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    S07.E05: Amnesia Appetizers

    Sorry but I think Erika's hair is ghastly -- when she was seated next to Eileen the contrast was striking. I mean if you want to look like a cartoon, fine, but if you saw her on the street you would think it looked like Dolly-Parton level cheap. As Dolly herself once said "It costs a lot to look so cheap!"
  2. escapetoreality

    S07.E03: Going Commando

    Say what you will about LVP but she is sharp as a tack and really quick with a quip. Her pepper spray quip along with the silent movie banter had me laugh out loud.
  3. escapetoreality

    S07.E03: Going Commando

    What hotel are they at??? Must know.
  4. escapetoreality

    S08.E04: Maddie Gets Married

    "Who gives this bride away?" "I do. Kody Brown." We can all see who it is. What a douche.
  5. escapetoreality

    S08.E04: Maddie Gets Married

    Is Kody feeling any pressure about the vows???? Oh if we only knew.... Sheesh.
  6. escapetoreality

    S07.E02: The Buddha Bentley Birthday

    Well turns out the Moschino T Shirt dress is really a thing! On sale on the website reduced from 1k or so. Very odd choice ....
  7. escapetoreality

    S07.E01: Stronger Than Ever

    I have to get off my chest the extent to which the styling and makeup and hair and all of that has gotten out of control on this franchise. I can't watch the RHOA but every time I see those women they have more outlandish and cartoonish costume jewelry, cleavage, gigantic eyelashes, stage makeup, and crazy hairstyles (especially Cynthia and Porscha in the latter category). Don't even get me started on how they show up to the reunions. The ladies of BH are taking it to another level as well -- what woman of Lisa's age has ever-more luxuriant long tresses? Erika is 100% a cartoon but at least she seems in on the joke. Eileen looks a little natural. Here's poor Kyle taking incoming on this because she shows her natural hair and lets herself be filmed in an informal setting. Have we the audience compelled such horrendous looks? Do we want to see the absurd costume party episode that now seems to be part of the formula? There is nothing real about these women!
  8. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    Reclaimed self-respect by unfollowing Mo on Instagram. . Lord the deluge of cloying videos and the fawning heifers applauding his every move. He really thinks he is all that. Insufferable!
  9. escapetoreality

    S07.E01: Stronger Than Ever

    Erica's mother looked like a far more suitable mate for old geezer Tom. I find nothing adorable in that marriage.
  10. escapetoreality

    S04.E14: 50 Shades of Ben

    Ben, Nico and Sierra all obnoxious as hell.
  11. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    He just posted the facade of the Sandusky Mall. We need Intel!
  12. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    I am filled with self loathing for following Mo on Instagram. But yes he is in Ohio and is being quite coy as to the agenda. He has to be working Danielle. What else could it be??? I know, a heartwarming Christmas reconciliation ....
  13. escapetoreality

    S04.E13: Waking The Resting B. Face

    Okay so I Googled Good Life Gals, and lo and behold who is on the roster now but our very own English Emily. Now how that came about would be interesting to know -- she is promoted (I almost wrote pimped) as a wellness expert or some such nonsense. She is all of 22 years old BTW. I find Kate perfectly suited to her position. Her creativity with the parties and dinners has no equal. Her snark is actually high quality snark as opposed to the other crew members who with tremendous producer coaching can barely muster an insult such as that Kate is evil. I think Ben is asking for, and deserves to be, put in his place at every opportunity. He is all over the place, hardly executive material, and his interactions with the guests are always cringeworthy. Kate's job is tough as hell and her instincts are spot on. Plus she is actually original such as her font designations. Bonus that she has a colorful private life.
  14. escapetoreality

    Season 4 Discussion

    Didn't Azan make a comment indicating he has no job? Looks like he is just keeping his options open in case his fortunes fail to improve in the next two years. Also the immigration lawyer seemed to endorse more in-person time. Funny that Nicole did not articulate any plan for a return visit (at least not before this show put me to sleep ...)
  15. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    Are we not troubled by the fact that women on FB who are old enough to have some morals and manners sought to seduce Mo and entice him away? I think Danielle's obvious weaknesses made him a target for a certain kind of woman who has no respect for marital status as a boundary. Mo's answering the calls was of course completely in character, but I think back to all the posts in the early days (basically as soon as the show aired) in which women were blatantly throwing themselves at him. The moral equation in my mind is not just between Dani and Mo but involves all the really trashy behavior which, aimed at a love rat like Mo, was bound to take effect. I think they were a huge contributor to creating the large a-hole that is today's version of Mo.
  16. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    Okay so Danielle gave a one-on-one interview on a podcast that came out last night: Episode 189 of Bring Me Your Torch. It was not exactly penetrating -- she was asked the simplest of questions in a very mild way and her answers comprised lots of giggling interspersed with some brief, grammatically challenged mumbles. Not a lot new -- Mo hasn't been served with the annulment yet (good luck with that). She tried to justify the insistence on keeping in touch with Mo based on the financial responsibility that she and the co-sponsor share for him -- and I was like wait name the co-sponsor!! But that was not asked. She was not asked when the tell-all was filmed but did say Mo has reached out to her re: annulment number 2 -- well did she respond??? we don't know. She said she had counseled Nicole and Azan and told them to take things slowly (idiot). She was asked if she had ever screamed demanding sex and she said she had never SCREAMED plus the door was 3 feet away and the lock was on the inside ... suggesting a potential hostage situation ...? Others can add more but as always with Danielle she managed to come across as really dim -- oh the kicker was she is starting in college in January for her R.N. (would that by chance be sleazy for-profit institution?0
  17. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    All right so the Dani/Mo Dani fan page is gone and TLC has disabled the Visitor Post section of the FB page for the show. All the comments on the wall are just tedious public comments by people who are only now catching up to the saga. What is the best source for current info? The Miami trip was 6 months ago. Mo has a FB page and an Instagram but only the most inane self-laudatory postings are there. Are there any reliable places (other than this forum of course) for updates? Sandusky Socialite and Sandusky Scammer on Twitter seem to deliver -- any others? Do the "girlses" still engage? Plus where does one follow the antics of Maria Veiga? She must have been devastated that her scene (per the police report) was cut from last night's episode.
  18. escapetoreality

    Season 1 Discussion

    Question -- does the joint admission on TV of having consummated the marriage defeat the annulment? I realize we are not in the Middle Ages but am not sure what the standard is for an annulment if not a failure to consummate. Mo seems pretty shrewd so maybe he made it a point to answer that question directly rather than deflect it.
  19. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    I want my sex tonight or I will have you deported! Damn gurlllll
  20. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    I just took an Uber from Tampa airport -- anxiously hoping Mo would pull up but sadly no...
  21. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    Oh dear that was hard to watch. She is so incoherent. He's a master manipulator. She needed a spokesperson. What on earth could the Miami showdown be about? Did we ever find out who stepped up as the financial sponsor? Shouldn't that person have a say in things?
  22. escapetoreality

    Kate- She'll Fold You A "Rocket Ship" Towel

    Update http://radaronline.com/videos/kate-chastain-domestic-violence-battery-strangulation-arrest-below-deck/
  23. And now TLC has disabled the ever-entertaining visitor post feature on its FB page....
  24. Mo is really upping his FB game -- lots of posts enticing the heifers -- the unfairness that he was unable to make a return at Walmart with no receipt! The possibility that he might do a live FB! and on and on.
  25. escapetoreality

    S04.E06: The One Where the Charter Guests Almost Die

    The Wellington convo was a bit Trump-esque, no? I hope the media spotlight brings light to the issue of how demeaning such objectification of women is. I realize these guys were scrubbing a waterline and fantasizing, but still, ugh.