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  1. When your dino-obsessed brother makes you watch documentaries that center around carnivorous dinosaurs ripping out/cutting their prey's jugular, and just makes you sigh and miss Rick.
  2. So dumb. Particularly when Taytay and the squad were walking like they are all badass in front of that explosion. I couldn't help screaming, "but...Mariska's right over there!" as she's taking the models and Selena into heat of battle or whatever (Zendaya though, you are adorable and deserve better).
  3. In an attempt to revive this thread, I'll admit I feel some level of embarrassment that upon finally seeing Boys Don't Cry, I've fallen back in love with "Bluest Eyes in Texas" by Restless Heart. That song is honestly pretty beautiful. I think I only feel guilt, because my parents like RH and if I recall correctly, mostly all their songs sounded exactly alike. Also, I like R5's "Let's Not Be Alone Tonight." So much so that seeing snippits of the video on Disney Channel all the time hasn't killed the love.
  4. I'm kind of happy Max Greenfield will be on! Hopefully, he gets something to do. I find this really puzzling. Because seriously, what about Tate? I thought that was easily Evan's best performance on this show, but that character was very far from being a good guy/hero. Oh well, I'm really glad he's returning to the villain role. I just hope (naively at this point) that he doesn't get saddled with a misguided, boring storyline this year.
  5. That really made me laugh! I figured Blue asked, "Can't I at least have the little one? I mean really, who's gonna miss him?" And then Owen, of course, said no. Now it's clear from this thread that she should have asked for the older brother, maybe then Grady would have thrown him a bone and we all could have cheered at that particularly annoying character's demise. ;)
  6. I felt like it was a very mixed bag. Loved the homages to the original and some scenes were genuinely exciting and suspenseful. That said, there were also a lot of moments that dragged, even after the dinosaurs started fucking things up. Also, I agree the characters were all annoying tropes, making it hard to care about any of them. I don't think it's the mark of a good movie when the most effective deaths are dinosaurs and not people. I found myself particularly miffed by Bryce Dallas Howard's character, who was very much the uptight, bitchy rom-com workaholic that has to learn to let her hair down and embrace being more compassionate and maternal (which bleh). Also, as much I love him, I wasn't crazy about Chris Pratt as the straight action lead. My favorite thing was definitely B.D Wong's "Look at me I'm totally going to be villian" black turtle neck. And of course, the raptor squad! Also, reigning Queen Rexy!
  7. Cheating perhaps, but I found this on tumblr, and immediately thought of this thread. Adventure Time meets the Walking Dead. Seems to be based on both the comics and the show. I can't stop laughing that Carl is Gunter. http://noisilyatomicpeace.tumblr.com/post/116562728226/deadventure-time-the-walking-dead-adventure ITA: Of course, Fiona is Daryl! And Cake is Merle!
  8. Damn, I'm so upset nobody fell in the piiiiitttttt. ( Kristen, I also was thinking about Mouse Rat the whole time). Also, hope it's Bradley who ends up in there. Because what is the point of bringing her back otherwise? I don't see Dylan jumping ship regarding the Emma relationship just because she's back, but it still makes me nervous. Truly, after that phone exchange everything makes me nervous surrounding Emma/Dylan. They are perfect, and there is no way the TPTB aren't going to torture us at every turn. I loved Emma ridiculously trying to play off her gift to Dylan in front of Gunner. Also, "there's no weed, don't get excited." It's purely shallow, since it appears they will never make Gunner important or interesting, but Team Cupcake boy forever. I was surprised that Caleb might have been self aware enough to realize he needs to leave. After last week, I figured he wouldn't be able to contain his need to get back in Norma's life on a regular basis. Though, who knows if he is serious? Mostly like no. Honestly, this week, I'm just grateful he was there to save Dylan! Maybe it's my recent re-watching of that episode, but Norman's continuous hallucinations of Juno make me so sad. That dog really symbolizes the sweet, sensitive Norman of S1. I know he was very likely never going to be normal, even if he'd managed to have a dog (or anything normal in his life) longer than five minutes, but as he's spiraling even more out of control, it hurts to remember that version of him.
  9. Titus: C'mon, spirit gum. If you can keep Obama's human mask over his lizard face (#lizardtruth), surely you can do this!
  10. Well, that's it. I'm in. Apparently, Chloe Sevigny will also be returning.
  11. I can't stop laughing about this. I really want to do Parks and Rec, but it turns out I'm terrible at this. Help! Best I can do: Daryl is Jen Barkley ( due solely to their shared affinity for ponchos) Carol is Ron The Govenor wishes he was Greg Pikitis Lizzie is Orin
  12. Didn't he just murder some random jazz enthusiast so he could have their apartment? I don't remember it being a hotel, but I could totally be wrong. I've never seen her in anything, but I feel like seeing Lady Gaga act might be fun. Also, I love the hotel idea. Has anyone seen any news about who among the regular cast will return for S5? I haven't been able to find anything.
  13. Bobby Newport: I guess my thoughts on abortion are, you know, let's just all have a good time. Andy: Who cuts your hair? Eagleton Ron: Nobody. Whenever my hair feels it has completed its journey, it simply sheds itself off. Ron: I hate you so much.
  14. Nope, no mention of Brandanowitz. I understand his absence, since the actor was uninterested in returning, but it is a bit odd for this show not to throw out some random allusion to him, anyway. Personally, I am more sad they didn't bring in Marlene Griggs-Knope again this season. But a pretty minor quibble since they brought everyone else I wanted to see in these last episodes.
  15. Leslie: "I can't wait to fix that swing, so we can get your little butt right into it." *Adam Scott reaction shot* I think I will miss these things the most. Leslie's obsession with Ben's butt and AS's face, particularly when it is reacting to things. Loved Typhoon basically just wore down Craig. Kyle and Ethel in the same scene! I would have loved to see Ethel's future. Undoubtedly, it would have been steamy. I was kind of annoyed at first with the Andy/April have kids route, but I can live with it. Loved April explaining the makeup and Saperstein's response of "whatever blows your skirt up." Aww, I'm glad there is a Ron advising Tom scene in the extended version. I agree that it was a better lead in to Tom writing his book. Just noticed Garry's "Kiss me, I'm Pop pop" shirt in the 100th birthday scene. This is made so much more amazing by the make out ses between Aubrey and Jim posted above. Bobby and Shauna are perfect. Leslie and Ron holding hands on the swings hurts my whole heart. Really showed how much he's grown that he came Leslie at a personal crossroads. I also loved the callback to "Buddy." Ron putting duct tape on his uniform so as not to advertise his government work. Awesome. I loved that Leslie freaked Chris out about that health watch. And Anne and Leslie trying to get the kids together. Didn't really loose it, but I loved the finale and I'm going to miss this wonderful little show!
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