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  1. Wine Shop - Bummer getting fired on TV. Drum Shop - Did they need to throw the brother under the bus - again? Shuller BBQ - Why such a big store? And, as with Simple Greek, why don't these folks realize Marcus is a partner and consult him? Furniture Business - Glad the grandfather lived to see the business turnaround. But somebody, please paint over that outdoor mural!
  2. Who in the hell spends $70,000 to produce a run of ice cream that has not been tested on a focus group? The parents should have let the son go take a job where he can use his engineering degree to build highway bridges without first testing a model.
  3. Gee Marcus.... you mean we're supposed to share royalties with you? We're supposed to put in some work? You're always trying to make me the bad guy Marcus.
  4. Marcus just has no luck breaking into the florist business. He's lucky farm girl didn't take his offer - she wouldn't have welcomed his ideas or resources, just his money. She can't get help from the banks or investors, she knows that well funded competition is on her tail, yet she refuses a great offer. Oh well. As far as Simple Greek goes - I don't think big Mike is ever going to change. Just sits back in his recliner and waits for royalty checks. Marcus should have really pushed harder to buy him out, because as the franchise grows the price tag goes up.
  5. ... HOWEVER, how is it that Marcus, who owns 46% of the company and is 100% in charge, is completely clueless ... True - but the more interesting parts of these shows is when Marcus takes off for two weeks and returns to a clusterf**k of surprises.
  6. Yep - No amount of editing could change what came out of her mouth to Marcus, or her "Do you want your job?" threat to Cindy, or her lame rationale for the accountant leaving. All on camera. I hope Marcus does a follow-up in the future. And I hope all customers of this toxic company watch the episode.
  7. Now posted by Yelp on the 240Sweet Yelp page after numerous postings by angry viewers: Active Cleanup Alert: This business recently made waves in the news, which often means that people come to this page to post their views on the news. While we don’t take a stand one way or the other when it comes to these news events, we do work to remove both positive and negative posts that appear to be motivated more by the news coverage itself than the reviewer’s personal consumer experience with the business. As a result, your posts to this page may be removed as part of our cleanup process begin
  8. I'm curious as well to the terms of the agreement when Marcus decides to walk. He acts like a handshake is all it takes to get his check. Are there additional conditions the viewers are not aware of? At what point does he legally become an owner? I remember the show with the T-shirt printers in New York where Marcus did a follow-up after he walked. He handed them a 1099 tax form which requires the owners to pay income tax on the debt cancellation resulting from Marcus's loss.
  9. You beat me to the Yelp page reference - Yep - People over there are outraged.
  10. Whoa! What did I just watch? Normally not a big fan of the dysfunctional owner type episodes, but watching Sam show her true personality after getting caught in lies and omissions was worth every minute. Part of me thinks Marcus was about to get thrown into the marshmallow mixer (like that scene with the meat grinder in the recent episode of Fargo). Maybe inhaling mustard fumes all day has unwanted consequences. Anyway, I wonder if development of flavored marshmallows on a stick is going on back at the Sweet Pete laboratory :) Ed
  11. I also thought the equipment payback calculations were optimistic. 8 hours/day usage is an assumed number. As for the one guy who can produce twice as much in the same time as others - I'd devote 2 hours of his time each day training others until they come up to speed! Finally, I'm unclear on just what owning 50% of a business entitles Marcus (or any investor) to have. Does he draw a salary (he still devotes time to the business)? Does he just get 50% of the profits after the original owner pays himself a salary? How does Marcus re-coup his original cash investment? Is it over tim
  12. " ... To the best of my knowledge, these are the ones where Marcus walked" And I can think of a few more where he should have walked away :) But yeah - what a toxic list of businesses! You can fix Product and Process, but People? Not so easy.
  13. I feel bad for the guy who kicked in $50k and works at the shop. Will he ever see his money again? As far as Marcus goes, looks like he lost some time and travel money, but unlike some other episodes gone bust, at least he didn't purchase new machinery, renovate, etc. Guess he's learned to wait before writing checks. The owner? He seems more comfortable running a small garage type of business. Unfortunately he's bleeding money and not likely to attract an investor (at least one that watches the show). Win or lose, lessons to be learned for the viewers.
  14. It means Marcus did not keep much of the company assets / product design / process / branding. He invested and then replaced just about everything to "fix" the company. Much like "fixing" a broken car by replacing it with a new car.
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