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  1. lisageezlouise

    Nadine And Erik

    She reminds me of Ellie Kemper who was on The Office.
  2. lisageezlouise

    The People's Court

    The accident where the distracted driver killed the child happened in my town. It was a bus driver (not the regular bus driver but a driver of a jitney bus or something like that) and I believe he went to look at his cell phone. He hit a light pole and it struck the baby in her stroller. Distracted driving gets me so mad especially when it's some BS with a cellphone. Nothing is that important that it can't wait!
  3. lisageezlouise

    Robert Herjavec: Always Ready to Participate

    I may actually have to watch for the first time just for him!
  4. lisageezlouise

    Little Women: LA

    No judgement from me, I love Jackass! I went to see Jackass 3D in the theater. I could watch them go down a flight of stairs in a shopping cart all day!
  5. lisageezlouise

    Newlyweds: The First Year

    You're so right hottesthw! I saw the follow up special and couldn't even remember which show this was at first. As soon as I saw it I remembered how awful all these people are! I'll still be watching the new season and probably hate watching that one too!
  6. lisageezlouise

    Marriage Boot Camp

    What exactly was the point of making the women spend the rest of the day, including on their dates, with their cut up t-shirts and their bras all exposed? I found it very exploitative and disrespectful. Not that this show isn't above exploiting people but for some reason I found it to be incredibly rude. I'm surprised some of them went along with it. Let them put on a shirt for Pete's sake!
  7. lisageezlouise

    S05.E12: Courting Another Wife

    Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't all of the polygamists we see on this and other shows only married legally to the first wife? Then they have a commitment ceremony with each subsequent wife. Why are they always freaking out about getting in trouble with the law? You basically have one wife and a bunch of girlfriends. What law did you break? I personally don't care. Live and let live I say. I just don't see what the upside of this life is for any of these women. They all seem miserable. It sounds good in theory, not so much in practice.
  8. lisageezlouise

    Billy Bryan Brown: Fearless Father

    This made me literally LOL so loud my son asked from the other room if I was talking to him. LOL indeed!
  9. lisageezlouise

    Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    I liked the Mo fan page only because I kept hearing about it and didn't want to miss out on the drama. I'd hate for someone to see that and think I'm one of his heifers. lol
  10. lisageezlouise

    Memorable Products: As Seen on Shark Tank

    First off please excuse that triple quote of your post that I made above. I obviously have no idea how to internet. lol My son told a friend about The Chord Buddy and she ordered it. He said it works great! Worth the money definitely. My son, who does not know how to play guitar, tried it and in no time he was actually playing. He said The Chord Buddy made it so easy but you would have to be careful not to get defendant on it.
  11. lisageezlouise

    Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    Danielle's sister seems to think that if Mohammad leaves then Danielle will be able to get back on track. She's as delusional as Danielle if she thinks that. Removing Mohammed still leaves Danielle and she is her own worst enemy. She will only move on to the next bad relationship and the next bad decision. And her family will be dragged into the middle of it all over again. What a mess!
  12. lisageezlouise

    Small Talk: 90 Words Per Minute

    Reality TV is my not so guilty pleasure. I watch all of it except shows like Real Housewives and The Batchelor. The more of a train wreck the better! I've been watching them for so long I remember back when they were actually based in reality! Welcome Cassia! I know I can't be the only one who, when reading your posts, hears it being read in your voice in my head.
  13. lisageezlouise

    Rehab Addict

    While I appreciate what Nicole is doing fixing up this latest house for the deserving family this last episode had me feeling bad for them. It was because of the way she was talking about the bathroom they were fixing. She was saying how dirty and smelly it was. How it had bugs and mice. Etc etc. I'm sure the family knows the place is in need of repair and would have fixed it themselves if they had the resources. No need to make them feel bad about their home. She just didn't sound very nice saying it that way and I'm sure that's not how she wanted to come across.
  14. lisageezlouise

    Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    I'm in NJ right across the river from NYC. What I wouldn't give to have a 90 Day Fiancé sighting. Especially Dani and Mo. So close yet so far!