will just state that I tried completing this entire season and I couldn't. I only made it up to Episode 7 and I was pretty much done with this show. It's just so bad and also I hate what they did to Star Trek.
  15. That wasn't a shoutout. Basically people came out explaining all of WandaVision's commercials and their meaning. The Soap is basically the Mind Stone. Here is a video on it:
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