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  1. I was underwhelmed by the political stuff. Not a huge fan of the cold open. I thought that the loser line was an easy cop out. They could have done so much more. I get that Chapelle is controversial but he lost me with the sexism. The smoking was jarring and I did note the length of the monologue which is not necessarily a good thing. WU was still pretty much on fire and I liked both the hailstorm and Ford. Bronco skits. My end thoughts: I am not Chapelle’s target audience Still hate Carrey as Biden They should be using the actual cast more instead of relying on guest stars The political content was as expected and not at all creative or inspired Ego was MVP by a mile Why was everyone in black at the goodnights? They looked like they were all in mourning. Foo Fighters we’re awesome.
  2. I thought it was a great show. Not one real loser among the skits. I almost wish they had stopped with diner lobster because it almost feels like they are forced to do a musical sketch each time he hosts and it seems like they are reaching but they all still commit. I thought that the cold open was miles better than the debate ones. Biden works better as a straight man. My opinion is that this episode will look better in hindsight when we are all less stressed about the election.
  3. Well that was better than last week. I’ll be honest, I was wondering why Adele was hosting and not singing but she did OK and I find her extremely likeable. Meanwhile, it was sort of the Maya Rudolph show. It was almost like she was the host since she was in so much of the show. She was pretty awesome. They obviously were desperate to give Melissa a showcase but WU continues to kill it overall. I see I wasn’t the only one to rewatch the Village People. On rereading this I see I didn’t give Adele enough credit. I love that she committed to everything and was willing to make fun of herself. We all know she can sing but I totally loved her tonight. Can’t wait for next week and Mulaney. I am also betting on a David S. Pumpkins cameo.
  4. Just going to post my thoughts before seeing what others thought. Personally, I thought this was one of the worst episodes I’ve ever seen. I kept falling asleep because it was so boring. The host seemed nice but the writing was awful. Even the Trump kids couldn’t save it. There were only a few thing I found mildly amusing: 1) The e-bay skit 2) Calling out weird nodding woman in the background of Trump’s town hall (I had thought that I was the only one who was weirdly obsessed with her) 3) Bieber’s hat in the second song, especially when he was in front of the mirror (or was I the only one who found it bizarrely phallic?). Anyway, overall a total waste of time. I really hope it gets better.
  5. I heard Seahorse and I instantly thought Jessica Simpson. Which means it is absolutely not her because I am a terrible guesser although I also thought of Fater for baby alien.
  6. I didn’t know Burr and I won’t be seeking him out. Comedians have to push the limits and there will always be some who are horribly offensive at times but win me back with genius comedy (RIP George Carlin). This guy wasn’t funny to me, just offensive. I liked the fly idea but Carrey is not good as Biden. Can we please get Harrelson or Sudeikis back?
  7. Thank goodness they ditched the WU laugh track. Overall, a pretty good show. Highlights for me were the supermarket and PornHub commercials and Big Papi. I do love Kate’s cat. Poor guy, I hope he got some treats at least for his trouble. I did keep wondering where Kyle lives. Everyone else seemed to be in a typical New York apartment or house but his looked more like California with big windows and lots of green space. I do think that this format showcases some of the newer cast members’ talents, especially Melissa and Chloe.
  8. I actually enjoyed the big wedding more than I thought I would. It did drive my OCD mind crazy that the states weren’t in true alphabetical order. I liked the state costumes but thought New Mexico was dressed as an insect until I saw the after show and got it. I thought Delaware was gorgeous and took the cancellation well. Finally, I was wondering if they would have any LGBT brides and was glad to see at least two of them (Oklahoma and Maryland). Since I hate seeing the same dresses over and over it was nice to see 52 different dresses and I was glad that every bride got at least a moment of time.
  9. Confession here, while I was never a Hugh David Byrne fan ( more into Madonna and Whitney at that time) his music was always a background to my college years. Loved seeing him tonight and thought he brought it big time but I was wondering why they booked a musical guest with songs from 30+ years ago. Don’t get me wrong, it spoke directly to my fifty-something year old self but I do wonder what the younger generations think. I wasn’t sure why he was on but if he’s in Mulaney’s show it makes sense. Another unpopular opinion is that the LaGuardia sketch was enjoyable but it will never approach the brilliance of lobster Les Miz which had a defined storyline with a beginning, middle and end. This was more a series of funny observations strung together. I thought the Admiral sketch was somewhat homophobic and offensive. The Sound of Music skit was a winner and Mulaney’s monologues are killer but I didn’t find anything memorable. The only other sketch I even remember was Kyle’s taped one. Loves Alex as the random rat although until about half way through the sketch I kept wondering why there was a random bear in the sketch. Then I saw the tail and I got it.
  10. I am absurdly loving SYTTD “England” (presumably called that to differentiate from the U.K. version and because Americans would be confused by SYTTD Lancaster). Anyway, insecure Chinese bride aside, I initially thought Gox was nuts showing brides something completely opposite from what they want but I got sucked in to watching episodes on YouTube and he has grown on me exponentially. I defy anyone to watch the episode with the red-headed blind bride and not cry ( not a spoiler because that’s how she is introduced). I am hoping that they continue to show more episodes.
  11. I just binged this and agree with a lot that was said. Alex definitely reminded me of Matthew on FNS and bugged me a little. I was rooting for Dana. I thought Sherry Yard looked fantastic and much younger and was trying to figure out what she had done ( I never seem to notice weight loss). The hosts didn’t bother me that much although I still hate Paul. Finally, I knew from watching cooking shows that a souffle takes 14 minutes to bake. How do these bakers not know that? Also, as soon as they staggered them I knew the technical had to be souffles.
  12. Lots of hate for Taylor Swift here. I have to agree that she is not the best live singer but nowhere near as bad as some others like Katy Perry. Her strength has always been songwriting and ever since she left country for pop her songs have suffered. I don’t know why she chose two boring songs without interesting lyrics to perform but I still like her. I thought the rest of the show was pretty good. I agree that Chinese trade representative was a high point. The new cast seem pretty good. Overall I thought it was good. I always think back to the original cast though and realize that seven people carried the entire show. There are just too many current cast members so a lot get minimally used.
  13. I came here to see if anybody else was looking for Randy’s mother. I also saw that same woman in the audience but I think that they would have featured her more if that was her. It’s a shame if she was not well enough to travel to her granddaughter’s wedding. The dress that the niece chose was much more flattering to her than the other one. When her mother didn’t notice it was her at first I was hoping that she would not choose that one because everyone would be looking at the dress instead of the bride. However, her dress didn’t fit her at all. It was gapping at the bust and wrinkling around the waist. It looks like she may have lost weight after her fitting because she looked much better at the store. Just nitpicking because she is such a beautiful girl anyway.
  14. I would wear any of the coaches’ tattoos except DJ’s and that is only because of the subject matter and not the quality. However, if shown them blind, I could have picked out Ryan’s as being by her in a second. She has a very recognizable style, although nobody does filigree like she does. That tattoo was gorgeous but no way could the judges not know it was hers. With regards to the regular contestants, I liked all of the finalists. I find all traditional Japanese tattoos hard to read and I thought that for this style Laura’s was very good. I don’t mind her winning since she is so talented overall. Finally, I still can’t get over Nikki’s new face and the fact that she basically tattooed a portrait of herself on her canvas.
  15. Is nobody going to comment on Nikki’s lips? She looked like she was having an allergic reaction. She needs to sue the plastic surgeon who did that to her. Also, did anybody else catch the ad for the new series? I should have known that they would find a way to bring Cleen back.
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