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  1. I'm probably one of the few who doesn't dislike Gleb, and I'm psyched for Erika Jayne. She's my favorite housewife right now and I'm curious to see how she goes from the kind of dancing she does to ballroom.
  2. Shannon's wealth is less fun now that she has downsized. I wonder if Heather and Terry are going to do a reality show of their own. Also, Kelly continues to be the grossest. Heather said very nice things about her on her podcast this week when she discussed her decision to leave, much nicer than Kelly deserves.
  3. Where did you find that? That would mean he had kids as basically a teenager. I found some potential sons around Erika's age http://okhereisthesituation.com/2015/12/erika-girardis-husband/
  4. I live in one of those big Russian apartment buildings, but I hate people, haha. It is definitely a more community-focused culture though, and America is very individual-focused. It's something I am preparing my BF for, if we take this step. I would put more blame on LA being such a "car city," though, and I don't think Jorge has encouraged her to make friends--can't have American women influencing her with their feminist ways!
  5. Re: Heather's house, they only moved in over the summer. She is going to have a YouTube show from her closet though. Vicki has gone off the deep end even more so than last year and Kelly is painful to watch. On the one hand, I want Vicki off. On the other, I'm scared of what Vicki would become without her orange.
  6. My Russian boyfriend saw her and said she looks "creepy," so maybe that is why she went the American route.
  7. https://www.justia.com/family/divorce/docs/equitable-distribution-faq.html maybe 50/50, but not necessarily. And I think if you divorce without going to court, you can have something entirely different. So basically, if Melanie earned the majority of the assets, it seems like this is something that would be taken into account, unlike in community property states where it isn't. Yes, Wisconsin is an exception, but it's generally something associated with the West.
  8. Alex is just as close to his name as "Alexy" rhymes with "sexy," unless Alexei is pronounced that way in Hebrew and he prefers it. It would be more like "Alek-say."
  9. Living with grandma isn't uncommon in Russia. She might spend a lot of time at the dacha and be less in your face than your actual parents, etc. Unless you move to a different city, it's common to live at home until marriage at least.
  10. Is it 50/50 for everything obtained/earned during the marriage if it's not a community property state (I.e., California)? I don't think so... Eta: yep, only western states are community property. PA is definitely not. https://communityproperty.uslegal.com/laws-governing-community-property/non-community-property-states/
  11. I read an article about people who dive in sewage. Maybe that's what Devar means. Re: Kyle and Noon spending 11 months of the year in Thailand, usually visa rules etc. dictate six months out of twelve, not 5.5, come back, go away for another 5.5.
  12. Was Gleb in the troupe before? I thought he was just on other editions of DWTS. Artem is a man who can pull off guy liner and a bad wig. I was into it. Drinking would explain some of Maureen's behavior, but I just figured she had fried her brain with drugs back in the 80s.
  13. Paola's 30, so it's not like she's going to start a high fashion runway career. I'm guessing bikini, catalogs, etc.
  14. Designer stuff is cheaper in the US and she wouldn't have to deal with pesky visas to travel to most countries. She doesn't seem poor. Not the daughter of an oligarch, no--she would have already had multiple Chanel bags already--but not poor. Basically I think she just wants a life of shopping and posing in her bathing suit in LA 12 months a year, and not just on vacation. She wouldn't go for a Matt in Kentucky. She wants a man who is going to worship her and do whatever she wants, i.e., Jorge.
  15. I've lived in Russia for a long time, and things change very fast. I have never ever seen a toilet like you describe--I have only seen squat toilets in a train station and that was a decade ago. It could be like that in the provinces, but it is actually quite possible that if Anfisa has wealthy parents, her apartment in Moscow--which is an extremely expensive city with wealth that the average American has never seen--IS nicer than the apartment in LA. Russia, especially in the large and wealthy cities, is not some hell hole. I don't even live in a "nice" suburb and my toilet flushes normally and it doesn't smell like anything outside. People who spent a week or two in Russia in the 80s or 90s seem to assume that everyone is still standing on breadlines and that I can take back blue jeans to sell on the black market and that we don't have access to anything American or European. Literally, every time I've gone to a family function in the US someone has asked me about whether we can buy jeans.
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