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  1. It's not just the interviews, but attending all those parties, studio networking events, private luncheons, events that are not usually in the public eye or open invitation except to the industry insiders. I think there's some validity to that - Kathy is a veteran in the Oscar circuit, she knows how to work these things. JLo, while a popular celebrity, is new to all of this - this is basically her first award shows circuit. And she is also currently filming a movie and preparing for the SB halftime show. So her absence in these events might as well have been to Kathy's advantage. I just didn't think that JLo is the one in the bubble for missing a slot, and not someone else. She has been a strong #2 choice ranking this season, behind Laura. I think the power of campaigning did affect the acting nominations (or lack thereof) for the cast of Parasite despite figuring on the big Oscar noms. When assessing the chances of Song Kang Ho, Cho Yeo Jeong and Lee Jeung Eun for potential acting noms, pundits refer to the ladies of Roma breaking through and that the same could happen to the Parasite actors, a "friendlier" and more engaging movie to watch compared to Roma. But Roma had the huge backing and campaigning power of Netflix behind it, while Parasite had a Korean production company and a small, indie US distributor. The latter does not have unlimited resources like Roma did.
  2. EW's theory on why Kathy Bates made it and Jennifer Lopez didn't: https://ew.com/oscars/2020/01/13/awardist-debate-oscar-nominations/
  3. So humor me this - I haven't seen The Morning Show, but obviously it was beloved by SAG with 3 noms and a win for Jennifer. If it was that beloved enough, does it make sense for it to miss the Ensemble nom?
  4. SAG Awards WINNER: Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture Heck yeah!!! High fives to the Park and Kim families!!
  5. I think when the field got defined and the coast cleared, people realized there are much more creative and fresh films out there. Plus who knows, there may still be a bias against Netflix in the industry. I'm just so happy for Parasite - the little engine that could. Hopefully, this opens more doors for Bong Joon Ho in Hollywood. He really is a creative storyteller.
  6. I think that happened last year with Black Panther. Seriously go see it, it's such an amazing movie. It's a movie that will stay with you long after it's over.
  7. I saw the movie and felt the same way. I wish it was a better made movie, unfortunately, it wasn't. Same with Judy. I had high hopes for both (I'm partial to real people movies) but really, the movies were lucky it was able to get sterling performances from its leads.
  8. Well, isn't Joker a Scorsese-lite film anyway?! It took a lot after his style, that if you don't know much, you could mistake this for a Scorsese movie. Yes, it's always finding the perfect balance of "wanting it but not wanting it too much". Strike just the right approach of begging. One thing I respect about JLo though is that instead of shying away and pretending to be just be grateful of all the opportunities she had, she full-on embraced the DIVA label. She owned it and didn't apologize for it. You gotta admire the chutzpah.
  9. I think that argument holds more water when the director isn't nominated at all, and the film itself is well-nominated in other categories (Greta Gerwig and Little Women). I can see how different directors and films win their awards. Like a couple of years ago, when Cuaron won for Gravity, but BP went to 12 Years A Slave. Cuaron did a masterful job directing that movie, but 12 Years A Slave just had a bigger impact as a film overall.
  10. Since 2010, only 4 directors won when their corresponding BP films won as well. Just last year, Alfonso Cuaron won for Roma when Green Book won BP. The divide will probably widen more in the future as the BP has expanded to a max of 10 films while Best Director remains at 5. I'm rooting for Bong Joon Ho as Parasite is my favorite film of the year. I think he stands a really good chance to win as Best Director, although Parasite as a film may have lower odds as BP winner.
  11. Gosh, I hope I didn't jinx her. LOL. Seriously though, I'm rooting for her and I hope she wins. For some reason, Renee got a lot of bad rap and press since her heyday in the early 2000s, most of it unfair (IMO). It would make for a great comeback story and to show everyone that she still got it.
  12. I'm actually surprised at this. I thought KO is the type of movie that the Academy goes gaga over. I thought with a larger slate of BP noms, it could sneak in there. It probably ended up being one of those movies that was expected to do well, but in the end did not. Come to think of it, when was the last time an honest-to-goodness whodunit movie was nominated for BP? Gosford Park? @blackwing, sorry, my question was more an observation rather than a question to you. It just seems frustrating that the locks are mostly the white actors while the POC are the ones leaving to fight for that last spot and to satisfy the "token" nomination. Like, why can it not be the reverse - why can't Lupita, Awkwafina, Alfre Woodard, Cynthia be the locks and let Renee, Charlize, Scarlett fight for that last spot instead? The benefit of the doubt for a great performance always goes first to the white actor. It's not like the Academy can say, "well, we would love more POC in our nominations but there weren't great work to choose from the past year..."
  13. Not really. The story is more about a writer's friendship with Mr. Rogers. The writer is based on real-life journalist Tom Junod (played by Matthew Rhys). So I don't think there's a category fraud here for Tom Hanks. Which some people could argue about Brad Pitt (some argue he is a co-lead of LDC more than a supporting actor).
  14. Why is it that the white actors are considered the locks for the nomination, while that last spot is where the POC fight to be included? Like how Renee, Saorsie Charlize and Scarlett are locks, and the last spot are where Cynthia, Lupita, Awkwafina, etc. have to fight to get in? Heck, while she most probably would not have been a winner, I thought JLo was a lock for the nom. I didn't think she would be the one "in the bubble" in her slot.
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