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  1. And why in the world would you? I find it disturbing that people actually seem excited at the thought that there could be something wrong with this kid. The boy looks perfectly fine to me, as he does to my husband, who is a physician.
  2. Perhaps there's a "marked difference" because she's twice his age. The boy looks perfectly healthy. The only unfortunate thing is that he looks just like his father. Since when have a bunch of fans of a TV show nattering about their pet theories online been "confirmation" of anything? Show me something that isn't fan or blog based -- like a medical report connected with the court case -- and I'll pay attention.
  3. I've seen those kids for about a split second on the show. How anyone thinks they can diagnose either one of the with some serious disorder based on a few seconds of TV time is a mystery to me. If either child had anything like fetal alcohol syndrome going on, don't you think it would have shown up in all the nasty custody back-and-forth? I'm sure the kids are fine and, if they aren't, and it's because of something Kathyrn did or didn't do, I'm just as sure that Thomas would have been shouting about it from the rooftops.
  4. The facts have been discussed on the show. And it's not just Tom. Luann said -- on camera -- that she had an open relationship with her husband but, when asked about it on the reunion, she denied having an open relationship and denied having ever said any such thing. It's ridiculous. I do think you should warn a friend if you have knowledge about their fiance/husband being unfaithful, but, once you've done that, you need to step out. I actually don't understand why Luann seems so desperate to be married to this guy -- it borders on obsession -- but, if she's determined to overlook any
  5. The fact that Sonja thinks that having a fling with a schlub like Albert is something to brag about is just further proof of her grand delusion. I think what's irritating the other women is not that Luann refuses to say that she's in an open relationship, but that she goes out of her way to say she's not, when the facts don't back it up. It goes back to the biggest and oldest complaint about Luann: she's a liar.
  6. Which "she" are you referring to? ("...Lu snagged the exact situation she wanted.") While I also doubt anything Sonja says about famous people she's supposedly known/partied with/slept with/been friends with, she and Albert aren't a crazy combo. She's 6 years younger than he is. And, though his wife is much younger than Sonja, they actually do look quite similar.
  7. I think Ramona looks great. She doesn't look to me like she's had anything done. And I believe Ramona is, and always has been, the money in that marriage. If anyone is paying a settlement, it would be Ramona to Mario, not the other way around. But considering Mario's very public philandering, I doubt he walked away with much, if anything. It's amazing how quickly "sweet young things" disappear when an old guy has no cash.
  8. Yes, it is. She looks pretty much like all my contemporaries.
  9. If you can't see them, I'm wondering why anyone would complain about them.
  10. Can you point out the uneven ones? Because I'm not seeing them. (P.S., that's a rake.)
  11. Okay, I just pulled it up again to see if I was missing something, and I just don't see it. I don't think she's done or injected anything.
  12. We only see what we're shown. So far, there's been nothing on the show to suggest that Kathryn is anything other than a good and caring mother. If she's ever abused or neglected her children, it's certainly never been portrayed on camera, and I don't even think Thomas has ever said she's anything other than a good mother.
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