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  1. He is hot, thank you for sharing. 🙂
  2. Nope, no license, no marriage. But I do feel for her. I don't think she was really set up for success by just repeating the exact same pattern that has failed her in the past. And I feel like the Heather/Dylan story only lasted for like the day he was released, which is why they were introduced so late in the season, and why we only got a few minutes of footage. I love that insanity so much, I'd watch a minute by minute replay, no editing needed.
  3. I'm just as skeptical on the ten year marriage. Unless they never lived together, she should have a much better handle on how to interact with a partner.
  4. I think Dylan is my favorite ex con ever on the show. He obviously wasn't getting too high on his own supply, since he remains intelligent, well spoken, and he has all his teeth. Heather is my favorite irrational nut job. And the best part of all is that there are zero children involved to make me potentially care.
  5. This isn't really news, since it's been around since January, but I found the normal people. There's a series only on the app called 90DF: Just Landed. It's 6 episodes of 3 normal couples (have met in person, no huge age gaps, no translator apps, secrets like I haven't told my parents we're engaged, not I'm still married...) and focuses on the time around, and during, their first day in the US after the K1 is approved.
  6. My comment was about Kalani. Larissa just wants to show off her jugs.
  7. Some cultures just don't sexualize a breast used for feeding. I spent time in super Catholic Guatemala where I had to wear pants, or preferably a long skirt, because bare legs in shorts were way to risque, but most of the traditional women's tops had a huge open slit down the front for baby feeding ease. It's quite possible that Samoa is the same way and mother Kalani understands.
  8. She still has all the parts to make (and tote) a baby, there's just a block in getting the egg to the uterus on it's own. So science intervenes to grab her eggs, mix them with Chane's contribution, and place them into her uterus. Duh, this is Chane. I feel like he had to wait for Lacey's daughter to legitimately answer the math question when he was helping them with homework.
  9. She lost me with the story that Priscilla's father was the Holy Spirit instead of dirty jailhouse closet sex with Lamar.
  10. And I've had women I've never lived inside who love me fiercely. 😛
  11. She had her tubes tied and her doc told her it would be easier to do IVF instead of reversing the procedure. What happened to the "study" to get free IVF? I noticed that her bio now says waitress/mom. I guess school cut into her whining time too much.
  12. If he's 18, it wasn't inappropriate, just stupid. I've noticed that a lot of marijuana smokers are generous with offering to share, while not having the mental capacity at the time to read a situation. He did/can do the adult thing, and just say, "No thank you." Most places in the south have them around $5ish a pack. It's like one of my favorite things when I go visit my mom in Tennessee, here I'm paying almost $11. Actually, nowadays many insurance plans will cover at least one/some cycles of IVF. But my guess is that's for women who are genuinely infertile,
  13. Hey Colt, your mother would be less involved if YOU didn't share every detail about everything with her, and learned the word no. He barely kept Jess a secret, then he let Deb invite herself to Brazil. Just say no. And I actually did lol when Deb declared she was done with the laundry and whatnot. Somehow I doubt Colt figured that into the equation.
  14. Save yourself. You'll be better off just reading about it here after the fact.
  15. My guess is that Andrei got proper nutrition growing up while his parents didn't.
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