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  1. I would probably also binge VOY since 7 is in it and the Borg.
  2. Kind of upsets me that this isn't on Amazon Prime for the US but the rest of the world can just use that instead of CBS All Access. As with the trailer was able to see it on Youtube (here in the US) and it does seem that Data is just a dream in it. Only because when I was watching the screen I knew something wasn't right. Mostly his eyes and face looked like Brent Spiner has aged (and as a real person I get that but this is supposed to be an Android and also Picard's dream. Couldn't they just CG the face to make it more like Data from TNG?). Also, I am still confused on how 7 could be an action hero (shooting two phasers with both hands) and also how the trailer implies that the Federation/Starfleet has "lost it's way" on something. All I can say is that time will tell but I am still kind of worried about this show sucking and messing things up.
  3. TVSpectator

    Joker (2019)

    Possibly. Clearly he was having delusions once he got off his meds. I would say that he actually did kill those 3 Wall Street types but everything involving the so call clown movement/riot could just be a further delusion and the cops arrested him much earlier in the film.
  4. TVSpectator

    Joker (2019)

    The last 20-30 minutes of the film really pays off and is amazing to watch. Also the Oscars should just give Joaquin Phoenix the best actor award.
  5. TVSpectator

    Joker (2019)

    So I have been hearing that this movie is literally a masterpiece in the vein of Taxi Driver. I am actually kind of excited to go see this movie this weekend.
  6. What started this discussion are people making blanket claims that AoS is super popular and that their version of Ghost Rider is also super popular.
  7. 7 years that was the result of having the parent company, for unknown reasons, to come in and forced 3 out of those 7. Yaeh, it's not really that great. Not only that but Season 5 was a disaster, in my opinion as well, and the ratings went even lower. Not only that but now the show thinks that they can just ignore one of the biggest events in the MCU because, again reasons. Again, it seems that international markets don't matter here since they can't even sell the show to US advertisers. Which is the show's primary market and home country, by the way.
  8. Cacancellation means that their were very few people watching the show. The network makes money off of the advertisers that buy as space during commercials. Usually high viewership means-not only popularity- but also networks can sell ad space to offset producing costs. If most US shows unpopular at home is the only factor. Overseas sales mean- mostly- crap unless its super popular in the US. GAME of Thrones is an exception since it was on HBO. ABC is part of the big 4 (kind now only 3)major US networks that the US general population can watch for free (without cable) because of local affiliates. HBO is a paid TV subscription with a streaming app. CW can skrit by with very low numbers. Same with channels like FX, USA, FXX, etc.. High cable channels are different than networks.
  9. Then Agents of SHIELD must've not have been making enough if their home network wanted the show canned.
  10. In my opinion, this sounds like b.s. because it was later reported that Star Trek Discovery https://www.google.com/amp/s/screenrant.com/star-trek-discovery-ratings-most-popular-streaming-show/amp/ was the most popular show. And later Netflix Daredevil was reported as being the most popular streaming show. Also analytical companies tend to get iffy data. Reportedly, they use everything- including people saying a show is crap, anything mention of the actors- regardless if it was tie into the show or not, etc... Edit: Here is some articles about iffy data collection: https://towardsdatascience.com/calling-bullshit-in-data-analytics-d7038a98ab04 https://www.cmswire.com/analytics/ex-reddit-ceo-declares-website-analytics-fake/amp/ https://bigdata-madesimple.com/big-data-bullshit/
  11. Well the fact That in its home country Disney had to step in and forced AoS' home network to not even think about cancelling it sounds like its not popular. This is why I am suspicious of claims of it being popular:
  12. Again I am not seeing or hearing anything that would indicate that.
  13. Is it really? I mean I heard people calling Robbie "Ghost Driver" as more of "why" than anything else.
  14. I don't remember the comics changing up the Maxiof Twins power base. They have always been mutants in the comics, as far as I can remember. Sure they changed and/or played around with their parentage but that is about as far as I can remember. They were always mutants but it was the MCU that changed that into them getting their powers from an Infinity Stone. Also Marvel/Feige always had the rights to the Inhumans but Feige was the one who drop the Inhuman movie from the MCU film schedule in 2015. If Feige is going to use characters from the TV side it will be a different version. I doubt that Feige wants to deal with canon that: a) he was never involved and if the stories were true, never approved of... b) behold to a set of canon he probably isn't following
  15. I know about that thread but that wasn't what I was explaining. Like do we have a thread that is dedicated to complaints about the show in general? Some other shows have threads that are similar.
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