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  1. No. This apparently Derek or Vince Novak. He’s related to the old Novaks. The rumors I’m hearing is Cam Mat is playing this dude. They’re extremely secretive about Roger’s character, which makes me think it is probably some type of surprise character.
  2. I don’t think he’s gonna be the mob guy. He just started filming a couple weeks ago according to Cameos he sent out (he said he was done that week because he was starting to film). I think they cast the Novak guy already and it’s someone else because he’s been on set. Howarth hasn’t been there long enough to film this story, even for GH.
  3. At least no one’s getting shot again in Port Charles! But please protect the shrubbery.....
  4. Because it’s the perfect time now. Steve Burton is Jason again, Sonny is presumed dead, Carly is .... eh Carly. And Micheal might actually face another custody battle. Plus, AJ is kinda perfect for Howarth. It plays to his strengths.
  5. Are we officially guessing? Because I’m thinking AJ Quartermaine. I wanna throw that out there just in case I’m right. I can see Roger forgoing a raise for a better character with actual roots that can interact with everyone.
  6. Can he just like..... disappear for a few? Like a non Sonny Christmas?
  7. With Franco going to Switzerland, does this mean Roger Howarth is leaving? I keep hearing rumors etc. I’ve noticed Franco hasn’t had much screen time, plus with the tumor returning and the rumors of cuts. Is he one of them? I figured you guys would know.
  8. I was linds09, now I am pawspawsmeow. I think we need a Q appreciation thread, gossip thread, and character threads. Maybe a Guza vs Cartini thread too. I'll check in and out, but this board is already fun. Let the bar ware fly!
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