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  1. I like this show but wow, that was an awful episode...boring, annoying, and seemingly with no direction. Hopefull, next week will be better.
  2. I just finished season 1 and loved it. I actually don't care what happens as long as they keep the humor of season 1. I can't wait to see what they do with Guillermo. Maybe team up with SMG to teach him the ropes? (That said, I didn't watch BtVS, so this might not be a good idea.) I would love to see the power struggle that might ensue between Guillermo and the vampires. May be a dumb idea...
  3. I think Jenna can be a perfect foil for Guillermo now that he may be empowered in some way and I hope it's fun. I love the interaction between Jenna and Nadja...even thought it started out rather sickening, but turned out kind of sweet(?). It's probably the closest thing we'll ever see Nadja and Lazlo ever being parents.
  4. This season sounds like a nightmare. Any hope the last episode will be worthy of watching?
  5. I've just discovered this show. I love these two! Is it still in production?
  6. Please end this show and my half-devotion to it. I hate the continual disappointment. I've relied on this board's reaction to determine whether or not to watch...so I've not watched a full episode for...I can't even remember because it's been so long. I actually like Regina enough that she doesn't bother me, but the main reason I've been watching is the Hook/Emma relationship. Lately, it's been been a colossal waste of time. I want ABC to end the show because I'm too much of an optimist to stop watching pieces here and there on my own. These writers have potential, but they seemingly refuse to use it. It's so frustrating!
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