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  1. Ugh, I wish they didn't break up because of her, just to show that Madison is just a speck of dust that JLo brushed off her shoulder, that Madison doesn't matter. But ARod always had a wandering eye, so I guess this is inevitable. Knowing how egotistical Madison is, I'm sure this emboldens her to feel that golly, she's so important she broke up a Hollywood power couple. Maybe even thinking she'll definitely be the lead dog in the next season of SC.
  2. I guess now the Facetiming can continue: https://pagesix.com/2021/03/12/jennifer-lopez-and-alex-rodriguez-break-up-call-off-engagement/
  3. This is probably the one area where I agree with Madison over roasting Austen on his irresponsible behavior during the pandemic/lockdown. If he wanted to party around Charleston, he shouldn't have been trying to hook up with her still. But I'm not surprised Austen did this because he's never been a serious guy, and best bud Craig didn't think covid-19 was even real or scary.
  4. So he didn't open his own gym fast enough for Madison, and Madison was like "I'm outta here!".
  5. I agree. Patricia might have sounded snobbish in his critique of Craig's pillows, but she's not exactly wrong.
  6. From the original Page Six article: https://pagesix.com/2021/02/03/madison-lecroy-i-have-never-been-physical-with-alex-rodriguez/?utm_campaign=iphone_p6&utm_source=mail_app Girl, you know EXACTLY what you're doing.
  7. LOL! Madison’s been trying FOR YEARS to get on the show. And how did she land a regular spot?! By being Austen’s gf. Even Patricia herself has said that she’s constantly invited Madison to filmed SC parties she hosts so she can be seen. And this was prior before to Austen being on the show. I also remember a bunch of episodes where Cameran got her hair done and voila, there was Madison. Girl’s been thirsty for a long time. And she finally found a male slut who fell for it (unlike Shep).
  8. Now that A-Rod has said emphatically never meeting her, will Madison come out with receipts?! Or will she be too afraid of JLo? JLo will eat her for breakfast the way KCav never could.
  9. Yeesh, it gets messier. https://www.realitytea.com/2021/02/03/madison-lecroy-jlo/ After that, Madison got very specific with her explanation of what went on with her and the ex-Yankee to save her ass and not get sued. Madison proclaimed, “He’s never physically cheated on his fiancée with me.” Okaaaaayyyy....so, Facetime sex then? He jerked off while you showed T&A, and more?!
  10. I really think the whole “Budweiser” thing got into her head - if someone like Patricia with her stature tells her you deserve so much more (and if we’re talking about Austen, I don’t necessarily disagree). But to Madison, deserving so much more means not getting an honest-to-goodness good man, but a rich guy, with a blue check mark and a clout. She suddenly thought she’s the shit. Austen has served his purpose - on to greener pastures then. I don’t have any problems with ambitious women. But Madison just carries it with such nastiness and meanness that she doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she gets a popular hook-up that will be covered on Page Six and other gossip rags.
  11. I don’t think A-Rod is above having side chicks as long as he doesn’t get caught. And like Austen said, Madison is after the biggest blue check mark she can find. So maybe match made in heaven?!
  12. Apparently, there were coincidental SM posts in which Madison posted on IG she was wearing a robe, lying on a bed on Refinery Hotel in NYC, while A-Rod posted on Twitter a video of himself in front of the same hotel. Both posts were done on December 2020. Obviously A-Rod was in NYC in December for JLo’s Times Square NYE show. But Madison???? Hmmm.... From Reality Tea: The Instagram account bravoandcocktails has not one, but two, highlights reels investigating the allegations against Madison. On the reunion, Madison denied flying to Miami, EMPHATICALLY, but no one mentioned flying to New York. In December 2020, Madison shared a photo in bed from the Refinery Hotel in New York. At that time, A-Rod shared a selfie in front of (what appeared to be) the Refinery Hotel. Yesterday, that Instagram post disappeared from his feed. What. A. Coincidence. Shady stuff, A-Rod. Update: He deleted the post from Instagram, but forgot to delete the evidence from Twitter and Facebook. It’s about to disappear in 3… 2…. 1…. https://www.realitytea.com/2021/01/29/whos-the-ex-mlb-player-that-madison-lecroy-allegedly-hooked-up-with-was-it-alex-rodriguez/
  13. NFL - Check! (Jay Cutler, Eric Decker) MLB - Check! (A-Rod, Andruw Jones) Madison seems to be making sure that her 15 minutes will extend in the gossip rags after SC gets cancelled (this may be the last season considering this past season was almost canned). Who’s next?! Steph Curry and/or Lebron James in the NBA?!
  14. This is probably why Madison stepped up the nastiness and ugliness to 15 (out of 10): https://tamaratattles.com/2020/05/12/southern-charms-cameran-eubanks-quits-the-show-exclusive-details/ I wonder if when she watched herself this past season and had felt any regrets and/or embarrassment. I would think that if I'm a customer of hers, if she's my hairdresser, and I watched SC this past season, I would be wary of going back to her just knowing her nasty attitude, even if I have no interest in her personal life.
  15. Now I get why Shep (and Craig to a lesser degree) was so insistent even as early as last season that Austen cut his losses and break up with her. Back then, I thought Shep was just being a baby, or to some extent, jealous of Austen. He’s probably seen how toxic she can be, even without the cameras rolling yet. She must have some magical pussy for Austen to cling to her for as long as two years. Because I really don’t see any redeeming quality in her - sure she’s pretty, but that eventually goes away with a toxic attitude. She’s nasty, has a vulgar mouth, and shits on everyone if it means she’s the center of attention. I wonder if there’s even a hint of embarrassment in her after seeing that finale. Probably not.
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