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  1. What drives me crazy is wondering why the US version has a different style of opening and way different music from every place else in the world. It actually tales me out of the show for a bit.
  2. I had a knee replacement in September. Life. Changing. I'm Canadian so there is that but in knee groups I've seen quotes of $10,000 to over $100,000. That is going to take some creative accounting.
  3. This just hit Netflix Canada yesterday. It was interesting to me especially being Canadian. I had no idea there was something this big here. My grandmother lived in Guelph so it was fun to see the area again (though an old lady didn't spend time in the young, hip, Uni kids parts of town.) A few thoughts -How do they pay for this? Is it like high performance dance or hockey? I know there is probably a ton of sponsorship since they are world champions but day to day stuff. "Knoxy"'s mom did say they were paying her rent as a parent would for their college student (even an idiot one wh
  4. Jessica: Scott Pocket! (sounds like commercial jingle for Hot Pockets)
  5. The Impossible Murder (s6, e3) was caught on my TiVo. I screamed when I saw Jason Hughes. I just finished wished a binge of Midsomer Murders so seeing Jones on the other side not being a police officer is craziness.
  6. How long has Asaf been in the US (assuming he wasn't born there) to have never had pizza?
  7. I had a total knee replacement in September and was very interested in Grace's super gross knee. Great make up job on it, I'd faint too. I'm 30 years younger than Grace and she bounced back quicker than I did. (It change my life and I'm quite happy)
  8. Nick helps Grace while she's recovering from surgery. Jacob gets upset with Frankie because she wants to spend all their couple time with the baby.
  9. I fought using a store scooter but they are so nice. Especially the ones at Costco, Target's suck. (Just fyi) Wish they all had preachers though. I liked the hardware store guy trying to save face after insulting Grace
  10. This is my first time watching this show. I'm only in because I know the twins in real life. Very sweet guys actually and very twinny too. The dressing alike and synco-talking is real. They were on Twinning on Vh1 a couple years ago.
  11. Andrew and Edward both went and then Anne's two children Peter and Zara (after it admitted girls.)
  12. There was some time line fiddling here. Perfumo blew up in March/April 1963 and the show had Elizabeth and Margaret both pregnant. Edward was born in March 1964 and Sarah in May. (also seen in the Kennedy episode where Elizabeth would have been 4-5 months pregnant with her 4th baby, not Claire Foy flat tummy) Just looked through my books to find a picture like the end one. No big group shots. Mostly Elizabeth with baby Edward and mini-Andrew.
  13. My friend did a blog post just last month about the plane crash. Netty is a Dutch royal journalist. https://www.nettyroyalblog.nl/deaths-funerals/80-years-ago-how-a-tragic-plane-crash-changed-history/
  14. I think I was an age thing. Louise and James are so much younger than the rest of the grandchildren and really can't be expected to be in the same league. I have a bet that all those children will be in the May wedding. There was a wonderful picture a few years ago of James happily holding Peters hand. Peter is the most handsome grandson IMO.
  15. Oh she has been faithful but some people need innuendo.
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