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  1. Xenith22

    S04.E11: Séance & Sensibility

    Until we see more evidence otherwise I am going with the theory that Hank was working for the military, but he started to feel guilty about what he was doing. He got drunk/high and started reminiscing about Nate's childhood. He found that drawing and recorded that video about something "nicer" they could do with the magical creatures. At most once he was sober he may have thought a theme park about magical creatures would not be a bad idea and started drawing up plans...but not one where you actually endanger the guests by having them exposed to magical creatures. I think video Hank was right about one thing at least. I feel like Heyworld could indeed have united the country at least for a brief moment as I think both Liberals and Conservatives would think that Heyworld was a terrible idea that should never be allowed to happen...
  2. Yeah Lightning as the name was indeed disapointing. It just does not seem like it will play as well as in the comics. In the comics it worked because of the obvious synergy of the names Thunder and Lightning which worked not only with her sister but with JSA teammate Jameem Thunder. However in the comics she really did not team up with her dad much being on her own with the aforementioned JSA. Black Lightning and Lightning working together as names just seems derivative and unimaginatively bad. So I hoped maybe they would go with something new for the show... like maybe Generator. I mean that gives you the obvious word play with the Jen/Gen in her name, and it also describes her powers much better. I mean Gambi literally compared her output to a nuclear generator.
  3. Xenith22

    S04.E14: Stand And Deliver

    Actually the more I think about it, maybe publicly announcing her Kryptonian name as Kara is partly because of Menagerie. Menagerie knows that Supergirl is Kara (she just doesn't know the last name) she learned this in her debut episode when she lost teeth trying to bite, after having heard Alex shout her name. This is why Kara in her civilian form talked about Supergirl stuff in front of Menagerie at the start of this episode as she knew that Menagerie already knows about her. So when she drops Menagerie at the DEO to presumably be held their indefinitely, there is at least a decent chance that Menagerie could mention that Supergirl's name is actually Kara at some point. However if that is already public knowledge and not something Supergirl is apparently hiding then there is maybe less of a chance that they would jump to the conclusion that Menagerie knows about Supergirl's secret identity or that this was important information that could lead to the revelation that Supergirl = Kara Danvers? Yeah, that's probably a stretch and far more thought than these writers put into it....
  4. Xenith22

    S01.E11: Witch Perfect

    To be fair they didn't actually totally lose their powers here like in the original series, this time it simply weakened them or actually to be more precise it was only their P3 spell casting that was weakened not their individual powers as Mel's freeze still held up well enough. (Although her power usage is still an mess on this show thanks to the idiotic decision to have her power supposedly only work when she is calm and she is often clearly not and uses it anyways). Honestly I can actually buy and even appreciate that since their power is rooted in their bond as sisters, that the state of their sisterly bond can strengthen or weaken the effect of their P3 spells. However I have zero faith in these writers to show even a modicum of consistency with this concept and not be a plot contrivance that pops up once in a blue moon or willy-nilly.
  5. Xenith22

    S01.E11: Witch Perfect

    It took him a freaking day to come up with a decent response to Macy being a virgin last episode, when I feel like most decent guys who have actual feelings for a girl would not need more than a minute to tell her they did not care and she did not have to do anything she did not want to. With him also being the guy who already pretty much cheated on her hours after what was supposed to have been their first date...that seems to reflect on which part of him does most of his thinking and would make me hesitant to trust him. While he has finally actually showed actual emoting in the past episodes and did not do or say anything douchy in the his episode he has to do a hell of a lot more for me to think he is not a dick and Macy can not do so much better. Especially since again he was seemingly cool with their decision of letting the random sexist guy at the college remember the secret just for kicks in the premiere. Still waiting for that to come back and bite them or else a reveal that Harry went behind their backs and wiped him... So did I imagine things or once again did we have clearly personal gain magic with no consequences (other than maybe a little bit of mess.) Not sure I buy Mel being able to keep her composure regarding seeing Nico again anywhere near as well as she managed to shrug it off in this episode. I found the whole siren plot to be quite meh. The Maestro was charismatic, (although calling someone clearly doing an Lin-Manuel impression Mr. Miranda was eyeroll inducing) but otherwise the plot sequences were full of dumb. First of all the cinematography was ass. The over reliance on pointless jarring close-ups like during his attack and transformation which pulled me right out, and what was with his appearance standing in the shadows like he was supposed to be a mysterious dark figure and not someone we had just freaking seen in a scene not even 5 minutes ago. Then there was the plot which started slow and boring and by the time it picked up was so full on holes and contrivances. The biggest being it seemed like the singers were not actually under a trance themselves so umm seeing the heads snap back of everyone in the audience would probably cause most people to stop and not keep singing like nothing was going on. Also that is not how counter melodic frequencies work...nothing was cancelled out with an opposite pitch everyone just started singing something else in a completely random different key which by earlier rules probably should have killed everyone. Mr. Miranda went demon mode on that singer before sucking her soul and then dragged her body out of the dressing room, and yet that is where she wakes up with conveniently no memory. Macy just decides to watch the demon escape to potentially get away to kill more people so she can stay with Galvin whom she could do nothing for. Heck she easily could have just roped his other appendages with her TK to prevent his escape and not even had to move... Oh and I almost forgot about the extremely forced/contrived way in which Maggie came to touch Mr. Miranda's pipe organ....she just morphed into a toddler in that scene.
  6. Xenith22

    S01.E09 Jingle Hell

    Better question...why does he just have a cast on his left leg when he was absolutely crushed by a speeding vehicle on his right side with his right leg clearly taking the full force of the impact? Seriously though he was freaking crushed by that car, to be walking around without the slightest bruise or scar or other broken bones besides the wrong leg.... Miracle does not seem to cover it unless that protection tattoo actually saved him? Even his demon side has done jack squat as far as actual evil. He didn't even kill any of those useless key guardians... He is being treated as 100% woobie even as a demon... Anyways In positive Parker news...he actually did show a few other emotions besides bored emo, especially when he was defending Maggie's family holiday decorations he actually sounded dare I say excited for the briefest of moments. That is serious progress! Now if only Galvin could find a range besides dull wet blanket, even his exclamation at seeing the vanquish scene was reminiscent of someone surprised at finding a penny in the seat. I feel like Macy might as well be dating Eeyore. --------- The amount of stupid in that portal vanquish scene was just staggering... Harry...decides to just freaking stand near the portal instead of making any attempt to move away well before it started to grab him. In fact the genius actually takes a step closer and lean towards it just so he can point to it and tell the sisters that it is portal to Tartarus. First of all was it really important for them to know at that moment? Second of all do you think the sisters might have been smart enough to maybe figure that out for themselves? Shut up Harry you dolt. Then he completely forgets about trying to orb, or to TK something into the head of the demon grabbing him to try to make him let go for a second. Do not even get me started on the chair that stupid lightweight living room chair which probably weighs less than a person which Harry grabs on to in order to try to prevent himself from getting pulled in. *shakes head* Now it's time for a pop quiz: You're a Charmed One and a spell you are casting has put your close friend/whitelighter in danger of accidentally sucked into hell where he will likely be tortured by the worst of the worst demons/witches that have been sealed away there for who knows how long (possibly forever). What do you do? A.) Stop the spell. Sure the demon may get away today, but not sending an innocent person to hell is more important. B.) Briefly pause chanting the spell and try to freeze the demon. Sure having seen the demon before you may know you can't totally freeze him, but you do know you can probably slow him down enough for your friend to get away then resume the spell. (He needed his arms to reflect her freeze...which would have meant letting go of Harry. Although the reflecting the freeze made no sense to begin with...they freaking treated her power like it was TK or an semi-invisible forcefield in this episode. What the freaking heck was that crap show?) C.) Try to use TK to hit or stab the demon with something to at least try to make him let go of your friend. D.) Keep on chanting and hope for the best. If you chose D, then congratulations you are a worthy to be a Charmed One. You know it's always more important to vanquish a demon even if may mean killing/damning an innocent or friend to the pits of hell. (Wait....wasn't there a plot about a Harbinger of Doom who might have meant the death of a whole city but....no forget it that must have been a hallucination.) To be fair to the Charmed Ones this was the same demon that they decided to completely erase Nico's life for (without her consent) after having barely tried to vanquish him once before with a simple human poison (ie not the power of three and apparently they did no further research on him since then either). Somehow they just know he's a massive unstoppable threat that had to be stopped at any costs and they will never ever possible get another chance to do it.
  7. Xenith22

    S01.E06 Kappa Spirit

    That is debatable. If her power is molecular immobilization/deceleration like Piper's power then she could conceivably reduce the momentum from Lucy's fall allowing her to be safely caught or hit the ground without dying (although it took Piper until like season 3 to be able to use her power like that), however if her power is actually temporal based this time then freezing would not affect her momentum at all, so even if she was frozen six inches from the ground or above someones arms she would still hit with the full force of having jumped off the roof. This. Said this in the previous episode thread, but I am also going to be disappointed if Mel does not have another girlfriend or ex-girlfriend in this altered timeline which she is unaware of since she was not dating Nico... She was push and pull with him, and was clearly unsure of her feelings for him at the party when she bailed on him. However when she came back after the party, that is when they kissed making it known she was indeed interested in him like that. Two days later Galvin talks with her and says since she has been so busy since Halloween they have not had a chance to talk, so he asks her out to a Homecoming tailgate event that night. Her response "I would love to, I really would. It's just I have a thing, with my sisters" He immediately gives her a very passive aggressive sounding "I understand" accompanied by a grumpy face where he looks to the side while like chewing his cheek. Then looks at her and says "maybe another time" to which she nods as he instantly stalks away. Next episode we found out that he hooked up with Summer at the tailgate party that night. Seriously after only two days of being busy post kiss, since Macy did not immediately cancel her plans with her sisters when he gave her zero notice about going to the party, he dropped her like a hot potato and slept with another woman that night. Yeah, he is a real great guy and not a giant horny douche. When she took that small mysterious rectangular box (which we do not see the lid of) out of the wall my mind immediately went Hollow...which dear god no! Of all the interesting re-usable elements from the original series...that is not one I ever want to see again. So I was super relieved when there was just a key inside as cliche as a mystery key plot usually is...
  8. Xenith22

    S01.E05 Other Women

    Seriously....it was still just one demon at this point which they did not bother to consult the book of shadows about, or try that explosive spell from a couple weeks ago, or you know the freaking Power of Three. Piper could only somewhat freeze him and a needle full of poison not designed for killing a demon unsurprisingly did not kill the demon and that was enough that they went full on instant nuclear with the freaking temporal alteration spell. I mean not only was it a total dick move to alter Niko's life without giving her any actual say in the matter, (Yeah yeah can't tell her anything...and yet neither the Elders or Harry gave a crap about that random douche at the college getting to remember about magic and the sisters in the premiere) but she's a freaking cop that has been living in the city for how many years now? Has she accomplished nothing in that time? Maybe the spell can not bring back the dead....because reasons, but can it make other people die? I mean has Niko never actually saved anyone's life before, or maybe put away some killers who might have hurt other people, has she not had a positive impact in helping anyone improve their life in town? Seriously...the potential unknown ramifications of this kind of thing no....just no to using it willy nilly like this and Harry and the Elders being cool with it. I mean lets even just look at the first couple episodes. Niko accidentally took the thermos with the truth potion in it, if she doesn't and Harry actually drinks it thus cooperating with Macy's questions is she as quick to trust the Ouija board demon over him. Also Mel found out about the dead nun and students from Niko at the Halloween party when she got a call...that's how she figured out the virgin connection with the Harbinger. If she isn't friends with a cop then she seemingly wouldn't have found out about it until possibly later so how does that encounter go down now if they don't know the Harbinger is actively killing, and don't know to use Macy's virgin blood as bait to lure it away from killing others at the party? Can we also include that fact that the same dam shapeshifting demon is still something they are going to have to figure out a way to kill anyways. Plus now as freaking quick and easy as this spell apparently is, it's now going be a floating deus-ex machina for why the sisters don't use it everytime things actually threaten to turn to total crap. For that matter we've also already established that Harry has memory erasing powers, so if the issue was that Niko was going to not stop investigating the mother's death and putting herself in danger why not just erase her memory of what she knew about it not being an accident instead of erasing her whole dam life for the past two years... Also if Niko was never Tripp's partner, and yet he still investigated the mother case then would he not have shared his information with his new timeline partner thus putting him/her in danger instead? Do you get how this whole thing is just a total horrendous poorly thought up sh*t show by both the characters and the writers? IMHO the choice to have Mel freeze Niko for the entirety of their goodbye to me also took away a good bit of what little emotion there might have been in the moment. Again it also seemed like a dick thing to again not let Niko express herself at all in the moment. Which to me just seems like a pretty strong indicator that she will be back and thus they were not giving her a reaction scene to anything magical at this point. (On a related note she took her partner not being dead waaaaay too well.) Oh and did they explain why Harry's memory was not effected this time? He did not actually participate in the spell....so if it was strong enough for upper level demons to be effected, why was he immune to its effects? Actually I would expect Mel to actually have a different job already, just because she missed the one interview she should have continued looking for an applying for jobs and with so much time passing surely she already found something. So if they just pretend she was never employed because of this I am gonna call BS. Likewise I really hope Mel now has a new girlfriend or ex-girlfriend she does not actually know about because if she wasn't dating Niko she was probably seeing someone else at some point...
  9. Xenith22

    S01.E03 Sweet Tooth

    Seriously on top of that how the bloody hell can you have a crap ton of people at a party where nearly everything from decorations to the freaking food/drinks have been conjured and it all just suddenly disappears in the blink of an eye and that not be exposure of magic to those people? Show just hand-waves that happening away as if no big deal and no one noticed/cared. Ugh. I think part of my problem with Maggie's story is that we are repeatedly seeing her put aside her sisters/Charmed duties in favor of her sorority, the show starts off by saying she's missed a bunch of sorority stuff because of her sisters/Charmed stuff but because we haven't seen that and instead she keeps bailing on her sisters for that crap we instead lose the chance to potentially empathize with her in this situation. Had we actually had several episodes of her doing the right thing getting engrossed in plots revolving around helping/saving innocents and suffering the personal life consequences over that stuff maybe her actions would come off as more understandably desperate/sympathetic instead of just selfish/irresponsible.
  10. Xenith22

    Shax Attack: Original vs Reboot Discussion

    In the old show the theory I subscribed to about personal gain was that it was a combination of the Charmed Ones magic amplifying spells to be more powerful than they were intended (since any spell said by a sister was equal to spell cast by three powerful witches instead of just one), and the paranoid Elders sometimes dicking with them in the name of trying to prevent them from going bad/becoming warlocks. A simple explanation for why other witches in the show (including Patty and especially Grams) had no problem using their spells/powers for whatever and why the Charmed Ones ancestors would write forbidden "personal gain" spells like the Lost and Found spell, etc in the Book of Shadows that did not work correctly and had major negative consequences and no warning because for them it was just about sticking to the Wiccan Rede. As far as Prue vs Phoebe the fact is that 1) Phoebe's abusing her premonitions had significantly more consequences with potentially altering her destiny or the destiny of others 2) The nature of Phoebe's premonition powers gave them the greater opportunity to step in and reverse it. I mean Prue using her powers to closes a door, compared to Phoebe learning the lottery numbers is a big difference. Even some of Prue's more negative behavior like messing with people it was done without warning and no real way for the Elders to easily reverse it. They could have had Leo scold her more I guess but they (or else Leo) were obviously smart enough to realize that would not go over well...and they did eventually give her the Morality Bites lesson about the consequence of that kind of power abuse. With the Charmed Ones destiny being about vanquishing the Source they weren't about to do anything as drastic as taking her powers or anything either at this point which could jeopardize that goal and increase the odds or her getting killed. However that idea does not at all fit with what we saw here as sudden magical cramps had nothing to do with being a natural escalated backfire of a "glamour" spell itself (compared to original Charmed consequence of the glamour becoming real/hard to undo) and I do not even think the original series Elders would have been that big of dicks to choose the exact moment that the Charmed Ones were about to vanquish a demon that plays a role in the frigging apocalypse to inflict a personal gain consequence thereby nearly getting the COs almost killed. So it seems like this time either personal gain consequences should be universally real or some of the Elders are actually working for team Source and actually want the COs to die/fail... On a different note....I really miss the spells. Latin may seem more magically authentic (though actual Wicca covens rarely use it instead of their local language), but it's completely boring to not know what they are saying. It's been quite awhile since I last watched original Charmed but I could still recite at least half a dozen or more of the catchy spells from it, or at least identify which episode an spell was used in... As long as the reboot continues to use an untranslated dead language that's not going to be the case this time and its yet another thing that hurts my ability to connect with the show.
  11. Xenith22


    I don't think that change really happened until volume 2...which is likely after season 1 of this series ends. So I don't think we are completely safe from a potential triangle for the time being because TV writers are always obsessed with the artificial drama they create even despite that foreshadowing scene. She definitely is....in addition to dressing younger there were several direct dialogue references indicating she is younger than the rest of the group. For example during the scene where they were sitting around and the idea of Twister is brought up and they say they are too old for it...Molly's response is essentially that even she is too old for that. (Which is another anti-Molly thing to say...back in the original comic Molly loved Twister. The exact same fake playing Twister scene happens in the comics, but after the parents leave Molly complains when everyone stops playing.) Thus herself indicating she is the youngest of the group. Then there was the scene where they were about to witness the sacrifice, and someone spoke up about it being something that Molly should not see. Again this would seem to be a strong indication that Molly is at least a couple years younger. Also I'm pretty sure pre-show interviews mentioned she is a Freshman which would typically put her around 13-14, while I believe the others likely are all either Juniors or Seniors in high school. Which given that they are driving unsupervised likely would put them in the 16-18 year old range (plus I believe there were mentions of college not being far off by both Chase and Alex.
  12. Xenith22


    Loved absolutely everything about it...except Molly. As a fan of the original comic book series to me so far they seemed to have completely screwed her character up in nearly every way possible. I have no problem with casting a Hispanic actress (although I disagree with this then meaning the character's last name had to then be changed when you kept every other name in he series the same). I would have been fine with her being any race. Also I do get that for labor laws they had to cast someone older...but Hollywood has been casting young adults to look younger for ages. Surely they could find someone who was not taller and older looking than the actress playing Gertrude? Plus the giant hairstyle does not fit Molly and even makes her trademark hat look even more off (Bad enough that too old looking high school Molly doesn't quite fit wearing adorable oversized hats quite like an 11 year old does). So far I'm not seeing her as that great of an actress either with her school/car scenes being downright painful to watch. By far the weakest of the cast to this point although to be fair she has not had much to work with. Maybe she will get better when things get more serious? But it's not just the actress that is off, Molly's classic personality has also been almost completely missing from the character. Where is the extremely perky/upbeat, brave, smart, witty, temperamental, take no crap character that I fell in love with in the comics? Molly Hernandez so far is laid back, dull, scared, dumb and even a bit mean... So far the only Molly Hayes like thing about Molly Hernandez other than her first name and the hat she wore to the party is that she is strong and gets tired after using her powers. They've even screwed up the special FX for her powers...this is basically Teen Wolf. Even if you do not want to go full energy aura for budgetary reasons or if it looked too jarring....what would have been so wrong with something simple like this truer to her classic look when using her powers? I mean I know mutants are off the table, but Inhumans aren't especially with ABC studios involved in production? Surely they will make that simple switch with her origin (or just say she was born with powers without using the M word) instead of making her a genetic experiment with animal DNA, which is pretty much the only reason I can think of why they would screw up the power effect appearance like that.
  13. Xenith22

    S05.E18: Disbanded

    Curtis/Felicity probably talked to Kara during the crossover and found out taking off your glasses and changing your hairstyle is a far more effective method of protecting your identity than wearing a mask. On a different but related note it almost makes you wonder if writers/directors of "Doomworld" didn't have Felicity wear a mask just to screw with MG? On a different but unrelated note...Chase killing the witsec agents just because one of their phones buzzed? Really? That seemed a little absurd unless he actually has psychic powers which would actually explain a lot about his plot really.
  14. Xenith22

    S02.E10: We Can Be Heroes

    Eh, we have seen in the past they one good jolt from Livewire was able to hurt Kara, for instance when Kara threw herself in front of the helicopter in World's Finest to block Liverwire's attack. Kara fell to the ground in some serious pain unable to move. Had Livewire poured it on it doesn't seem unreasonable that she could potentially finish her. Yeah...speaking of which she fought aliens alongside no less than 6 powerless humans during the crossover (I think it is 8 if you count the two Arrow trainees she went meta-hunting with...although they were not very effective/useful)? So the whole can't be a hero without powers seems like a really stupid argument for her to actually believe after her experience on the other Earth seeing that normal humans can indeed hold their own...
  15. Xenith22

    S02.E07: Invasion!

    Your recap is wrong...THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. This Dominator itself does not mention Barry once. Transcript of the scene: Dominator: What an unusual gift. You appear to be a meta-human as well. Cisco: Yeah, well, I figured you'd cut me some slack, seeing as how we saved you back in 1951. Remember that? Dominator: Much has changed on your planet in the last 60 years. The threat of your kind has become imminent. Cisco: Listen, E.T. We're not a threat. Metas are protecting this planet. Nate: And besides, the guy who tortured your ugly ass back in 1951 was human. Dominator: But what happens when a man like him inherits abilities like yours? We have seen it happen on countless other worlds, which is why we must exterminate your kind before the scourge of your planet becomes the scourge of ours. Which is why it would have been incredibly stupid for Barry to surrender when this alien made it extremely clear that their actual goal is to exterminate all metas as a pre-emptive strike... (On a different note...what a brilliant strategic move by Nate to insult the alien who they think could possibly help them save their planet. That's a great way to make someone want to help you...)