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  1. Given Ron’s usual disregard for continuity and history, he should do something useful with it for once and just have Shelle’s teenage son Bo appear one day and have everyone pretend he has existed all along.
  2. I have seen some people say that Lucas is involved because he says he will come get Sami, which means he must be involved because Sami doesn’t know where she is. But it is only a 2 second promo clip so i think it’s a bit hard to judge based on that snippet. Also, if they want Sami out of there they can easily just have her overhear something about her location or have Lucas magically trace her phone call. I don’t think it would make much sense for Lucas to have kidnapped her (plus, he has been one of the few people saying this disappearance is out of character for Sami), but you never kno
  3. This Kristen thing is so ridiculous. Why would any woman want to get within two feet of Brady when his psycho baby mama is off in the shadows ready to torture anyone who looks at him for longer than a second? Now, I don’t know why any woman would want to date an oiled up ham hock anyway, but the Kristen thing makes it a million times worse. Hell, Chloe was recently kidnapped and nearly killed by Kristen for having feelings for Brady, so why is even willing to be in the same room as him as this point?
  4. Maybe MarDevil can do us all a favour and cut off Ben's balls to make two new ornaments for the Horton tree lol? Give me MarDevil getting her crafting on with some glitter and paint to make those balls dazzling.
  5. I wonder if this means that Johnny (and Allie) will finally learn about EJ raping Sami? If it’s a story of her life surely the whole “twins with two different fathers” situation would need to be covered and someone will finally spill the beans about that night?
  6. So Johnny turned up and is a budding filmmaker, which matches those MarDevil spoilers. I think Ron might really be going there.
  7. I'd say it's a blessing in disguise for Theo because being married to Ciara would truly be a fate worse than death. She's often more unpleasant than her serial killer boyfriend! I don't even know what they're doing with this since Ciara's return is apparently temporary, and unfortunately it doesn't seem like Ben is leaving with her. So if Ciara gets her memory back does she then leave town again to "find herself" or something? Maybe Cin will reunite and then Eric's random friend will pop up to beg Ciara to come back to Africa to help with whatever the situation is over there that can o
  8. Given this show’s rape obsession, MarDevil will probably kidnap Ben, chain him up shirtless and get creepy with him. That way they can have Marlena do something “titillating” but handwave it away after because the devil made her do it.
  9. The MarDevil spoilers have been floating around Twitter. It’s not confirmed and could end up being fake, but it does seem right up Ron’s alley.
  10. The rumors are that Johnny is an aspiring filmmaker (lol1) and comes to Salem to do a doco on Marlena’s demonic possession (lol2), which opens a gateway or whatever and allows her to be possessed again (lol3). This could be the upcoming story that DH was saying her fans might be upset with. It sounds completely stupid so that must mean it’s probably true, and totally on-brand for ReRon. I can just imagine Ben, the serial killer, standing around sweaty and shirtless as he holds a bible and a cross and is the only person in town holy enough to perform an exorcism. I cannot believe
  11. It's ridiculous that pretty much everyone in Salem is just so gaga over the stupid love story between a serial killer and Bo and Hope's daughter. I half expect Ron to have Sami and Lucas show up and declare what a tragedy it is that poor, sweet Ben is separated from his wifey. Seriously, why have Lumi not teamed up to murder this block of wood yet? And why are people like Allie and Claire, who have also known Theo since childhood, participating in this kidnapping/bride switch thing which is going to be pretty damn humiliating for him. Theo may be an idiot for wanting to marry Ciarra, b
  12. Lucas isn’t jobless, he has made numerous references to his job since he came back to Salem. He just went on a business trip a few months ago before Sami came back to town, and was always going upstairs to do work or have a business call. He’s just like every other person in Salem (apart from the cops and doctors) and only goes to work about one day a month lol. We have barely seen Jake and Chad at DiMera, and Brady, Nicole and Chloe have had like two meetings in the past few months at Basic Black lol. Gabi and Philip are probably the only business type people who have been shown doing a
  13. It says that Lucas badmouths Gabi, so I guess it might be something to do with the Jake situation. Although if she kicks him out I will laugh since she let Kate and Jake live there while they were hooking up and she was still in love with him, not to mention she lets Abby and Chad live there despite all their bad blood. Lucas talking shit about her seems way less of a “betrayal” than any of that stuff. If Lucas does get kicked out I guess he could take up Xander’s now-vacant room at the Salem Inn, or else move in to the K mansion with Phillip. It would be funny if Jen got pissed at Jack l
  14. Gabi owns the D-Mansion so Lucas only has to leave if she tells him to. EJ can’t even live there unless Gabi okays it. But since Days has no money and all the cast lives communally in about 3 or 4 places, and it seems a Lumi/EJami triangle is likely, I wouldn’t be shocked if Lucas, Sami and EJ all live there for a while. Lucas can stare jealously at Sami and EJ, and Sami can stare jealously at Lucas if he brings a rando home, and EJ can stare jealously at Lumi’s obvious affair energy. Lucas and Sami will probably kiss or have sex again after having one of their fights and then there will
  15. Days is also weird about not giving people kids when they probably should. Like, when Shelle were off the show for a few years when Claire was young, they should have made them have a son offscreen. Also when Carrie and Austin left together in 2006(?), they should have had 1 or 2 kids offscreen. Instead they were still childless when they came back in 2011(?), and only finally had a kid a year or so later when they were leaving again. And even then wasn’t there a question that Rafe could have been the father or something?
  16. It’s ridiculous that Kristin has now kidnapped 4 people (including Lucas and Sami next week), and used her magic masks to impersonate 2 of them and meddle in their lives, yet she won’t go after Chloe, her actual enemy. Like, WTF? If she wanted Chloe away from Brady I don’t get why she decided blackmailing Sami was a better plan than just doing to Chloe what she did to Sarah.
  17. It seems that people are speculating that Sami will dust off her old Stan costume to pretend to be Lucas’ doctor to keep the brain tumor scam going lol. It does fit with the picture the Stan actor posted a while back on set dressed as a doctor.
  18. For some reason I had it in my head that Abby had cheated on her boyfriends a few years back (that Cameron guy and someone else, maybe Chad?). But I could be just misremembering things and sort of mixing stuff up with the Austin drugging and EJ affair. TBH I don’t pay that much attention to Abby so I could have things wrong heh. EJ also cheated on Nicole when he and Sami had “grief sex” in one of the most hideously horrible non- rape sex scenes I’ve ever seen lol. Yeah I agree that Chabby won’t break up, or not for long, so if they revisited EJ/Abby it wouldn’t be a long term thing.
  19. I’m not sure what is going on with the Abby actress and whether she will go on maternity leave or they will bring in the other actress etc. But if Gwen is going to be pregnant with Chad’s kid (or just lie and say she is) then I wonder if they will revisit EJ and Abby when he returns lol? The two habitual cheaters have been cheated on, so maybe they will cheat with each other again lol?
  20. Ahh the Lumi flashbacks!!! I hope we actually get some cool old school flashbacks in the ep next week. We have to suffer through stupid flashbacks from the day before all the time, so can we at least flashbacks from when the show wasn’t totally awful??? Since we know AS is only on contract for a year (and will then presumably return to doing visits a few times a year), I don’t know what to think about how this triangle will end up. If she ends up with either guy they will probably get taken off contract and leave Salem with her. That can work for Lucas if they return him to how he was for
  21. So it seems like there are pictures going around showing Sami and Lucas having bit of a smooch in the next few weeks. Probably Kristen walks in on them and this is what she uses to blackmail Lumi. Given we know EJ is returning, and Re-Ron has a fondness for cribbing old storylines, I wonder if we will see either Sydney or Johnny pop up? I could totally see Ron wanting to copy the "Sami sees Marlena and John having sex on the Titan boardroom table" thing, and having one of the kids witness Sami and Lucas hooking up. I know they tried to do that with Will years ago, but a) this is Re-Ron
  22. Yeah I definitely think Charlie has a good shot of being the whodunnit murder. If Laura is murdered then Gwen is pretty much the only suspect. Whereas if Charlie gets killed then you have Allie, Lucas, Sami, Kate, Tripp, Nicole, Steve, John and Ava at a minimum as viable suspects. It has been said that Lucas, Sami and Allie have some kind of big story starting in March when Sami returns. Either a custody trial with Charlie or one of the three being arrested for Charlie’s murder seem the most likely to me. I can see them having Allie be arrested and put on trial for murder and Lumi dealing
  23. Speaking of Madame D, given her talk with Eloise are we supposed to think that she somehow knows that Pen is Lady W and was keeping the secret? Or did she just think Eloise was bonkers but played along without understanding what was going on since she was romancing the 2nd B brother?
  24. Everyone still talks about EJ like he's a zombie vegetable, so they don't even need to recast with an actor. Just wrap a blow up doll in bandages, throw on some sunglasses and they can Weekend at Bernies him for a bit. Then, Abby can sex the blow up doll to death as revenge on Chad for cheating with Gwen, and the problem is solved lol.
  25. You know what is really annoying and adds to the grossness of the Allie rape thing - when she was sure it was Tripp based on some hazy drunk memories and deductive reasoning, and had a DNA test saying he was the father, it wasn’t enough proof for an arrest and it wasn’t enough for Steve and Joey etc to believe Allie. So now Allie thinks maybe she remembers Charlie (but frankly I’m not sure how her memory of him could be considered any more reliable than her memory of Tripp) and has the same DNA results and now Charlie is being arrested and Steve is sure Charlie is the culprit. Now I know
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