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  1. My guess is there are rogue factions inside the Taliban, led by Haqqani's son, whom Haqqani has disavowed earlier. If I'm not mistaken, it seems also that the son was in collaboration with Tasneem in the failed assassination of his father. I still can't get over the fact that Saul is now willing to go to bat for Haqqani when he was responsible for the attack on the US Embassy just because Haqqani flashed Saul a peace sign. I wonder how the US would have reacted if OBL raised his hands in the air and said "I give up, don't kill me, let's be friends again, I don't want to fight anymore."
  2. Admittedly, I didn't watch the entire season, so I don't know if Madi is just naturally, physically distant with Peter, and I'm usually not the type of person who formulates large volumes of conspiracy theories based on 5 minutes of body language. But the way Madison kept her distance from Peter on that couch on AFTR was something else.
  3. I think at that point Barb just wanted an apology, but also some kind of power play to put Madison in her place, so to speak - "I'm the mom, I'm right. You're wrong". Yes, maybe for common courtesy and showing respect to elders, Maddie could have had apologized and maybe everyone would have moved on. But I think Maddie is also a little stubborn in her thinking that she did nothing wrong - whatever the reason was for the 3-hour delay - and that she doesn't want to rehash the past again and again.
  4. Should the apology go like this: Madison: "Hannah Ann, I apologize that your man-child of an ex-fiance was so wishy-washy that he broke off his engagement to you after realizing he still has feelings for me, when he proposed to you mostly because you're the only left and you were also thinking of leaving and his ego couldn't get in the way of both his final women leave him before he got his engagement ending."
  5. It was just that stupid "We did it FOUR TIMES!!!" from Hannah B. Jeez, if your criteria for the Bachelor is just a guy who has lots of sex, I'm sure there's lots out there who has moved out of mama's house at least.
  6. So all that trouble for a breakup not even a week later? Did Peter even get his People Mag cover?
  7. Peter freaked out that that both women will end up leaving him because of his indecisiveness. His ego got in the way of being the first Bachelor to be left by both his F2, and so instead of being honest with himself that he's still torn and not ready to commit to just one person, he had to save face. It sucks that he hurt Hannah Ann in the process. I'm glad she let him have it last night instead of playing nice with him.
  8. I thought she saw another Nazi, probably someone she recognized from the camps - but not necessarily The Wolf. Maybe I'm wrong.
  9. I think this is a great observation. The Parks treat the help well and pay well, but they also dehumanize the Kims when they think they can be at their beck and call. The last few scenes were kind of unsettling to me - when Mrs. Park was happily chatting with Jessica about throwing an improptu birthday party for her son, and to top it off with "icing on the cake", she entices Jessica by saying she will pay her for the day, even though it's not actual work. Then she tells Mr. Park that she had already asked Mr. Kim to hurry over and that she will pay him overtime, as if that's the only thing that drives Mr. Kim. This is all without ever stopping to think that the Kims - on their day off - may actually have other things to do, or planned. Even without the storm in the picture. I think the way Mrs. Park acted in those last few scenes is how a lot of rich people act in real life. Even though the intentions are very well-meaning, they think that they can just wave bills in front of the help and the poor and they will come for it.
  10. For sure. Because FakeMeyer killed RealMeyer while he and Ruth were still in the refugee camp. They made this clear when Jonah was able to put the escape date of FakeMeyer together to the date Ruth wrote in her letters when Meyer left her with a note. So there's no chance they lived together on their own before finally being out into the world after the war. I think this is a classic case of the writers writing a twist for the sake of having a twist, rather than just focusing on a good story that ties together and it all makes sense. For one, I wouldn't have minded it if Al Pacino was indeed the Real Meyer and he's doing The Hunt as a vigilante search for justice, rather than a former Nazi doing it as penance.
  11. I liked this episode. It feels vintage Homeland where I am kept in suspense for most throughout the episode. Although yes, you can't ignore the plot stupidities in order to advance the plot. What is Tasneem's position in the Afghan government again? And if they're going to bring back the major players of S4, why not bring back the General/Captain who was friendly to Carrie? Of course G'ulom has an agenda of his own, but I must say, he's shown more balls than Saul and the US for showing a tough stance re: the Taliban and outright calling Haqqani a terrorist. Saul should not have been in bed with him in the first place. But I remembered last night while watching this ep, that this isn't a new thing. The reason why Quinn's assassination attempt of Haqqani in S4 was unsuccessful because Carrie saw Dar Adal in the car with Haqqani. So the US has been in bed with him not even long after the American bodies were buried when he attacked the US embassy. Goodness. Yes, the blame is squarely on him. Sure, he needs some time to himself for the gravity of the situation to fully settle in, but apparently he didn't need a long enough alone time to tell his COS to move his things to the oval office. Priorities.
  12. If I remember the first or second episode correctly, they met during the night when Ruth and her family were captured by the Nazis. Ruth was trying to protect her father, but she was forced away and her father got shot, and Meyer picked her up and moved her away from the Nazi soldier so she will be out of harm's way. So yes, I would think they had no past together prior to the war.
  13. Like most of you, I don't get that big twist either. I find it rather implausible that Jonah was able to figure everything out just because Fake Meyer didn't say the Kaddish prayer before killing Fake Wolf. I think the big reveal would have made more sense if it was spaced out over more sequences than just in a span of 5-10 minutes. It would have been more believable if there were some trail of breadcrumbs that Jonah was following, and already getting suspicious of Fake Meyer along the way, rather than just in one head-spinning reveal. Why did Fake Meyer get into The Hunt anyway? Because Ruth approached him? Was all of this just a matter of protecting Ruth, rather than an actual noble gesture of bringing the Nazis to justice? No. The story where Meyer killed 11 people in one night in order to save Ruth was told by Fake Meyer to Jonah, although told it from a different perspective. But since he was actually there as The Wolf, he was able to tell what happened. Y'all touched on the age issue already. But one thing that also didn't make sense to me (and I could be wrong because I missed something) was that in the last episode, when Ruth approached Meyer, it seemed like that was the first time they saw each other since Fake Meyer left her a note at camp 30+ years ago, although they kept tabs on each other and so that's why Ruth found him in NY. Is that correct? Because if it is, then what is Fake Meyer referring to when he said "you don't prefer this over our flat in Boston Street?" (or something like that). So they already saw each other after he left her in camp but before reconnecting in NY again??
  14. I didn't understand what happened - did Haqqani orchestrate the attack on the US Pres behind everyone's back, after "agreeing" to the peace agreement? Or was there another faction in play?
  15. The way I see it is that Mr. Park did not say that Mr. Kim smelled bad at all. When Mrs. Park asked what kind of smell was it, if it was like an old rag being boiled or old man's smell, Mr. Park said it's not those specifically, it's the smell of people in subways. Which to me isn't saying about Mr. Kim personally smelling bad, but that his smell belongs to a certain class of people. @Athena is right that the young Park son was actually the first one who noticed the smell, but the son also never said anything or implied that it was a bad smell. I find it's interesting that some in the audience may think that when referencing and/or talking about a person's smell, that it automatically means a person smells bad. I agree that while Mrs. Park only recognized the smell after her husband mentioned it to her, it also probably didn't help that at that particular time in the car, Mr. Kim might have actually smelled bad, considering he weathered a storm the prior night, slept in a gym and put on clothes that came from a pile of donations. I would wager he probably didn't get a good shower in the gym as well, just washed enough to look clean.
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