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  1. bumblebee

    S08.E09: Tell All, Part 2

    I really hope Meri can find the strength to leave this train wreck. They are so beyond repair it could not be more obvious. I've kind of skipped episodes throughout the season but tonight I saw that the root of her unhappiness is not a "personality" thing - it is a polygamy thing. She wants to have permission to be selfish and have him to herself. I don't think she realized how unfulfilled she was because all her attention was on Mariah and the other kids before. and Christine... oh Christine... she has the potential to be so much more and to be with a man that can appreciate her personality. Even when they are focusing on her he has to make it sting - "oh Christine and I are soooo done with kids - that conversation is only happening with Sobbyn now". Yes Kody, rub that in because we all know how much Christine wants that image in her head. Ugh he is such a repulsive human being sometimes. Mykelti was looking pretty salty about not having the attention on her during the older kids segment. I was getting the vibe that her support of Mariah was not exactly genuine - or maybe they just don't get alone.
  2. bumblebee

    S08.E01: It's Worse Than We Thought

    Totally! I can't believe the difference between the two boys! First of all, taking him into his bedroom and getting physically in his space on the couch to intimidate him is so ugh. I cannot stand this man, he is on such a power trip. I can't say I disagree that the relationship seems a bit rushed and I wonder if they have really thought about serious life stuff, but the way he is treating him is making me uncomfortable. I'd love to find out more about Tony though.
  3. bumblebee

    S06.E13: Meri Catfished

    This! It was so awkward to watch that dinner; I missed whether the big gender reveal was in the earlier episode and I thought they were going to have Sol do a gender reveal at the dinner. It was very strange... my heart goes out to the other kids, particularly the younger kids. I really hope Meri can see that she has a chance to be happy if she leaves, so the catfish didn't work out, but there are men out there who would be happy to dote on her. The family couldn't appear to care less at the restaurant, especially Robyn. In fact, maybe this was just me, but I found that Janelle seemed to be the only one who was like wow, this is serious. Meri and Christine should pick up and leave; he becomes less concerned with appearing like a good husband every season. I actually can't stand his face because he is such a manipulative jerk to these women (except Robyn obvi) but more than that he is blatantly crappy towards his other kids. I can see a future of therapy for Christine and Janelle's younger children and it bothers me to no end.
  4. bumblebee

    S03.E05: Missing Home

    Finally watched this week's episode! Aleksandra needs to RUN. This is so not for her, I think he's a really sweet guy but obviously he caught her in a very vulnerable time in her life. As far as I know we haven't really gotten a sense of who her family is, she was probably seeking acceptance and he sold her on the idea of a happy, Mormon life. This is super common from missionaries all over Europe; many of my friends back home have been propositioned by missionaries to change their life etc. I think she's realizing slowly that there is a happy medium between 100% party girl and 100% super religious. I don't think she fits here at all, I felt bad for him at the salsa club, he really tried. He seems like a sweet kid but there is no way this is going to last and it would be mean if it did she is obviously not all that sold on the lifestyle. Agree with a previous poster she should marry her dancing partner instead! and Josh should find himself a nice Mormon girl to take home to his sassy mom. I hope for both of them that she leaves so they can pursue something more fitting. Fernando... I can't understand this man at all. I have a super strong feeling that he is lying to her about the process. I think he didn't put the papers through so he could continue screwing other girls in the states while she waits for him. I would try to forgive the cheating but honestly he practically glows when talking about his previous cheating scandals, of course she shouldn't trust him! He is obviously lying to her face, he deserves her to leave his ass as soon as she gets her green card that is the only way I'd ever put up with this fool. I can't understand the appeal honestly.
  5. bumblebee

    S06.E12: A Boy or a Girl

    Maddy is adorable in this episode you can feel her happiness through her smile. On another note I missed a few pieces of seasons past so I never noticed how they behave regarding Solomon. I was totally shocked at the "parenting" clearly even the teens have picked up on him being the golden child.
  6. bumblebee

    S02.E16: Whitney Live #NoBS

    I'd just like to second this, I've worked with adolescents with eating disorders. There were many circumstances where girls who "looked" overweight or even obese were actually starving themselves or purging. When you've got 200+ pounds to lose, it's going to take a long time- even starving and not eating ever (which is not the proper way to do it) before you are going to "look" skinny. It is really hard to lose weight the safe and healthy way until you are in the proper head space, from what I've seen on this show I don't think Whitney has had that real "aha" moment. I mean we've seen her cry and get scared but there is something that has to click for it all to come together and stay safe, and consistent when it comes to healthy weight loss.
  7. bumblebee

    S06.E11: Chaos in the Cul-de-Sac

    You guys I can't even with these people. I consider myself to be super open and while their lifestyle is not my cup of tea as long as they aren't harming the kids I could deal with it- better than watching the Duggars, for example. But this episode was weird there is no doubt in my mind that these kids will need counselling one day. They have been totally brainwashed into erasing a part of their history which no matter how "bad" Robyn claims it is, it is still part of their story. This must be so confusing especially after coming from their birth father. I'll be very curious to hear the kids talk about this experience when they are fully formed adults there's been way too much manipulating of emotions for one episode. And Robyn omg put those tears away girl seriously it is too much
  8. bumblebee

    Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    I'd like to join the discussion to add, while I agree that this whole incident is very sad at the base of it all is the fact that those two are inept to parent children. Anyone who has worked with trauma and abuse survivors can tell you that when a youth molests it is more than likely that they themselves were abused as children. Child services should be brought in to investigate because for all we know Josh was being molested as a child as well I'm sure none of us would be shocked to find that out. The whole family needs some heavy duty therapy, beginning with boob and Mechelle. I can only hope that all the victims will get help and that an investigation will begin soon because who knows the younger kids could be doing it too, abuse is a cycle and nobody is ending it in that house.
  9. bumblebee

    S10.E04: Invites and Ride-Alongside

    This!! Oh my gosh your comment made me laugh so hard, I was thinking the exact same thing. It felt like a debutante ball announcing to the world John David is ready ladies, come get 'em! I can't get over how absolutely obvious this episode was, sure MEchelle, sure you make "special time for all your kids".
  10. bumblebee

    S10.E02: Jessa Says Yes to the Dress

    Lol, agreed! Although I think that I would hit the floor after the first 10 minutes of the show. Don't know if it is just me but Mechelle seems to have her crazy eyes set on extra cray, her eyeballs look like they are going to pop out of her socket for the main portion of the episode (so far). The whole modesty spiel from the girls is coming off as beyond scripted (and Ben) it all looks so fake ugh. I laughed so hard seeing Guinn's reaction to Mechelle talking about grand babies her face was just like "lady come back down to Earth" I really hope Jessa and Ben have figured out natural family planning and will wait a while to have their first child. I can't imagine getting married at Ben's age with no job or education let alone being pushed into having a kid I'm not ready for.
  11. bumblebee

    S10.E01: Jill's Secret

    I just watched the pregnancy announcement episode because TLC likes to make these "extended" scene episode come off as new week after week - if I have to re-live Jill's wedding one more time I am going to hurl my remote at the TV it is ENOUGH with Jill, we get it! Anyways :) now that I've gotten that off my chest, I found it hilarious when they announced to Anna and she knew it was a pregnancy announcement. Ah reminds me so much of my life. I've got two older sisters (12 and 13 years older) and they are so bored with their own lives much like Anna so anytime I have something to say they think it will be a pregnancy announcement... sorry to announce I am going to grad school. Anyways I always think of that when it comes to Anna I feel so bad that she hasn't been given anything to look forward to except being a baby machine.
  12. bumblebee

    S05.E16: First a Verdict, Then a Lawyer

    They are really going to start alienating even more of their viewers if they keep doing these 5 second "cliffhanger" endings. Based on the timing of the tabloids/this episode it is so obvious that this was a PR stunt, if this was filmed around Christmas/New Years we would have heard about it a lot sooner. Also the lovely re-cap episodes of Robyn and Meri back to back to make them seem like they are glowing angels doing it for the family ugh, so much manipulation. I hope Christine's mom starts rubbing off on her, she seems like a level headed cool lady. The scene when Kody said they should have waiting longer to court then get married was interesting, Christine got really emotional (IMO over nothing) but it could be a sign of her having mixed emotions. Also Janelle looked great in that scene with the anthropology students when she was putting in the sign, you could really see the weight loss when she was standing. She's always so quiet around the wives/Kody but sometimes, mostly with outsiders like the students or the gym trainer, she really lights up. I wonder what happened with the trainer (I might have missed the episode) he's never being shown anymore sometimes I wonder if Kody started to forbid them from working together. Anyways I'm soft for Janelle because I think she is most likely to leave the nuthouse, although Christine's mom's influence might make her warm up to the idea.
  13. Agree with what everyone else has said above, Buddy seems to be a bad influence on her life. I think that if Whitney started losing weight her and Buddy would not be a great match anymore it seems their greatest common interest is eating junk food. I know for myself, or anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight when it clicks into your head that this has to be done you don't half do it. Whitney gives me the impression that she is not mentally ready or dedicated for this journey yet. She hasn't reached that moment of self admission that this weight is not good for her and that she needs to make substantial changes, like kicking pizza to the curb for the foreseeable future. I'm all for body positivity and curves but when your body is impairing your ability to live a fulfilling life it is time to make some changes. Also the diabetes - that is some scary stuff - for all we know she could be lying that her cholesterol/ BP is a-ok to pass off the whole "I can be obese and healthy" thing. I guess it's not impossible but she has been shown eating a lot of junk throughout the season. She seems to use humour as a defense mechanism, and in those moments she comes of as fake to me, like laughing about the fact that you can't drive in your friends car. I really like her, she seems like a good person but I just don't think that she has had her "aha" moment yet.
  14. bumblebee

    S05.E14: Anthropologists Move In

    I really enjoyed watching the anthropology students come in even though I think it was completely set up by TLC. It would be kind of strange to choose to collect data during a weekend when there are film crews. You have 2 circumstances simultaneously making them behave differently than they would behave normally. Anyways it was interesting hearing the discussions throughout the episode, like calling Kody a showboat haha. Anthropology does believe in fluidity in human sexuality/relationships so I wasn't expecting any "this is wrong, monogamy is right" from them. I was nearly bursting in laughter during Robyn's whole speech on marriage, so much drama and self righteousness. Robyn needs some therapy, she seems to blame herself so much for her previous marriage that she is trying to overcompensate now by trying to be the holy-est of them all. I don't think she ever emotionally matured from her divorce, she kind of threw herself into polygamy. I love Maddy but I was really surprised by her decision to join the FLDS church, and I kind of agree with the parents, I think she may be doing it because she felt the need to fit in because all of her peers are in that group. Janelle's kids seem to see through polygamy more than any of the other mothers' kids in my opinion. I have a feeling there will be some tell all books coming out in the next 10 years.
  15. bumblebee

    S05.E15: Robyn: Behind the Scenes

    I agree, I am shocked (not really though haha) by the level of manipulation on Robyn's part. The kids seem to have completely forgotten they have a biological father. I also notice that Kody is super affectionate with her kids, which is great, but it almost seems like they are his favourites over all the other kids. I can only imagine the type of b/s they try to sell to the kids about their bio father, clearly they have done a great job of making him out to be evil. Robyn drives me crazy more and more with every episode. This whole dedication to Robyn was ridiculous, especially making the other wives (cough, Christine, cough) watch all the scenes over again. I feel like Janelle does not care about Kody at all, she seems to be present out of convenience for the finances etc. Also she is looking really good, I noticed when they played footage from years ago, good for her! She seems to be the most likely to leave him one day, doesn't seem at all attached to him emotionally I think it is a tactical move on her part to stay and play the whole "multiplied love" spiel. As for Christine, I feel so bad for her, this lady is clearly delusional. I could literally feel her pain in the playback footage when she was talking about Robyn taking Cody away from her for yet another night. She seems completely blinded by her love for Kody, which I don't get cause he treats her like garbage. Like everyone has been saying this whole episode was just a PR stunt leading up to the *gasp* divorce so that they can cast Robyn in a positive light and make Meri out to be a martyr for sacrificing her title for the greater good. Sorry, but all this episode did was compile all of sobbin Robyn's tearful, manipulative moments into one episode. Meri obviously pushed this marriage as a way to gain back power in the family.