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  1. Is that considered a swear? TIL. I loved it though. She also said “right quick” which I say all the time, but I was told it was a Maritime expression. Though, I guess her mom is from Newfoundland, so It kinda makes sense :)
  2. I also hate having to watch the president* speak, but I think Rachel only shows the clips when she really wants to make a point, I don’t think it’s network interference. Friday was highlighting the intensity of the actual rhetoric coming out of his and his supporters’ stupid mouths.
  3. My dad runs a funeral home in a small town, and I found Shirley’s scenes rang very true for me (though the funeral directors taking the kids up to see the bodies was really odd, though I thought it was really odd in kind of a sweet way). My dad is a huge, genuine believer in the value of open casket wakes, he would never try to change anyone’s mind who was very against it, but would usually recommend it in most normal circumstances if the family is asking for advice. It’s easy to be to be cynical about that, since we probably make more money in that case, but he really actually genuinely bel
  4. Sue is awesome. Here's Moffat talking about her role working on Sherlock at the finale screening last week. Course, since so many people hate the show now, that could be considered passing the blame, but I don't think that's how he meant it :)
  5. I loved it. Sherlock was never ever about the cases and procedurals are boring. It's always had more the vibe of a sci-fi or adventure show to me. That's why I love it
  6. Not sure what exactly you're saying with the "Rache" thing, it made sense to me. All Sherlock deduced on that front was that she was trying to write "Rachel", they then tried to figure out who Rachel was and, with research, learned she was the woman's deceased daughter. After that, Sherlock was trying to figure out why she would scratch her dead daughter's name in the hardwood (rather than just thinking about her) and realized it was the password to track her phone and find the killer. Seems a reasonable step in logic for Sherlock Holmes, to me. There's so much negativity in this thread,
  7. I think rock is only really "dead" in the states, it still seems to do pretty well in other english speaking countries. Edit sorry about the copy of the post, my phone freaked out before i could make it a quote
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