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  1. Honestly, thats probably the first time I’ve seen genuine emotion on the kids faces. They actually look like they are having this thing called ‘fun’. I mean fairs aren’t my jam, but it’s a normal teenage thing to do. Except the whole ‘saving people’ BS
  2. I still can't get over how much Justin looks more like Claire than he does his actual siblings.
  3. Maybe its just this picture, but Justin and Claire have very similar nose, smile, and jawline.
  4. Nurie looks gorgeous in the last photo. No forced smile, she seems at peace.
  5. Carlin just announced on Instagram that she and Evan “came down” with Covid. first off, it’s not the flu. You didn’t “come down” with covid. You traveled all over and went to high risk places and you exposed yourself and your baby. Jesus H Christ
  6. ms.o


    During its run, I feel Naya was painted as difficult. From the spats with Lea, suddenly being off show for a bit, etc - it seemed media and more likely RIB were controlling the narrative to make her out to be the biggest bitch. So many cast members have written the most loving and heartfelt tributes to her. Multiple tributes on social media and now Variety. No one is perfect, but she seemed to be so beloved by many.
  7. ms.o


    Some of the cast members took to Twitter today to basically ask that fans let the family grieve and stop demanding reactions from cast (me paraphrasing). Apparently Lea Michele is being attacked on twitter; people wishing her harm and blaming her. ive seem some crazy ass fandom but wow
  8. ms.o


    I have a four year old and even thinking of her being alone like that makes me cry. That poor, poor baby. Two of my favorite Glee performances involved Naya - Valerie and River Deep, Mountain High. So so good
  9. If I’m honest, I hide in bathroom sometimes! Just a minute or two because my kids leave me alone when I’m in there. Only for a few minutes, but during this self-quarantine it’s a lovely few minutes. However, I don’t have a chair across from toilet! And I’m not a narcissist like Jill! catching up On this thread has reminded me of one of my favorite TWoP phrases of all times: “God is in the tub”.
  10. When I got pregnant after miscarriage, I was 33 and reacted same way Joy did (without camera). We were absolutely trying, but still shocked when it happened because then it was real and worry set it. She truly seemed excited yet scared and teary. Honestly that’s the most genuine emotion I’ve seen from her. Her eyes tell the story in that video. I’m not a Dugger defender at all; I just saw something in Joy that seemed REAL. Well, real for this group anyway.
  11. I think the Duggar victims were forced into forgiving josh and told that this wasn’t that uncommon in families. Plus all the NIKE bullshit, lawn mowing bikinis and general modesty bs, Jill probably truly truly thought she brought some of the abuse on to herself. (She did not) Then everything became public. She’s on social media, she has dericks family, etc. there HAD to be people reaching out to her to be reassuring and tell her jt wasn’t her fault - duh - but to her? That had to be mind blowing because it went against everything she had been raised to believe. Maybe she got into ther
  12. Who the hell is this? Because it is not Khloe
  13. I think Derick told Jill to stay out of his office. No kissy photos or actually no couple photos at all! I think the photo on his desk is of his dad or his brother (I could be wrong). More importantly - ZERO handmade notebook paper signs. I truly think he told her stay away!
  14. The name makes me want to sing.... “Too rah loo rah, too rah loo rah aaaaa.....Khloe Eileen Oh, I swear (what he means). At this moment, you mean everything” I need a life!
  15. Khloe did a video for Vogue about how she gets ready. She’s makeup free in beginning and hooooly shit I thought it was Kris. Her nose job is very noticeable
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