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  1. Most of the time, this show just makes me bawl by the end of the episode. Zoey was a dick. And I LIKED it. Yes, she's selfish and self-absorbed. It's been stated that she's a bit emotionally stunted, and she's growing into feeling and she doesn't like it. Of course she's going to snap. Has she ever snapped before? Doubt it. She is learning to feel and it hurts. Max. Their friendship was over the second he did the flash mob thingie. There is no coming back from "I love you," "Uh, yeah, maybe we should just be friends." I don't know why stories still have "keeping the friendship" as an option. It's not. So to me, it doesn't matter if he's not thinking about Zoey's dad dying. He took a shot. It didn't hit the target. He got a new opportunity. Zoey supported him as a friend would when what he wanted was for her to beg him to stay. Very passive-aggressive and I don't like it, but I get it. I don't buy Leif as heterosexual, much less in love with Joan, and whoever said the skinny trousers bugged was exactly right. His wardrobe is...ugh. They have done very little character development with him so he is not organic and in fact, kind of zig-zaggy. I also don't buy that anybody on the 6th floor cares about Max. It's been 2 effing days, FFS. One awkward little spiel does not an effective manager make. Zoey being asleep in an MRI and "this is all a dream" would make sense. I don't have a problem with "I dreamed the whole thing" especially if the character learned something and went to set things right. I like Mo, but he's really just a cliche. There's not much new you can do with the sassy Black bestie stock character.
  2. Not my kid. Now, I thought Sheldon deserved more than a footnote, also, but at the point Sheldon decides to destroy someone's career over an insult, he's become The Enemy and should be treated as such. With my kid (who is very smart, incredibly driven and ambitious, and utterly egotistical), you canNOT leave the door open for answering "why" or explaining or negotiating or anything else because he will take negotiation as permission and get what he wants by hook or by crook. A solid NO and a way to back it up is the only thing that will work. Thing is, the other people in Sheldon's life have nothing to back up their "no"s. They have zero leverage to enforce anything. Sturgis did, and he used it. It was the appropriate thing to do.
  3. Save a seat for me on the Cobra Kai train (after only 2 episodes--I'll get Red, I promise!). The scenes where Johnny was flashing back and visibly wincing was so poignant to me I got tears. And wanting to get out of the dealership without being seen! OMG, I ached. Not in a good way. I think he WANTS to do better, but doesn't know there is another way, much less how. Thank heavens I didn't peak in high school. I loved that everything about Johnny screamed 1984: the music, his car, his lack of knowledge of what "kids are doing these days," his lack of PC-- He's not being rebellious to the times. He's just stuck in 1984. I expect that he will learn as he goes. I expected him to be more humiliated by his business-owning failures in front of Miguel than he was. Those things will keep him from becoming Kreese. I did not like Daniel. At. All. Smug, smarmy salesman. Introducing him to his salesmen like "yeah, the guy whose ass I kicked in high school." Daniel should've moved on from that, too. My sympathies were twinged when I saw him at home, but then he's doing nothing to keep his kids from being entitled brats. Maybe he doesn't know how to do that, sames as Johnny doesn't know how not to mimic Kreese. But I am highly sensitive to the hard sell and Daniel just squicked me out completely.
  4. OT? I dunno: Of the memorable moments I love about this show there is one thing Matt said that sticks with me every--single--day: "We're all just five bad decisions away from shitting in a bucket." It's at once depressing and inspiring.
  5. Me too and I am so not on board with Jenkins’s mortality. He can be immortal and a dungeon master at the same time.
  6. I liked it. My only nitpick was about the corset. The marks on her back was why corsets were worn with chemises, to pad up back there and protect the skin. They were generally made of batiste or a very thin muslin so as not to to ruin the silhouette. A woman in a male-dominated workplace (Rose Wilder Lane was a telegraphist for years) is far more believable than going without a corset.
  7. Right after mine (gastric sleeve, aka stomach stapling), I was hospitalized because I was so low on potassium I was a heart attack risk (where my heart was/is otherwise right and tight). I was thirsty as hell because I couldn’t drink anything without throwing up. I was woozy. Had no idea what was wrong, just that I was thirsty (for someone who drank 1-2 gallons of water per day as habit, this was really bad). Let me tell you, dying of thirst feels a lot worse than it sounds. Anyway, I will never again make fun of a celebrity canceling a show because of dehydration, where being practically comatose is a symptom. (I had other complications, but those were my surgeon’s fault.) So I was most definitely malnourished. I was lying in a hospital bed being pumped with potassium all night, saline, and taking horse pills. And I would rather die in childbirth than have a syringe full of straight potassium shoved into my arm again. I have been in a lot of potentially fatal situations in my life (including the birth of my second child), but that one was the only one that scared the crap out of me.
  8. Gia Carides. She played Liz Holt in Strictly Ballroom. I KNEW I knew her from somewhere!
  9. Oh, Judy, I am so sorry. I follow you on here and the other hoarding board and I always look forward to what you say. I feel like I know you. I am so, so sorry.
  10. I do love this show, but I’m with @Pindrop and @ChipBach about its plot loop and growing pointlessness. Enough is enough. I stopped watching ep10 right in the middle (I never do this) some time ago to do something else and only caught up to the middle of ep11 last night because I was doing something where I could watch at the same time. Re Jesus: I’m in the camp that Jesus was married, to Magdalene, and she was not a prostitute. I’m with whoever said Dogma did a better job with the Jesus’s-descendent plot. Jesus’s descendent as an imbecile because of inbreeding? With whom? There is no way I can fanwank enough to button up that plot hole. I am on record in many threads as loving this show, mostly because it’s so deliciously fucked up and (now I realize) (thanks, @Captanne!) the cinematography and editing to make it seem like a comic book on film. I don’t hate watch and I stop watching a show when all I can do is criticize. I’ll likely not go past this season unless the rest of this one picks up.
  11. Michael’s fatal flaw is that he throws them together immediately. If he let them find each other organically and have them wandering around alone being shunned by demons, they’d be tortured before eventually finding each other. That might make them allies at first, but Eleanor and Tahani would fight until they said “laterz” and none of them would be able to put up with Jason for long.
  12. BUTTHOLE SPIDERS!!!! *whew* What a fabulous ride. I am so glad this show’s back. I like bizarre shows, and this is the only comedy I watch.
  13. Well, he told Cora he understood how things people do to you in your childhood could wreck you completely. He said he noticed that she took the blame for everything, then said, “I do too.” (Called it. He wanted to fix her, a do-over, explore his own issues, whatever.) I then take the dominatrix thing as him wanting punishment for all those things he took/takes blame for. I took the bruised fingernails as a clue that he is back with his dominatrix, asking her to punish him.
  14. Well, that was novel! I hate to admit this, but the most satisfying part for me was when she began to peel the wallpaper. I was thinking, “I can’t believe they have a less-than-perfect rich-person house” and I swear that little tab of loose paint was going to bug me. And then she noticed it! And peeled it! I quivered like a happy puppy.
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