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  1. GlowLights~ My hope for resolution~ At this point, I just want to close this chapter, sharpen my pencil and prepare for the next chapter of what is my life.... And no, I can't really say I'm "Happy" to sell my shares and walk away, I still love WEnd~ it's a Great Company and Great Product, but I guess it's just not what I am supposed to be doing... ??? I do believe everything happens for a reason... and when one door closes another opens... and that is exciting!
  2. Hey Radio~ Touché! Well Said & Point (s) Taken! I sincerely appreciate your observations, comments and suggestions. Thank You... (really) And Thank You for taking the time from your day to share (and care). Living and Learning as I go...
  3. Hey Radio~ "Scoundrels" or not, I was raised/taught two wrongs don't make a right... So I will continue to live my life doing what (in my opinion)is right... Can't make apologies for that... For the life of me, I do not understand why people think I haven't moved on/let him go??? We have not been "a couple" for WELL OVER a year, believe it or not but... I HAVE (personally) moved on. And couldn't be happier, my (personal) life is SsOOOOoooo much EASIER now... The business is the ONLY reason we are still connected. Unfortunately, I do still love West End AND all of her potential, so yes I know
  4. Nope, didn't tell me... Read it on the internet . When I asked him why he did that ~ only reply I got was "the stink eye" and a face full of grimace.
  5. RadioActiveRich~ I am sorry but I'm not really sure what your ONE HUGE QUESTION was??? Why I didn't "FIRE HIS ASS?" Because he had the majority financial investment, it wouldn't have been right. Never even considered it. And I don't think it's right that he's okay with 'firing" me. But....that's just me... At the time of contacting the show, I simply wanted to neutralize that option for either of us and get back to the business of roasting coffee... As far as your comments about me personally... 1. unfortunately, John didn't explain it quite right... but neither here nor there..
  6. Glowlights~ It's really pretty simple. JOHN CONTROLS the website and he either removed it during the show or immediately after. It really doesn't matter at this point, as I am a woman of my word and John has his signed paper and his 82% control which is enough to "fire" me, which he has. It's basically in the hands of our attorneys at this point. It's a sad situation if you ask me...
  7. Attica- it's the latter... Cranky- Still @ West End (but...TBD)
  8. 1. West End HAS a sales manager. 2. Threat(s) of firing was the ONLY reason the paper hadn't been signed previously...
  9. For the record. I have NEVER (well once-Larkins) been on a sales call. It's not what I do, and I have zero experience in sales. And obviously, if I knew before hand I would have dressed much more appropriately. You don't think I wasn't embarrassed to go dressed like that? Really???
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