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  1. I love that they’re all getting along. It’s so much more fun to watch. I’d given up on it a couple of years ago because they were all so awful. They all have way more chemistry together than I ever would have guessed. But I can totally do without Frederick being injected into the mix. He’s just too weird.
  2. We sold a house in California a few years ago and were required disclose everything, even (and assuming) it had been repaired. And the owners face? I’m going to guess a combo of many things, including steroid use.
  3. That’s the thing- how bad is it really? We know what we see and that’s disturbing enough. I fear for those kids
  4. I’ve spent time here reading about the Rodrigues family and rolling my eyes at their fundie antics. I have been concerned for the kids, mainly growing up in such a weird fundie dysfunction, but I can’t say I seriously, really worried about their well being. Recently I listened to a podcast called Broken Harts, that details the story of a couple who adopted 6 children, ultimately committing murder/suicide by driving them all off a cliff. The reason I bring it up here, is one of the mothers was very prolific on FB and portrayed them for years as this perfect family. Her posts would include b
  5. I apologize if this has been discussed before, and I’ve read all the books but it’s been forever. When they realized Jemmy could time travel, why did Bri assume that meant he was Roger’s son? Bri, of all people, should know that your father doesn’t have to be a time traveler in order to be one yourself. So I’m wondering if I’ve missed something. I’m pretty sure there was another reason in the books that made them so sure Roger was the father, and I don’t think it was because Jemmy was a time traveler, but I can’t be sure.
  6. The couple looking for the home on Lake Norman in North Carolina- that guy cant be as big a jerk as he appears on the show. No one can be that big a jerk. I don’t see a forever home in their future, I see a forever divorce. I spent only 23 minutes with him and wanted to throw him in the lake. I can’t imagine being married to him.
  7. I’m shocked at how ugly those dresses are- because those three young women, in my opinion at least, have much better taste and style than those dresses would lead us to believe.
  8. I apologize that I am late to the party, and I’m certain it’s been previously discussed, but are we really STILL rehashing the catfishing incident? I haven’t watched in a while and other than Cody’s hair looking even more ludicrous than normal, it’s all the same BS. Meri’s catfishing, Meri feeling “attacked” by the other wives, Cody making ridiculous pronouncements and assumptions they all ignore. I can’t for the life of me understand how they are a “family” and not a very dysfunctional freakish harem. Meri seems to exist in the family only so she can play the victim every time she says w
  9. I like that the couples spend more than 3 months from courting to marriage. They do seem to get the chance to know each other better than the Duggar couples do. And they are able to get a little more physical with each other. Not much, but some. But I can’t help but think that they all rush to marriage, and at a very young age, simply to have sex. It’s the only way they can, and they’ve been programmed to think marriage is the end goal anyway. It would scare the crap out of me if one of my kids did that. Not only that, but if I had to help plan and execute every single courtship/engag
  10. Just watched the Florida episode with the 2 Hollys. I don’t like the new format. It’s boring. Two hours is an eternity and usually I don’t get through the entire episode. However, having said that, due to the fact that these four women were in no way actual friends, this one was a little more interesting. So far episodes with friends portray four women supporting each other, and having pretty much the same wedding. This one showed different weddings, as well as turned up the snark. I’m not sure I get the “unlimited”budget one with the buffet served in disposable aluminum trays... I pit
  11. So I just saw the Carlin courtship episode, and I have to say, as much as I love the Bates ( and I say that as a Heathen Jew), this was utterly ridiculous. Can’t believe the whole family was involved. I had to turn it off. The whole courtship thing is stupid anyway-call it what it is- an engagement. This was cringy over the top behavior from all of them.
  12. We've been getting quite a few LLR items in at the thrift store where I volunteer. We're selling them at three, four dollars a piece. Seeing them close up, I'm convinced that's even too much.
  13. I have a lot of opinions as to the insanity of living in a tiny home full time. I won't go into them-- and they are numerous- but it's the fire thing that scares me the most. Only one egress point when you may have multiple people sleeping in lofts, with maybe only a ladder, or better yet, a ridiculous climbing wall. i can't imagine many of these tiny homes are permitted, which makes me also wonder about transfer of ownership.
  14. I just watched an episode of My First Home with a couple in Las Vegas. She had huge, enormous hair, an affected strange way of speaking, and insisted on having her cat tour the properties because she refused to consider a house her cat didn't like. He just went along for the ride. I've never seen anyone like her-- there are no words...
  15. I'm sorry- I really feel there was either something wrong with the Illinois woman moving to the Netherlands, either that or she was playing a roll for the cameras. As someone unthread commented, one of my first thoughts was she would be having an affair with a local in no time. The bike riding didn't seem to come natural to her, and her attitude towards leaving her boys behind seemed very odd to me. My husband does a lot of work in the Netherlands, and often I think how great it would be to move there for a time. And I would , given the opportunity. However, I have also have two college
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