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  1. MYOS

    S03.E07: Chapter Seven: The Bite

    There were entire scenes in Russian, which weren't subtitled. If you had subtitles, what did Murray and Alexei say at the Fun Fair?
  2. MYOS


    Hoping other people will start watching this show ("series"! :p) I didn't watch in order and started with "series" 5, but it's better if you can just go to the beginning.
  3. MYOS


    Season 5 is excellent so far.
  4. MYOS

    S15.E25: Jump into the Fog

    I think Jo just went for a consult at the clinic, not that she'd be admitted for a week. Bailey said "therapy and medicine", right? Not "after a week of inpatient care" etc. WHY is Maggie standing in the middle of the road in that fog? She could stand on the side and scream JACKSON!!! to her heart's content without risking getting hit. I'm guessing Meredith is going to move to Health Care advocacy? Like the doctors who were discussing gun shots wounds and were told by a person from the NRA to "stay in their lane" so they became gun safety advocates, documenting the different ways they come in contact with gun wounds every single day? That's what I'm getting from her speech to DeLuca, that she thinks it's unfair some children don't have access to health care (or perhaps that $29,000/year is too high an income to receive subsidies for health care?) I never saw Meredith/Deluca as the be all/end all relationship for Meredith. They had him beef up and all so he wouldn't look so young, but he's still not that removed from being an intern and he's Carina's little brother... it just didn't work for me. I'm thinkin that since Alex is Meredith's best friend they could become the "ship" for the end (forgot the exact term). Amelia/Owen/Teddy/Leo is another kind of family I guess.
  5. MYOS

    S05.E08: The Bubble

    I liked the carousel, if only because it showed something about Charles and a cool aspect of NYC.
  6. MYOS

    S05.E08: The Bubble

    1) Diane knows for Charles and Liza - pointed looks during the luncheon with Pauline, then the off hand "wonder who he did it for" to Liza after whispering to her that he'd shaved his beard. :p 2) That beard was hideous. 3) Charles needs to show himself to be professional, worthy of inheriting the publishing house AND ... better than he is now. I find him boring. I don't want him to go bungee jumping but rather see what he likes. What books does he like? What is he proud of? What's his alma mater, does he go back to reunions or games or whatever? Does he get excited about anything? What's his favorite holiday?.... you get the idea. :D
  7. MYOS

    S05.E04: The Talented Mr. Ridley

    I hope Diana has finally found someone who treats her right. Seeing her as the constant butt of dumb jokes was my least favorite part of the show. It's also good to see her outside of her literati world - seeing someone who works in a "non glamorous" profession but makes good money and knows sophisticated stuff; the opposite is Ridley, who is part of the "glamorous" world but is without money. Basically, you can have status OR money if you're in your 40s in Manhattan, not both, unless you were born into it (Charles) or extremely ambitious, hard working, and willing to accept all sorts of slights & sacrifices (Diana). Brooklyn ie., the carefree younger folks have status and money through other "non legitimate" means (Josh), Kelsey and Lauren have precarious money and self-created status in addition to working on it all the time. Plus Maggie who's "honorary young" due to being an artist and generally fabulous.
  8. MYOS

    S05.E03: The End of the Tour

    I just laughed when I recognized the "Jon Favreau" character being interviewed by a "Trevor Noah" character and saying the exact same thing he'd done on the actual show. :D Annoyed at Charles. So, his fantasy 27-year old isn't 27.... and...???
  9. MYOS

    S03.E05: P Is For Pancake

    I think you'd like Lane Smith's _It's a book!_ It's adorable and great in many ways, for kids and adults. I spend time in France and e-books are not very popular there. Physical books are. It's always interesting to compare airport selections at Charles de Gaulle and at Logan, Dulles, or Philly. Book prizes are top of the headline news, supermarkets carry the equivalent of Pulitzers, and they have a "Back to business" time for books (also for politicians, it coincides with the national day for back to school); it's called "la rentrée littéraire" and is as ubiquitous in late August/early September as "Summer style" issues in April. The "French literature" exam that the top 50% students take was 2 days ago and had the following topics: "Human nature since Renaissance in French literature" using excerpts from Montaigne, Rousseau, Voltaire, and Yourcenar (they had 4 hours to come up with a 3-part literary essay covering nearly all points linked to the topic as presented in the texts as well as using their personal forays into literature). Less academically enclined students had this topic "Poetic writing and the quest for meaning", with a bunch of texts and specific questions to answer. I have no idea whether French people read more than Americans but at least they pretend to :D. They also have a law whereby books must be sold for the same cost everywhere, no discount. Amazon, supermarkets, and chains can sell slightly discounted books compared to independent or chain bookstores (-5%) but have conditions on shipping free. The law is very old, like from the early 80s, and is unrelated to ebooks; it's entirely designed to protect mom-and-pop business v. giant corporations. The main complaint is that no such law existed about record stores because today most music is purchased online or in supermarkets. If people want cheaper books they can buy them used. It's very different from the US situation, where Barnes and Noble used to be decried and seen as the enemy of small bookstores (I liked them but hated another chain, forgot its name now...) and now people are happy if they find one because so many physical bookstores have closed. I really disliked the way the small bookstore storyline went BTW. Even if turning it down was in character for Bryce, the ending was very unsatisfying. Is it allowed for modest Orthodox women to be gay? (Just curious, hoping I'm not offensive). I hope Maggie's happy. My understanding is that the girls saw Roosevelt Island as "tainted" due to being where psychiatric cases were/are sent. But just the tram and all would be fantastic. Plus I agree with everyone above: that's a stooopid reason to dump a guy. Kelsey isn't just snobbish, she's prejudiced. Do we know where they went to school? Because I could see colleges like Sarah Lawrence, Barnard, Skidmore, Bard, Wesleyan floating around. (So far they've referenced Columbia, which is lazy. And Kelsey would not be super impressed with Engineering from Fu, she'd be more impressed with someone who went through the Core or someone with a non professional major.)
  10. MYOS

    S03.E23: Quintessential Deckerstar

    Are you sure there's another episode? It felt like a season finale which could be a series finale, but with enough threads left hanging that there's still stuff to say if they're renewed. I wondered why Amenadiel didn't use one of his feather to heal Charlotte? I surely wasn't expecting the end. And Lucifer's realization was very well done.
  11. MYOS

    S14.E21: Bad Reputation

    I think Olivia was brought back because she's going to use the fact she left Seattle and the hospital after the "Syph nurse" episode as an example of hostile workplace and following the Harper Avery story it'd be a problem for Grey Sloan Memorial. I'm pretty sure she wasn't just brought back for the kid who'd swallowed a whistle. Amelia needs her own place. The teen mother needs to have counselling and help. I suppose an ex-addict doctor to help her through may be better than her family but I'm willing to bet that mother and baby will go back to the mother's parents as soon as she's sober and her parents take her back. I'm thinking that Sofia is being bullied and we're going to have a "children's signs of depression due to bullying" PSA episode soon. Also, Arizona clearly misses Callie as per last week's episode. So, Arizona may get a job as a surgeon in NYC so Sofia's happier.
  12. Wrt the John/Sarah pairing: the lack of chemistry would be historically appropriate. People generally married for social reasons and for Sarah it'd be a good way to be recognized in her social circles while being allowed by her husband to continue the police work she loves (she wouldn't find any other husband willing to let her work). As for John, he likes and respects her, which is more than what most men felt about their wives. There's a painting that summarizes the perfect relationship for the times and it's called "Woman: man's best companion". I'm not kidding. In high society women were supposed to be, first, decorative, second, about as smart and willfull as pets, third, baby-machines. So, it'd be a great pairing since both are looking for unconventiional companions. Did you notice how Sarah grows assertive? At the end, she leaves the tower and the police officers move to let her pass as if she were an officer. The next limited series would include the whole gang again and another strange mystery that requires or Roosevelt to call his the alienist team. :) It's not like NYC in the late 19th century was lacking in crimes.
  13. Can somebody explain why the Dionne quintuplets would be "judging" anyone? (There's another reference in episode 7 or 8 to Myriam having a picture or article about them on her wall).
  14. MYOS

    S03.E05: Freedom & Whisky

    I too thought "Why didn't they make an appointment to meet at the stones for Mid Summer's holiday or Next Christmas...? Why did they not agree on a code to communicate she was ok and well? Poor Brianna, if she was to never ever meet her mother again! (I assume they'll see each other again but they wouldn't know). I loved the preparations for time travel. I'd have taken more than a few scalpels and penicilin. Painkillers and small books about useful stuff like using plants, and more than one top, an extra bra, and insulated underclothes, plus very good, comfortable boots... didn't she get through the stones with her blanket before? Surely she could get through the stones with a bit more than her clothes. But I LOVED the Batman music as Claire was sewing her cape :D And the many secret pockets were a great idea, too. The last scene was good, too. I thought they'd stop as she looks at the sign!
  15. MYOS

    S02.E17: Higher Learning

    Does anyone have any idea at what college this was shot?