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  1. It's hard to take the "Where's the time for Charli to be a kid" seriously when you're saying this while you're currently filming a reality show
  2. I feel like Heather's chief reason for reconciling with Jen Shah is because it makes for a good storyline. It feels way too manufactured and calculated, especially when you pair it with her talking heads that seem like they are at 180 degree difference when it comes to Jen. The fan favorite status had already gotten to her head by the reunion and two months out from the reunion does not seem to have brought Heather back to earth.
  3. I did love that Heather and Jen basically both acknowledged that this attempt at reconciliation is only happening because the cameras started rolling on the new season.
  4. In the words of one Nene Leakes, they chose the wrong team.
  5. Kathy Hilton basically begging people to just have a nice dinner and then attack each other later felt like if you dropped a real person into a Housewives episode and saw how they would react.
  6. The energy that Sutton and Garcelle are bringing in the talking heads now makes me think we're going to have a very wild reunion.
  7. Erika showing up in the end in that dress like she's going to say "I'm Mrs. Norman Maine" into a microphone is hilarious to me.
  8. Okay, Garcelle basically saying Erika should've just held out and waited for Tom to die is bleak yet hilarious all in one moment.
  9. Truly. How many years has he promised amazing seasons of RHOBH and we've gotten a great trailer and then nothing.
  10. Yeah, the obvious fucked up production had its hands all over this season but they also just made bizarre choices. Blanca getting that letter from Damon just made the creative choices at the beginning of the season make less sense. Like he became a drunk AND recovered between seasons just for him to relapse off screen and then seemingly I guess recover again and open three dance studios? Like wouldn't it have just been easier to have Googled a tour happening at the time period and have him be a dancer on it? Especially if you're going to give him a last second happening ending? For a s
  11. I would say this is hugely stupid but not out of the bounds of reality given how Teresa Guidice went on national TV flaunting all the cash she had while doing illegal stuff lol
  12. This is the first true really great episode of the season. Everything really clicked together.
  13. Leah saying that this might be her Madonna/Ray of Light moment felt like something Jenna Maroney would've said on 30 Rock
  14. You would think that the Countess would be all about the face masks to put her song titles on them to promote. Also, Leah converting feels like when Jerry's dentist converted to get better comedy material.
  15. Both episodes together felt like the end of story arcs we had not gotten to see.
  16. Lemar being a cartoonish villain to everybody, including Pray Tell after Castle had to be taken away on a stretcher, just seemed so weird. Especially with them ending last night with him and Cubby in the hospital. Like even at her worst, Elektra had a lot more stuff going on in her bitchiness. Everything about the character development seems so rushed.
  17. The actor who played Damon, his sister died somewhat close to start of production so this was their admittedly clunky way of dealing with it. I don't know why they didn't say he was dancing on a tour instead.
  18. This episode felt strange because it felt like a retread of the season premiere in a lot of ways. Also, how we got to certain story points seems very tortured. Like they clearly wanted another dinner scene blowout but Pray Tell already agreed to go to the rehab so them reading the letters did not make sense. Also the writing of Lemar into a cartoonishly evil character was wild to me as well just to like get him to the point where Pray Tell would be justified in punching him. That's probably my main gripe is that they have certain plot points they want to hit but don't know a way to get them. A
  19. I thought it was very interesting point too they made about how a lot of people move to Las Vegas and don't have a support system to help navigate stuff. I never thought about that. Also, they were a little fuzzier on the "How does he make his money to afford alcohol" than they usually are on this show. But maybe they wanted to be a little lighter on him given how everything played out.
  20. This episode made so sad. I think the ones with alcoholism always do because it's one of the easier addictions to practice out in the open, especially if you're in a party-centric place.
  21. There was something incredibly telling about the relationship between Amber and Olivia and particularly Olivia and her mother when Olivia was like, "Shouldn't I be praised for helping someone out" which is an issue I wish they had dug into more.
  22. Utica is allergic to critiques it seems like. Every time they give her one, she seems to double down on whatever they're telling her not to do. It's like if you took Gigi Goode's "I hear your concerns but I don't have those same concerns" attitude but have it completely misplaced.
  23. Utica also bombed Snatch Game when she competed Drag Race style competition in the Twin Cities so clearly it's not her strength.
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