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  1. Man, I bet CBS is regretting dividing the two tribes into three, a decision which pretty quickly led to Rob, Parvati, Sandra, and Yul going home. I’d honestly cheer for almost anyone from EoE over the players still in the game — I really wanted to see how people like Parvati, Rob, Ethan, or Amber would navigate the end-game. I don’t care about Danielle and I don’t really like Tyson. Sigh. Jeremy’a gameplay seemed really bad tonight since his whole objective was to become Wendell’s #1 and instead Wendell got voted out. Plus when Jeremy asked Wendell if Nick was his #1 he just replied “you co
  2. I wasn't super impressed with any of the dances this week -- is the length of dances getting longer? Because I felt like a lot of the dances had "fluff" breaks where the troop took over and I was wondering if it was so that the stars had less choreography to learn. There were at least two dances where a bunch of pros stood in a line and did some kind of wave thing and the star wasn't even visible (to the camera) for at least 8 counts. Usually that's to hide a costume change or something but it just seemed like straight-up filler. I agree that Karamo's passion is much stronger than his da
  3. Just coming here to post that I wasn't super impressed with Tyler. I played violin for 15+ years so want to love him but he's actually playing fairly simple stuff, and his stomping around did throw off his accuracy at one point, he had a squeaky note and then went noticeably off-key. I guess in a way it's cool confirmation that he really is playing live, unlike singers who can dance around while still lip-syncing, but in Tyler's case the dancing is actively interfering with his "talent."
  4. I think the only way to make EoE work would be cost-prohibitive (and possibly psychologically dangerous): send each bootee to their own individual section of the island, where they have to survive by themselves. Nobody finds out anything about the game until the merge when they have a competition to get back. Mayyyybe after that they can all come to tribal councils as the jury, where they'll see who is left in the game, and then get sent back to isolation. They could be sent some "rewards" in exchanges for a penalty at the final competition...or even in exchange for advantages. ("You can eithe
  5. It's interesting to me how much Devens' and Julie's emotions have had an impact on this game -- Devens' with his declaration that he will never ever side with the Lesu 3, and Julie's hatred of Aurora. I also wondered why Victoria and Aurora didn't go running to Kelly with their info. But even if Victoria/Aurora/Lauren/Kelly had voted together, they needed to pull in a fifth, and obviously Devens and Julia weren't going to be an option. It seems like they could have pulled in Gavin...actually the more I think about it, the more V/A/L/K/Gavin sounds like a group of five that would be in everyone
  6. It's annoying that we haven't seen who the leader of the Kama6 is, although Julie seemed to be pulling ahead this episode. Because the vote was actually extremely well-planned! I kept counting to make sure but, yes, the Kama6 got their way in a group of THIRTEEN people. By making the side plans with David/Rick, Wentworth/Lauren/Wardog, and Joe/Aurora, it ensured that those seven didn't realize what was happening and team up to vote out one of the Kama6. I think somebody (again, Julie?) figured out that D/R or W/L/W might go running to Joe if they learned he was the real target, so by setting u
  7. I would like to be on Team Beth because Randell is so insufferable, but this dance teacher storyline is so ridiculous that I just can't believe it's supposed to be a real thing actually having an impact on their marriage. As far as we know, Beth trained at a hard-core dance school from age 11ish to 18. She has not been shown to have danced a single minute after that (we'll see if they incorporate dance into her college storyline). I took violin lessons from age 9 to 22 (through college) -- I wasn't good enough to have any chance at going professional, but I was a music minor and played regular
  8. I was sad to see Michelle go but she clearly struggled with this challenge -- which was surprising because she had done very well in cooking Macau ingredients in general. I think her issue was trying to combine her Mexican and Italian heritage AND the Chinese/Portuguese flavors of Macau. Sara mentioned that her mom is Jewish but her dad's family has lived in Appalachia for generations but she didn't try to cook anything "Kentucky Jewish" she just went for a simple dish. Mexican-Italian sounds like a pretty tough fusion to begin with -- the only overlap I can really think of is corn, so maybe s
  9. That was a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Selasi and Beca's yule logs sounded particularly delicious. I was surprised they all struggled so much with the lattice tops -- I mean obviously the tiny size of the pies and the scarcity of dough made those lattices particularly hard, but at least a couple of them said they had never made a pie lattice before, and they were using a crazy technique of making the lattice on a pastry board first and then trying to lift it onto the pie. The GBBO bakers can usually do so much more than my own limited skills, but a lattice pie crust isn't that
  10. Just to give an official definition: Purple Kelly (PK) edit or being Purple Kelly'd (PK'd): a player whom the editors rarely give any screen time, don't show them strategizing or in TH's...AKA an "invisible" edit, possibly because the play has done something to piss off TPTB. Refers to S21 Nicaragua player Kelly Shinn, who was barely shown despite making the merge. There was another Kelly on her original tribe, so she was nicknamed purple because she had a streak of purple in her hair (and that was pretty much the only thing viewers would learn about her for 28 days). On day 28, after se
  11. Yay to season 9 of GBBO! Usually I've found myself "flying to England" to watch the series at the normal TV pace of one episode per week, but that's been harder to do the past couple of years and this year I completely missed the start date in the UK. So I'm glad to see that it's available on US Netflix so quickly...although now I'll have to ration myself since it's all available at one go. :) One thing I *didn't* like on this episode is that the bakers and Paul/Prue/Noel/Sandi all wore the same clothes for the entire episode, but they all spoke pretty clearly about filming taking place over
  12. I think the racial dynamics of the Zoe-Kevin storyline are quite true to life and well done. My issue with it is that it doesn't really fit what we know of the characters so far. Everything we've heard about Zoe so far is that she's career-driven, dislikes commitment, and is a man-eater (according to Beth). Also, she hasn't dated any white men. Now it sounds like she is wondering whether or not to commit to Kevin *because* of the race issues. So...what was at the root of her dislike of commitment with all the Black/POC men she dated?? Why was "doesn't want a serious relationship" her main char
  13. Just watched last night. I am so HERE for Elizabeth and I'm impressed with her strategy so far. She's the first homeschooler we've ever had on Survivor, right? For all the different "identity" iterations the show has emphasized, it's funny that it's taken over 30 seasons for a homeschooler to show up. I was homeschooled myself and while there are certainly lots of socially awkward homeschoolers, it does give kids the opportunity to practice making relationships with people who are older/younger than you, rather than 13+ years of always being in a class of students exactly your age. I notice
  14. Well, given this afternoon's events this piece of information probably isn't relevant anymore but: the only reason that the Garth Brooks concert was sold out at Notre Dame is because it's the first concert ever to be held in the football stadium. (Before this any concerts on campus were in the basketball arena.) I have friends who bought tickets just because they wanted to say they were at the first-ever concert at the stadium. Also, not to keep ragging on Ketterer, but his last two performances were REALLY bad. I mean, I could see how his voice is good enough to have a part-time career i
  15. That was weirdly terrible. I think the first five performers are toast, except maybe Christina Wells. I've liked Noah Guthrie in the past but he was super forgettable tonight. The voters seem to like We Three better than the judges do, so I think they have a chance. IMO they're super talented, although they're never going to live up to the emotional impact of their first audition. Brian King Joseph was great. Although...I played violin for 15+ years and I'd guess that his disease has impacted his playing quite a bit. I see that he's performed/toured with some big names but he's not playin
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