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  1. Well she is getting ripped on the top item on the 90 Day Fiance page. TLC is really stirring the pot with the photos of Gabriel as the top lead. As someone there commented its ratings gold to bait the delusional woman into another season's worth of crazy. Most cringeworthy thing since Honey Boo Boo succumbed to the sex scandal.
  2. Oh no the Danielle and Mohamed fan page on FB appears to have been taken down! Theory: after Danielle's idiotic statements the other night she couldn't keep up with deleting the negative comments.
  3. Has Mo held any job anywhere? Just saw the preview for next week where he is counting on Luisa's Miami connections (yeah right).
  4. He is bragging on his public figure page that he's not worried he has a good lawyer. And on the page asserting his plan to use this act, it says the American is not even informed when this claim is made. Emotional abuse will suffice and this is a path to permanent residency. Thanks Danielle!
  5. There's a woman who restarted the FB page ridiculing Mo and she suggests that Mo is using an anti-domestic violence statute against Danielle as that will offer a defense to deportation. Rewatching his meeting with the lawyer, the lawyer says there is information they can use to go on the offensive. With the police reports Mo filed in Ohio and even Miami that might actually be the plan. Remember he took out a restraining order against Danielle's son also, very early on. Do we think this is possible and if so is it what he's up to?
  6. escapetoreality

    Season 1 Discussion

    I haven't figured out the timeline in terms of the producer-recreated moments but it was hard not to see the dramatic changes of seasons in the Sandusky scenes. Reality Maven -- amazing job. Now to fill in the Gabriel affair?
  7. escapetoreality

    Season 1 Discussion

    The latest attorney has an office in Sandusky (we saw the storefront) but when there were complaints to the Ohio bar by unhappy clients, it turned out that the Ohio bar had no jurisdiction over him as he was not a member of it. He is supposedly a member of the federal bar in Ohio, but I would think clients would reasonably believe that a sole practitioner with a storefront practice in Ohio was admitted to practice in state court there and subject to the ethical regulations of that state's bar. I don't think this would fly in Florida.
  8. escapetoreality

    Season 1 Discussion

    Well I was also disappointed with a new lawyer but I quickly looked him up and found that he is shady so that was satisfying.
  9. escapetoreality

    Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    Pardon me but where are we discussing Happily Ever After? So much to comment on! On his FB page MO is outraged -- outraged I tell you -- by his depiction but sadly contractually unable to rebut his portrayal. Lucky for him the heifers remain solidly in his corner.
  10. escapetoreality

    S04.E05: Honeymoons, Part 2

    Oh no he didn't! Derek's true colors as a misogynist come out. Heather is no spring chicken? Women age like milk? Inexcusable.
  11. escapetoreality

    S08.E18: Body Of Evidence

    So that was easy. Her name is Kimberlie Scutti and her wealthy husband passed away at age 80 in 2014.
  12. escapetoreality

    S08.E18: Body Of Evidence

    Did the boat ever leave the dock at the yacht party? Pointless.... Kimberly looked a bit, well, nouveau? Would love to see some scoop on that situation.
  13. escapetoreality

    S01.E10: Charter From Heaven, Charter From Hell

    I find the most hilarious aspect of the season to be how all the guests ooh and ahhh over the gaudy tacky yacht decor that the crew all nailed as hideous in episode 1.
  14. escapetoreality

    S08.E06: Tipsying Point

    Yes whatever become of Sonja's clothing line???
  15. escapetoreality

    S06.E12: Hearing Problems

    Who won the poll on WWHL? One segment of smirking Yolanda was all I could endure.
  16. escapetoreality

    S05.E12: A False Glimmer

    This is the most insightful and informative show thread on this and I depend on it to catch all the nuance I miss! You all are amazingly observant. So could someone please wrap up -- who was seeking to kill Carrie and why is she now in the clear -- watching the show piecemeal I am a little lost in terms of tying together the attack at the refugee camp, the plane shootdown, the off-the-meds episode, the contact with the Iraqi informant, the stolen documents, the laptop theft in Amsterdam. I get it that Allison was an enemy because of what might have been in the documents but was she behind all the adversity Carrie encountered this season?
  17. escapetoreality

    S06.E03: Horsing Around

    Erika seems to bring the same vibe as Carlton -- which was discordant with the BH image.
  18. escapetoreality

    Mark & Nikki: Touch That Window, Lose Your Hand

    I have been on the sidelines forever but have a couple of comments on the most hate worthy couple (if you can call them that) of the season. First, I looked at a couple of mail-order bride sites for the Philippines and there are hundreds of girls and women grouped by age categories. Plenty in the age-appropriate range for Mark, meaning he chose to look at the junior level girls. So I don't think the comments against him are out of place. Second he has 3 sons all very close to Nikki in age -- we've seen the daughter so that dynamic gets most of the comments but it is weird that he has half-Filipino sons that Nikki might actually be attracted to. So sad. Third and last, I re-watched the documentary Queen of Versailles last night and as those of you who have seen it may recall, the incredibly gauche family has a team of Filipino nannies working around the clock -- one was living in the children's neglected play house outside to have her own space. She cried as she said she left her own children in the Philippines and had not seen them in 11 years since she needs to stay and make money so they can survive. Who knows what Nikki's circumstances were. Still the power imbalance and her lack of options is sickening. I also have a comment on the prenup. When they showed the page as she initialed it, it literally said "Nikki" with a space and "Mark" with a space. I am not a family law lawyer but that seems awfully casual, and certainly suggested to me it was at best an amateur effort.
  19. escapetoreality

    Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    Ole Mo has ignited quite the firestorm! There is a small but vocal faction defending crazy. Meanwhile on the joint page there is a picture of Mo with Danielle in the background and a funny comment that it is nice to see the happy couple together ...
  20. escapetoreality

    Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    Meanwhile the number of fans in Mo's page has swollen to more than 3000. And, tot, there is a website called www.bringmeyourtorch.com that has podcasts with alleged source info on the show.
  21. escapetoreality

    Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    For those following @helleborine on twitter there is some good stuff including screen shots of recent FB exchanges between Dani and her kin. Needless to say Mo is not popular in La Maison de Mullins.
  22. escapetoreality

    Small Talk: 90 Words Per Minute

    It's our precious freedom of expression for which people were martyred in Paris today.
  23. escapetoreality

    Small Talk: 90 Words Per Minute

    I did watch Big Women and it was truly execrable but I did laugh at the chick's reaction to the Ethiopan food (the initial reaction, pre-vomit).
  24. escapetoreality

    Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    The FB comments suggest that there are lots of people as or more delusional than Danielle. When I was 12 I wrote to The Monkees to invite them over for dinner when they came to town .... but I grew up. These people seem to think they are part of the story and have a personal relationship with our man Mo. I like the comment to the effect that "I'm a great grandma from California let me know how I can help." As if. The Laura person going on about another FB page -- that's delusional, right???? I'm lost in all the posturing and accusations.
  25. escapetoreality

    Small Talk: 90 Words Per Minute

    Same on the hidden TV life. My law firm at one time had a cheesy marketing campaign featuring women attorneys in their extracuricular pursuits -- ya know like rock climbing or kickboxing or what have you -- and I thought "hmmm me slurping a Cosmo sprawled out with the dog watching RHOBH probably won't work." I had to evade.