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  1. escapetoreality

    S04.E11: Boys Gone Wild

    Just who does support Landon and her million dollar house???
  2. escapetoreality

    S09.E10: Black Out and Get Out

    So on Twitter last night during the show there was a chorus of tweets to Andy demanding Jill's return. Not a single dissent. Could that redheaded scamp have orchestrated it? Hopefully the majority will also express their views if there is so much as a whisper of that occurring. I am not a narcissist but if an artist made me look that good I would have bought at least 2 for the wall. Maybe put them in the bedroom but I would keep and enjoy them. I don't blame Bethenny for holding onto the Brooklyn Bridge assault but I do think she should let go of the dress theft. Bravo showed a rerun of the Morocco trip episode and I had forgotten what a complete and utter fool Alex came off as. Being verbally taken down by Kelly Bensimon is not a good look.
  3. escapetoreality

    S02.E06: Don't Cry Over Cut Onions

    Adam's twitter was pretty chipper -- he said "Stay tuned! I made a lot of bad choices." Curious what that means. On another note is it asking too much to see fresh guests each time and no repeats? And what's with the sudden arrival of the slide and trampoline? Do we look that stupid that the "owner decided to add to the amenities"? Also the picnicking pack up was so lame -- not even tupperware not to mention a cooler.
  4. escapetoreality

    S06.E04: Justice

    I enjoyed this episode less due to Selena's horrific treatment of Gary and her daughter (more of that to come per the preview). I think there is likely agreement as to this. Show is at its best as satire of current events.
  5. escapetoreality

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    Whoa way too much Flip or Flop. This is not such a fantastic format that we need to be bombarded with it in multiple markets with these perfectly cheesy couples. As for the Vegas designs, they are just hideous. I always want a slower camera pan that lingers over the horrific details like all the cheap mismatched tile, the re-used garish chandeliers, last night's mix-and-match kitchen, but I suspect the producers want to minimize the horror and just get through the "reveal" scenes as quickly as possible.
  6. escapetoreality

    S09.E05: The Politics of Friendship

    If it were Below Deck or say a TLC show I would say skip the politics. Coming from the RH franchise, it makes as much if not more sense to me than the other topics such as trips, fashion, culture, etc. This was a historic election by any perspective. I loved the picture of Sonja with the The Donald ... remember when LuAnn strongarmed Eric Trump off to the restroom? These are the circles they roll in so I think it is more than valid to cover.
  7. escapetoreality

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    Well she outdid herself this time, the most hideous design yet.
  8. escapetoreality

    Sweet Home Oklahoma

    I enjoy this show for 10-15 minutes each episode and then I have had enough.
  9. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    Oh Mo and Danielle I do miss thy antics!
  10. escapetoreality

    S07.E19: Reunion Part 1

    Erika is so trashy. As Dolly Parton famously quipped "it costs a lot to look this cheap." Word.
  11. escapetoreality

    S06.E09: Goodbye Tour

    Who played the professor at the college? She looked quite recognizable and had a great part.
  12. escapetoreality

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    It's unanimous waaaaay too much stuff. Horrid. So derivative of T&C as well.
  13. escapetoreality

    S04.E11: Big Girl in the Big Apple

    I feel like this season is one long product placement for other struggling D-listers. Has there been any episode that did not plug a rival studio, a choreographer, a belly dancer, a YouTuber, a radio show, the list goes on. Must be a revenue stream there somewhere.
  14. escapetoreality

    S04.E11: Big Girl in the Big Apple

    I am not as deep into this show as many on this forum but I thought Todd's behavior reflected really poorly on him. I don't understand why anyone would behave that way on TV. Why not suck it up and be gracious just for the sake of not looking juvenile on TV? Do we think he was egged on?
  15. escapetoreality

    S07.E18: Diamonds Under Pressure

    Agree with the audition tape comment. Rehashing ... fake and tiresome. Can't we have chi-chi-chi Kevin, the ponies, the fabulousness? Just once???
  16. escapetoreality

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    Over on MO's Facebook the heifers are stampeding! Bet his DMs are blowing up!
  17. escapetoreality

    S04.E09: Whitney Gets A Date

    Why exactly did she kick Lenny to the curb? Never understood that.
  18. escapetoreality

    S07.E16: Big Buddha Brawl

    Anyone know where that dinner took place in Hong Kong? I never really was keen to go but I am now!
  19. escapetoreality

    S07.E16: Big Buddha Brawl

    Well at least we have a crazy Kevin production to look forward to.
  20. escapetoreality

    S07.E16: Big Buddha Brawl

    Erika's glam squad should all be fired STAT. Makes you wonder if they are all laughing at her. And we knew months ago that her big line would relate to her son -- although probably could as well relate to Tom.
  21. escapetoreality

    S07.E16: Big Buddha Brawl

    I think the glass-bottomed gondola looked terrifying. Would also have screamed shamelessly. And Erika is the least relatable HW ever.
  22. escapetoreality

    S06.E01: All I Ever Wanted

    I thought it was laugh-out-loud funny. The pink wetsuit, seriously? Relatable, too -- who hasn't found out that a love interest is already spoken for? Great dialogue -- the Paul Krugman exchange? Unique show that will be missed.
  23. Uh oh Jason Hitch arrested for domestic violence yesterday. Mugshot and very brief report on Twitter. Details needed!
  24. escapetoreality

    S08.E06: A Shocking Revelation

    I am new to the Sister Wives circus and as soon as Homeland starts back up it is adios -- but can someone explain how Meri perked up at the comment about sharing living quarters? Did she want that? It seems she has a bond with none of them. Next question -- while I am grateful for Kody' tolerance of Mariah, what exactly is the tenet of this fundamentalist thing they follow? I noticed the kids drinking alcohol, I'm just confused -- are they like "cafeteria Catholics" or do they really have the doctrinal latitude to make their own choices on these things? Is polygamy the only non-negotiable? Confused.
  25. escapetoreality

    S08.E06: A Shocking Revelation

    Worst mother daughter talk ever. Shudder.