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  1. Some thoughts: This season's antagonists -- including the Governor or Xavier (played by Gerardo Celasco, who looks like a handsome Latino Michael Sheen) -- have barely made appearances, and this has made for pretty week conflict IMO. ABC needs to spin Tegan off onto her own show -- I'd watch the hell out of Amirah Vann's Tegan. Say what you will about Walmart Wes, but Rome Flynn is a total biscuit. I could watch an entire series of Gabriel and Frank playing shirtless basketball.
  2. Maybe it's just me, but Justin Hartley has really improved as an actor since S1.
  3. Goodbye, Pecs -- we hardly knew ya.
  4. It's very difficult to watch a show when you don't like the protagonist.
  5. I enjoy the show, but a plot hole I can't forgive is that Serena could go to Canada or wherever, find a willing sperm donor, and give birth to her own fucking baby.
  6. Why have they made Jane's hair so oddly unflattering this season? I'm not being critical of the actress; Jane's hair was better last season, and Shailene Woodley has great hair IRL.
  7. So... Abby traded in the old Kane for a pair of pecs? That's what I got out of this. Not that I object, mind you.
  8. Is that what was happening? I couldn't see shit. The lighting was worse than any night scene in TWD.
  9. I am so tired of the Mariska Fucking Hargitay Show.
  10. "Khaleesi?! Oh, I thought you said Carisi!"
  11. I personally didn't mind Philip Winchester, so I don't understand the hate and am confused by his departure (someone on the forum mentioned he was fired?).
  12. A really stupid episode. I have nothing new to add to the discussion, but I'll join the chorus by stating that the girl looked at least 18 (an actual 13 year old would have better served the episode), and the stepfather inadvertently opened up a whole can of worms by killing the drama teacher. What a dumbass.
  13. I didn't hate the episode, but the conflict seemed sudden and over the top -- so dropped into it in media res was off-putting. Plus, Carisi? That was character assassination.
  14. I'm 51 and adopted, and I found my birth father, now deceased, through Ancestry about three months back through a DNA link to his half-sister.
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