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  1. Best show on TV. I wasn't sure I would like Howard Stern but he is honest with the talent. I do like Heidi and Mel B together. It's refreshing to see two beautiful successful women who appear to really like one another without any bitchiness. (I.e. As in the horrible season of American Idol with Mariah and Nikki Minaj!). I don't usually agree with Howie but he is nice to everyone and that is a good thing!
  2. Suzeegirl

    Property Brothers

    These guys are great. Yes, this is all about the design ideas. All of these shows are scripted and they all follow the same storyline. They are educational and entertaining and the brothers are smart, professional and easy on the eyes.
  3. Suzeegirl

    Love It Or List It

    I don't watch this show as much as I used to because it's always the same storyline. Hilary gets a paltry budget and homeowner wants the entire house redone. Then major issues are discovered with foundation, etc, and "something has to come off the table" but the homeowner is incensed that their crumbling house has to be repaired and they can't afford their new bathroom, storage, yada yada yada. I hate the abuse heaped on Hilary when this is not her problem. I really, really like Hilary and David and most of their crew. I did not like the episode when Hilary redid her assistant Desta's home. I have trouble watching the interaction between Hilary and Desta because of that episode. Desta came across as a not very nice person in that episode. Perhaps Desta over acted. I feel the same about Love It or List It Too. Would it be possible to sprinkle in an episode or two when everything goes right? It does happen occasionally I think. All rehabs are not "OMG we need a new bathroom but we didn't know our foundation was crumbling!"
  4. Suzeegirl

    Rehab Addict

    This is one of my favorite shows on HGTV or DIY. The title is reflective of the show's content. Nicole is addicted to rehab. She is smart, fearless, tough and cute as a button. I would like to suggest that these shows update their intros periodically. "Why in the hell would you cover that up?". "I just want brick!" and "There's always one last door!" could be retired for new and fresh. After all Ethan looks a lot older now. Not complaining. Just saying....
  5. Suzeegirl

    Flip Or Flop

    Love this show! Tarek, Christina and Izzy the contractor are amazing. I love their taste. It is very sad to read personal negative comments regarding this young couple. They are smart, hard working and I am a huge fan!