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  1. Has anybody pointed out that it is totally unethical, inappropriate, & grounds for his dismissal, that Phoebe was supposedly "dating" her college professor (even if he did end up being "closeted" at the end)? Why did the show writers even think it's OK to put that storyline in there without mentioning that fact? Sexual Harassment, anyone?
  2. Saph

    S02.E04: Knockoffs

    So was that a cameo by Lena Dunham in the sex toy shop, complaining about the nipple rings?
  3. Saph

    S04.E04: Episode Four

    I loved the lunchtime talk that Carol & Bev had. When Carol admitted that she was finally "happy," with Helen, and Beverly replied, "Maybe it was just about finding the right boss!" There were so many veiled implications in Beverly's response--for one, you don't necessarily have to sleep with your boss in order to get along with them. Carol was getting along great with Helen even before sex entered the picture, but she is so used to having sex with her supervisors, and she keeps falling into the same trap over and over. I think Beverly was trying to point out that Helen is a good boss and not just a sexual partner, but I think Carol didn't have a clue what Beverly meant. I hope that Carol eventually comes to that realization on her own, without getting hurt, and I hope that things with Helen don't end up badly. Great acting by all these women!
  4. Saph

    S02.E03: Valerie Is Brought To Her Knees

    First off, I just want to say: I love this show--both old & new incarnations. Upon viewing the final scene, & how Seth so graciously engineered to have Valerie appear off-camera during the fantasy "blow job": I almost thought that Valerie was torn after Seth's suggestion. On one hand, she saved herself from further degradation & humiliation from Pauly G's machinations. But on the other hand, she gave up an additional chance to be on-camera during that "lap" scene, which then took the focus off of her & her narcissistic "comeback" role. Did anyone else feel that way--that she was maybe having mixed-feelings as she knelt in Seth's lap & then the production crew told her to get her head out of camera frame? That she somehow maybe just slightly regretted the scripting change? Or am I just reading way too much into it? Either way, it was an awesome, brilliantly crafted episode. I repeat: I love this show.