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  1. My youngest son is very sick and we're pretty sure it's Covid. He's been as careful as possible, but he is surrounded at work by deniers, so it probably was just a matter of time before he was infected. He was tested Monday but doesn't yet have the results. My husband and I were tested today and results take four days. So far we are both feeling fine physically. Mentally is definitely a different story. My husband has Parkinson's, and I'm not sure which one of us has more anxiety over the situation. On Monday, when it was clear our son was sick, I didn't think the week could get any
  2. I wonder if Nurie is holding off trying to get pregnant because she knows Mama also wants another baby? (I don't feel like looking it up, but didn't Jill post that they were praying to be pregnant together?) I could see Jill dropping not-so-subtle hints that she doesn't want any baby news from Nurie until she has news of her own. And I could also see Nurie and Nathan both realizing their lives would be a lot easier if they held off to see if Mama could conceive AGAIN before trying for their own baby. If Jill is still hoping for another pregnancy, there's a good chance she might lay on the
  3. Joining Parler, a place where people advocate taking up arms and violence towards anyone who doesn't share their right wing views? Uh, ok.
  4. You aren’t supposed to enjoy those types of letters. You are supposed to read them and admire how well they’ve done for themselves. If your life isn’t as picture perfect as theirs, that’s too bad. 🙄 I know that sometimes things actually aren’t real great behind the scenes. However, I also know only too well that sometimes people really are leading charmed lives and they seem to genuinely believe that any problem someone else might have was somehow self inflicted. I have a relative leading a charmed life and she hires a professional to decorate her house for Christmas and then hires
  5. Probably. Mr. M had the older vaccine about ten years ago, but his doctor still recommended getting the new one. Check with your own doctor, of course, since your medical situation could be very different from his.
  6. This is the most common theme I hear as well. Soon, you won't be able to grocery shop or get medical attention without getting scanned for your microchip. Ironically, the people who seem to promote this misinformation the most are those who live on social media and daily post just about every aspect of their lives. As with Jill, we know the names and ages of their spouse and children, where they live, what they do most of the time, and we not only see their intimate sleeping arrangements, we even know what their bathrooms look like. Hardly the type of people who should be able to talk abou
  7. If polygamy is so wonderful, why do these older women end up living with their children? Shouldn't they be happy and content with their sister wives, even though the "husband" is gone? You know, like one big happy family? In particular, I hope Christine's children are all generous, successful adults because with no pension and little, if any social security, she's a prime candidate to spend her "golden" years relying on the kindness of others.
  8. With all the people coming and going, including the camera crew, going barefoot in Ma and Pa Duggar's house would be the equivalent of going barefoot in a shopping mall. I wouldn't even consider it. I'm not sure I'd even wear sandals in that house. At least malls have employees who know how to clean.
  9. My oldest son used to see me putting on make up and wanted to wear make up too. I would put a little moisturizer on his cheeks and some clear gloss on his lips and he seemed just as happy as he would have been if he'd been wearing full stage make up for Cats. He's a grown, married man now, with advanced college degrees and a high powered career. Kids are so much fun!
  10. Mr. M and I are scheduled to get our second shingles vaccine on December 30. After the first shot, we both had very sore arms, body aches, and I had a headache. Mr. M ran a low grade fever. However, based on what I've heard from people who have suffered through shingles, a few hours of not feeling well is a very small price to pay to avoid the agony they describe, which often lasted for weeks. Not looking forward to the second shot, but I'm grateful that we won't have to be concerned about getting a painful case of shingles.
  11. Olivia Jade is desperate to get back into the spotlight. If she thinks this interview did anything to help her with public sympathy or support, she needs to think again. Although she was probably coached by some PR person about what to say, she still comes across as a spoiled, privileged, smug and superior person who truly is only sorry that her easy money "career" was interrupted by a scandal. She has access to money and a PR firm, so I'm guessing that at some point her image will be "rehabilitated" and she'll have some level of fame not related to the fact that she's a cheater and her par
  12. I couldn't marry into a family like the Duggar's. Too many expectations from too many people, and too much chaos. I love most of my own relatives and most of my in-laws, but I like extended family as a PART of our lives, not as the CENTER of our lives. Plus, we've always evenly divided our time between his relatives and mine. I absolutely would not put up with a situation where his relatives were the top priority. If his relatives had the attitude that they were better than others, I doubt I could sit through a meal with them, much less attend all kinds of pretend events tailored to showi
  13. Hope and Stead. What a stupid interesting name. I keep reading it as Hope and Steal.
  14. It would be a lot less noticeable if Jill didn't insist on the closest close-up possible of her heavily made up face.
  15. The strictest, most hard core religious people I know are also hard core gun enthusiasts who promise to shoot to kill if anyone steps on their property. Or looks as if they might step on their property. Then they go to church and recite "as we forgive those who trespass against us". I'm far from anti-gun, but I hate it when people glorify them.
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