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  1. Ziz

    History Talk: The British Monarchy

    Good old fashioned sexism really.
  2. Ziz

    History Talk: The British Monarchy

    Transgender doesn't change primogeniture. A male-born person entitled to inherit retains their entitltement regardless of whether they later transition to being a woman. Likewise, if the oldest child is born female and has younger brothers, she still does not gain inheritance rights by transitioning to male.
  3. This whole thing with Jesse makes no sense. When she arrives at his apartment for the first time and he'd pulled out all the stops, he had TWO bottles of sparkling wine in the chiller. TWO for just two people. That is a lot of wine to expect two people to drink if you're afraid of alcoholics.
  4. I cringed at the non-binary storyline. Like someone else said it was incredibly gender essentialist in my opinion. It was also not fleshed out enough so as not to basically send the message to girls watching that hating your breasts and not wanting to shave mean you aren't fully a girl. What is a 'girl'? What does it mean to feel/not 'feel' like one? I do understand it's nuanced for those people going through it, but glossing over it this way could be damaging in my opinion. It's also very important not to glorify binders. They can be incredibly damaging to the breasts and overall health. It is not a decision to be taken lightly to start wearing one.
  5. Ziz

    S05.E13: Storm-y Weather

    They mentioned that Sister Ingalls was released on compassionate release.
  6. Ziz

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I feel bad for the makers of Mirena. Those three are terrible advertising.
  7. I don't know how much more of this pseudo sign language and magical lip reading I can handle.
  8. Ziz

    S07.E16: Homecoming

    Chelsea is handling the baby issue with Aubree perfectly. She was excited about the sonogram picture and showed it to Aubree. But it wasn't ALL ABOUT THE BABY. Because she then switched to showing Aubree pics of her own sonograms and baby pictures. To me, it showed that Chelsea was sharing her excitement with Aubree, but without making her feel left out or a second priority.
  9. Ziz

    Season 6

    Haven't read the whole thread yet, but just starting to re-watch season 6. How is it possible that Rory is already so averse to work? 300 hours of community service over 6 months is about 11hrs/week. Hardly a 'full time job in itself'.
  10. Ziz


    I didn't have a problem with Rory not knowing Paris would be her roommate. My university didn't send out any roommate information in advance. I knew I'd have one, but that was it.
  11. Ziz

    Season 3

    Rewatching and I realize how terrible a public speaker Rory really is. Why do they keep shoving it down our throat that she's this amazing winner of the C-SPAN/debate/Vice President/Valedictorian? She literally stands and stares at her page, reading completely monotone.
  12. Ziz

    S01.E04: Fall

    Looks like Mitchum was right about Rory all along...she doesn't have "it". Maybe if people hadn't been so obsessed with shooting rainbows up her ass, someone might have said "well, honey, he is an expert. Not saying you have to believe him, but you could take his opinion seriously and consider whether journalism is for you." Instead of "But you're RORY! Mitchum, media mogul knows nothing about who is good at journalism or not."
  13. Ziz

    Teen Mom OG Reunion

    Ugh sorry if it's been said before (just watching the episode and haven't read the thread yet). But ARGH Drew saying "Taylor, you're the head of a big family now". WTF?! The man is assumed to be the 'head' of the family??
  14. Ziz

    S01.E01: Winter

    The opening scene was cute, but just reminded me how bad an actor Alexis Bledel actually is.
  15. Ziz

    S13.E06: Roar

    Who are these people who get married without discussing things like dead fiances and babies?