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  1. I think they’ve changed the hosts’ makeup to reflect HD. Both Andrea and Keith were looking very smooth skinned the other night.
  2. I’m not sure if it was new or a rerun, but did anyone see the one about the murder of Debbie Hawk? I thought Dave Hawk and Keith were going to come to blows. I’ve never seen Keith so confrontational and rightly so. It also surprised me Dave Hawk didn’t stomp out of the interview in a big huff. I was surprised they arrested and convicted him with so little evidence, although I did find a comment online by the jury foreman that said what clenched it for him was the daughter testifying her dad had driven by Debbie’s house and taken pics.
  3. I assume a lot of the times the killing is to keep them from telling. At least I’ve seen a lot of rapist/murderers say that or progress to that after they were caught for one rape.
  4. I was satisfied with the fact that Trent’s killer is in a wheelchair, although I prefer prison. I researched a little, and Trent’s father said the killer is living in Pennsylvania because that state won’t force civil suit payouts. Not sure if I phrased that right. I’d imagine the killer’s dad is dead, but I know there are plenty of inheritance loopholes to keep any money away from Trent’s family. I really liked Trent’s dad. I hope they get some peace.
  5. Thanks for mentioning this. I didn’t know about First Reads. I got The Snow Gypsy and Blood For Blood.
  6. I watch it, but there don’t seem to be very many episodes any more. Maybe I don’t get the right channels.
  7. I know what you mean. I have to Google a lot to get the complete story.
  8. I thought the same thing about the guy wire. I rewatched it. They think the second gunman was waiting in the car. Anyway, the detective has Joey running away from Olga and the door, although he’s not very clear about where Joey was. My impression from his description was Joey was a few feet behind Olga when she put her keys in. I’d like to see a map too! The tree the detective was standing near was huge. Since I can’t remember when this all happened I suppose it’s possible it was freshly planted and supported by guy wires back then. I’m honestly surprised there wasn’t a lawsuit. Joey tripping over the guy wire is what enabled them to finish him off. Prior to that he was managing to run with shots (3 I think) to his body. Not that I see a suit as rational or even fair, but people sue over everything these days.
  9. Probably tracks, blood puddles, and bullet trajectories. When Josh was doing a walk-through with the detective he talked about it. Unless I’ve got it confused (possible!), I’m pretty sure the detective said Olga was shot first as she was unlocking the door. Joey was shot but managed to take off and tripped over a guy wire, which is when they bludgeoned him before finishing him off with more shots. That’s how Joey ended up next to the building. I think I’ve still got it. I’ll rewatch it tomorrow as I’m curious. Edited to say I would normally understand running after being shot, but with this guy and his nutty mommy I had to laugh.
  10. After a couple of failed attempts I finally finished The Devil Wears Prada. The movie was better. And after watching The September Issue where most everyone behind the scenes dressed like they were headed to a yoga class I’m not convinced the book was an accurate reflection of the style industry. In the book everyone dressed fashionably. It was entertaining though.
  11. The Favorite Son....I was laughing that His Highness Joey The Precious took off running like a coward and left his sweetheart to die alone.
  12. Regarding Chris and Ed, I read in a news article that Chris was implicated in the theft Ed was previously involved in. No charges were brought against him. So they knew each other at the very least at that time. Chris knew Ed was a criminal, makes me cast a side-eye at Chris’ going into business with Ed. I think this episode takes the cake for whitewashing the victim. I wonder how much input the families have on what is or is not revealed about the victims. Because this story could’ve been told in half the time and much more honestly without the family.
  13. I don’t think I’ve seen these hosts, but the datelines I watch onMediacom’s Video On Demand require suffering through (no fast forward) smug actors giving me patronizing advice on passwords, cell phones, tolerance, and road rage and assorted other subjects they think they’re all-knowing and wise about.
  14. I know I’m too scatter-brained to get away with murder. Aside from the wrongness, haha. I think a lot women who pursue relationships with convicts are ultimately afraid of intimacy and the responsibilities and vulnerabilities of a real relationship. Romance with a man in prison is very safe emotionally.
  15. I wouldn’t call him the hottest man that ever lived because that’s my husband, but he was mighty easy on the eyes. Ed was cute in his younger days, but yowsa, the criminal life was not kind to his face.
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