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  1. Psychobunny

    S11.E02: Atlanta City Qualifiers 2019.06.05

    So glad to see other Ryan Stratis fans here. He won me over when I read his AMA ( I think on reddit). Drew has also grown on me over the years. I can do without the Bergstroms. So glad that Travis did well but bummed that Bootie didn’t. Finally, I want to show some love for Neil Craver. I’ a sucker for those who come back year after year and consistently do well even if they are never at the very top.
  2. Psychobunny

    S44.E19: Adam Sandler / Shawn Mendes

    Do they usually have that many cur sketches? I thought that they usually only had a couple extra. Add me to those who loved the tour sketch. I also think that the Chad sketch was better than some they aired. Not a fan of Sandler’s movies so the family reunion skit fell flat. Best for me were the monologue and Chris Farley songs. I also thought Kristen Wiig was in brownface. They should have made her more orange. Also add me to the dirty old lady brigade. I kept wishing I was 40 years younger because damn Shawn Mendez is pretty to look at. Oh-was he singing too? Didn’t really notice.
  3. Psychobunny

    Worst Cooks In America

    I am rooting for Morgan Fairchild. She seems to be the only sane one
  4. Psychobunny

    World Of Dance

    Must every contestant have to have a sob story? Why can’t they just dance. I call BS on the girl with selective mutism suddenly speaking to the one girl on camera. I have a patient with selective mutism and it just seems too convenient for her to first talk to JLo and then this. Anyway, I have been rooting for the Kings since the first show. They are fun to watch and they don’t bore me. I can’t speak to the technical aspects but I do know what I would pay to watch.
  5. Psychobunny

    Buddy vs. Duff

    Duff is losing me with his superior attitude. We get it, he went to pastry school and worked in restaurants but not everyone has those advantages. The truth is that I would much rather eat Buddy’s slice of cake than a flavorless ile flotant. Nobody likes plain steamed merengue. In addition, the wedding cake challenge was to make a cake for a bunch of future brides. Buddy was right that the right thing was to showcase multiple techniques. I hated the fondant work but Duff didn’t have to focus on that when the piping was beautiful and the flowers were also. I personally hated Duff’s cake. The seahorses didn’t look like the pictures at all and he used inedible materials. I guess I’m just too traditional because I would much prefer Buddy’s flowers on my hypothetical wedding cake. Finally, my brother is from Baltimore and has had one of Duff’s cakes and he said it was cool looking but not very tasty. I do give Duff points for creativity and he clearly loves his fiancée but I am starting to think that he superior attitude is almost as bad as Buddy’s whining.
  6. Psychobunny

    Buddy vs. Duff

    I love Duff but I don’t like him on this show. He’s not nearly as bad as Buddy but he still seems to have a bad attitude. I also didn’t like the painting on his filigree work on the elephant. Brighter colors might have stood out more against the gold. I also think his cone sounded a little crazy with too many components and sweet on sweet on sweet. I just want to see him having fun. The problem with this show is that they both look like they hate being there.
  7. Psychobunny

    S44.E13: Don Cheadle / Gary Clark Jr.

    My takeaway: Roach skit was awesome Don Cheadle was awesome and should have hosted before You can’t satirize an administration that is already a joke Loved the hockey jersey at the end although I didn’t get it until he turned around This cast is particularly good at impressions Percussive recognition is my new favorite phrase
  8. Psychobunny

    The Masked Singer

    Did anybody else notice that they didn’t change Peacock’s voice for one answer? I am now even more sure it is Donny Osmond. I also think it’s interesting that Robin Thicke recognizes everyone by body language and gestures. Maybe because it’s something I don’t notice, but so far he has ID’d Deer by the way his shoulders shake when he laughs, Raven by her putting her hand over her heart and Bee by the way she holds her mike.
  9. Psychobunny

    The Masked Singer

    I am completely hooked on this show. I basically had no idea who anybody was but I pretty much agree with the internet. I was sure about Tori Spelling until this week’s clues. I also agree that everybody will be guessed in another week or two.
  10. Psychobunny

    S44.E03: Seth Meyers / Paul Simon

    OK, Paul Simon doing BOTW was beautiful. His voice is still great and the song is awesome. I didn’t expect it to hit me so hard but dang it was pretty. Every time I see Simon, though, all I think about is the story of him sitting in his car alone eating McNuggets. I can’t remember anything else about the story. Maybe I imagined it.
  11. Psychobunny

    S10.E15: Las Vegas Season Finale

    I finally finished the season and here are my comments. Drew has grown on me over the years, so not mad that he got some money. I also don’t hate the runs shown in the little window. I prefer it to WWWA since I get to see the entire run although they always seemed to show a run that was the length of the commercial so you could guess about how far they would get. Ever since I saw some episodes of Satsuke I have wanted a water challenge. A real ninja should be good at more than upper body strength. I need to see them do balance obstacles and the underwater one. I also like some of the new obstacles. Cane Lane is deceptively evil and a great addition IMNSHO. As with many others here, I am bugged by the sob stories. I particularly hate when they play up cancer cases or “tumors” as if they were life threatening. There were two examples that really bugged me. One was a woman with thyroid cancer. While nobody wants any kind of cancer, thyroid cancer can be treated with surgery to remove the thyroid and one pill of radioactive iodine to get any residual cells. The hardest part is that they sometimes have to go off any supplements for the pill so their thyroid is low and they can be exhausted but the pill has no side effects and you basically just have to stay home for 3 days until the radioactivity is out of your system. The total recovery is about 2 weeks, so it is hard to equate it with cancers like leukemia that require months of debilitating radiation and chemotherapy. The other was one whose wife was presented as having a brain tumor when she apparently had a pituitary adenoma which is a benign growth that affects your hormone levels, rarely requires surgery and is treatable with hormone supplements. Again, annoying to have but not a disease that will shorten your life span or significantly affect your functioning, once your levels are under control. I understand that they need back stories but they tend to sensationalize everything.
  12. Psychobunny

    Making It

    I liked Billy’s shed. However, he deserved to go on cumulative judging. I love a good lathe. I’ve always wanted to be able to make things out of wood. Khiem’s lamp was my favorite if you ditched the leaves but I still can’t forgive the turtle shell from the first challenge. I really don’t care who wins. I just want to hang out with Nick and have him show me how to do wood inlay for a tabletop and then let Khiem use his lathe to make me some legs and I will have a beautiful new dining room table.
  13. Isaac is the only one I actively root for to fail. His comments were too obnoxious. It would not have killed him to mention that he was not the only one to finish the course. After all, he still won.
  14. Psychobunny

    S10.E03: Miami City Qualifiers 2018.06.13

    I was so glad to see Stratis succeed. Not only is he one of the OG ninjas but he totally won me over with his AMA on Reddit about 5 years ago. Also add me to those with a girl crush on Jessie Graff. I’ve loved her ever since the chicken suit and I want to be her when I grow up ( even though I’m much older). I love to see little girls dress like her for Halloween.
  15. Psychobunny

    Making It

    I want to play in the taco truck although I’m not sure how I feel about the fish and animals with faces. This show did make me imagine what dinner at Nick’s house would be like (for anyone who doesn’t know, he is married to Megan Mullawy): Megan: Honey, they’re bringing back Will and Grace Nick: Good, it’s about time you started earning the money again. I’ll just be out in the workshop. I’ll be back for dinner. M: Don’t you even want to know how my day went? N: Not particularly, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me anyway. M: So Amy Poehler called and wanted you to do a craft show with her. N: Do I get to make things? M: No, I think you have to watch other people make things. N: I don’t want to have to judge what people make. M: I think you will just be a host. N: Hey, as long as they pay me and it’s only a few weeks. Just remember that you are now the breadwinner in this relationship. M: Love you too, honey. What do you want for dinner. N: Meat!