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  1. laddibugg

    Season 5 Discussion

    A Catholic priest will tell you that you need to talk about sex with your future wife!
  2. laddibugg

    S14.E03: Go Big or Go Home

    I knew a brother and sister in high school that was like DeLuca and his sister. The girl had a heavy British accent rand and the boy spoke English with zero accent. At first I had no idea they were related.
  3. laddibugg

    Season 1 Discussion

    I think there are day to day sex workers and then there are women who are in it for the long con. If you think Abby is a sex worker then she is probably the latter. That's no different than having a lot of partners...just now there's money involved.
  4. laddibugg

    S05.E14: Lycanthropia

    Ok my first thought is the son should never have relied on being home in time... Work from home on full moon nights.. Set up some sort of barrier that locks automatically from the outside.. I mean if you're buying $500 anniversary gifts you should be able to afford that. But then we wouldn't have an episode. Did anyone catch how baby Kelly looked at Renard? Babies have the most hilarious unintentional side eye faces.
  5. laddibugg

    S05.E12: Into the Schwarzwald

    Adalind and Nick are a perfect example of why it's important to 'wrap it up'. But I did like the episode, though, like others, I wondered how they got the box out of the country.
  6. laddibugg

    Season 3 Discussion

    Yes! He was stroking her arm in a really weird way.
  7. laddibugg

    Small Talk: 90 Words Per Minute

    I'm pregnant now for the first time at 36 and lord I wish I did this ten years ago!
  8. laddibugg

    Season 3 Discussion

    For me the age gap between Mark and Nikki makes him seem creepier.. Of course he could try to pull the same crap with a woman his age but IDK, something about a man doing it to a woman 40 years his junior just looks terrible. Plus, remember he said he didn't want a woman over 35? And his reasons why? Ugh. I know a few couples with an age gap, and they seem to have healthy, equal relationships. Mark just seems to use his age to treat her like a child, as evidenced by his comments.
  9. laddibugg

    Season 3 Discussion

    After 20 years it's time to change that mattress anyway!
  10. laddibugg

    Season 3 Discussion

    Oh Nicki.... What a beautiful caged bird. Mark kept going on about her leaving him but what about the opposite situation? And owning NO property together? That's just weird. I knew someone was knocked up... My boyfriend thought it was Noon and Kyle but I called it not being them for the exact reason they said. They look great. Melanie and devar... I guess they'll be OK though I said I wondered if he had an onion in that handkerchief. Josh and Alex... I'm happy for them and they look super happy together. Loren and Alexi... Her dress was gorgeous... I think they might be OK because although he's quiet he's definitely not a pushover anymore. Fernando and Carolina had a lovely affair. Glad to see his mom is warming up to her.
  11. laddibugg

    Season 3 Discussion

    I'm going over that bridge tonight lolNah I think Fernando's mom looks and sounds like Everybody loves Raymond's mom, Spanish edition. Just mean. I swear I was convinced she was going to claim she didn't understand Carolina's Spanish 'because she's firm Colombia' or some crap.
  12. laddibugg

    S05.E06: Get Out Of Jail, Free

    I see how some could find him attractive but I will never not see him as that snake like Carl in Ghost.
  13. laddibugg

    S05.E06: Get Out Of Jail, Free

    She thought they were going to stick to the the questions on the list. She wanted to take Fitz down... Therefore she couldn't stay quiet. She didn't expect them to sandbag her.
  14. laddibugg

    S03.E04: Devils You Know

    I knew SOMETHING was different. That's probably it!
  15. laddibugg

    S12.E02: Walking Tall

    She also looks a lot older than she did last season. I don't know if it's makeup or lighting or the weight loss...the saying is that you have to choose your face or you a$$ lol