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  1. The Cake is a Pie

    S02.E08: Trip to Stabby Town

    All the focus on the blade makes me wonder when Azrael is going to notice that it's missing and when she's going to come get it.
  2. The Cake is a Pie

    Match Game

    I was disappointed no one answered "chum" for the shark question. I'll see myself out...
  3. The Cake is a Pie

    iHave iQuestions: How Do Things Work in This Universe?

    So Ravi has determined that zombiism can be sexually transmitted even through condoms, but we know Suzuki and at least one of Major's zombie targets were married, to presumably human women. So...is infection hit or miss? Did they just happen to abstain for however long they were zombies? Are the wives zombies, too?
  4. The Cake is a Pie

    S02.E11: Fifty Shades Of Grey Matter

    Bozzio's smooth "fake high five, steal your coffee" move hasn't gotten any love here. I almost had to pause the video to finish laughing. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. So the GPS tracker was in the tag or collar, so it was really unnecessary for Major to ditch Minor after all? He really should have just thawed out Minor's owner, let him go, and given his dog back. It's not like he could have gone to the cops saying that he had been kidnapped and frozen for months. Having him show up alive again probably would have thrown off the investigation, too.
  5. The Cake is a Pie

    S02.E07: Abra Cadaver

    The Meers "disguise" looked eerily like the same wig and facial hair they used on Tim Foyle from Veronica Mars. Has Blaine ever been to Ravi and Major's house? I don't think he's ever seen the dog there, so he wouldn't have made any connection between Minor and the dog in the photo.
  6. The Cake is a Pie

    S14.E14: Finale, Part 2

    Remember way back when during one of the early team challenges when Ashley was picked last and wouldn't stop crying about it, and everybody accused the Mean Girls for throwing Ashley under the bus and we all thought they were being catty because they felt threatened by her? I TAKE IT ALL BACK AND I APOLOGIZE. Too bad they were not successful in getting her aufed. I think Ashley's smugness in her interviews bugged me more than anything Candace has ever said prior, knowing that she didn't win because of her (snort) gift, but the producer fix. Speaking of Candace, most of her collection was boring and derivative, but that one lace coat she made was FAR better by itself than any lace piece Ashley sent down that runway.
  7. The Cake is a Pie

    S14.E14: Finale, Part 2

    I just deleted this show off my DVR.
  8. The Cake is a Pie

    S14.E11: The Runway's In 3D!

    I love Kelly. She doesn't design clothes I want to wear personally, but I'm always excited to see what she makes. Her dress was the only thing even close to avant garde on that runway. I think the fact that she did go literal with the bridge concept is what sold it. Edmond's and Candice's dresses were beautiful....but not even close to avant garde. Ashley: rejected Evel Knievel costume. And for all the ripping into Laurie for her exposed teets, Ashley's top exposed enough nip for it to need censoring on tv and none of the judges mentioned it? It was a strange week for Merline to to subdued. Didn't she know the second she declared that this was "her" challenge that she would immediately jinx herself?
  9. The Cake is a Pie

    S14.E09: Make It Sell

    I will out myself as the lone weirdo who loves a peplum. I have a long torso with a wide waist and narrow hips, so anything that delineates a waist and gives me some curve to the hips is my friend. On the flip side, the wrap dress, what everyone declares to be universally flattering on everybody, always looks like a bathrobe on me.
  10. The Cake is a Pie

    S14.E09: Make It Sell

    JustFab must have decided that Edmond's dress wasn't hookerish enough, because they added butt ruching. Ruching! On the butt! Just...WHY???
  11. The Cake is a Pie

    S14.E09: Make It Sell

    God help me, I loved Kelly's. Would I wear it or buy it? Fuck no. But it had a very distinct look, cohesive design, and was off the wall in a good way. I could totally see a young 20-something wearing the leggings or the crop top, though I dunno about the muppet vest. Everyone else's? Big fat MEHs all around. Bye, Laurie. One week too late.
  12. The Cake is a Pie

    S09.E10: Freak Show

    I didn't see anything the judges saw in the peacock guy. The skin looked rough and the coloring was flat. I would have given the clear win to Nora. Lobster boy wasn't that great either, but it was the best of a pretty craptastic set of entries. At least her surfaces looked smooth and polished. Did I miss something last week and was Evan not granted immunity for his win? No one ever gets eliminated for a foundation challenge, so wouldn't his immunity carry over to the spotlight challenge? Which means Scott and Evan both should have had immunity? I would have been fine with either Evan or Meg getting eliminated, though. They were both on borrowed time.
  13. The Cake is a Pie

    S14.E08: Broadway Or Bust

    Really, Heidi? Coocoo Rawsha? Nina's WTF?!?!?! look when Heidi said she liked the idea that Laurie was going for was everything. If she had been drinking something, it would have been a spit-take. When Laurie said she was making hotpants, my face went )^: then she also said tube top and I was like D^8. Honey, no. Just... no. She totally deserved to go this week over Lindsay, but really, Lindsay was on borrowed time anyway. I think Nina has hated every single thing she's done, she was just lucky every other week that someone did something worse. She broke one of the cardinal rules: don't bore Nina.
  14. The Cake is a Pie

    Heidi Klum: Try Not to Hate Her for Being Beautiful

    That dress alone should disqualify her from judging anything to do with fashion.
  15. The Cake is a Pie

    S14.E06: Lace To The Finish

    Unpopular opinion time: my preferred nomenclature for women's undergarments is panties. PANTIES! When I think "underpants", I think of large briefs, boxers, long johns, or pantaloons. Panties is the diminutive, which means smaller. The smaller versions of large underpants are panties. I also prefer "boobs" or "tits", even the occasional "tatas" or "hooters" instead of the more clinical "breasts." I'm just not clenched so tight that I can't appreciate some good ol' nicknames. Also...I hate boyshorts. Unpopular opinion is unpopular.