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  1. If Jessa isn't pregnant, that is just a really unflattering dress. I thought she was supposed to be the "fashionable" one?
  2. It's definitely not normal to get it 4 times in a short time span. Usually it happens because your milk supply is high and you aren't pumping/feeding enough so the ducts are clogged. I've never known anyone to get it more than once. I am actually 2 weeks postpartum myself, exclusively breastfeeding, and am rolling my eyes at Audrey's martyrdom. Yes, breastfeeding can be hard and it's time consuming. Either deal with it or use some formula if it is that bad. I don't know how Jeremy can stand her. My husband would break out the formula himself if I was whining all the time and gettin
  3. It would be nice to see this couple display some Christian humility...
  4. Yes, you are right. And as a SAHM, I'm afraid to say that there are plenty of non-fundie women out there who are like her. I live in suburban NJ in a pretty secular area but it is common for a lot of my peers to constantly post how they have no time and how hard it is to be a SAHM, especially a "boy mom." I really hate the boy mom term because boys aren't any harder than girls (I'm actually a "boy mom" but that will end because I'm expecting a girl). Anyway...you know what is hard, Jill? Having to work full or part time and being a mom! I think Jill would seriously have a nervous br
  5. Sure, kids die from eating hot dogs (chocking)...people die from eating and doing all types of things. But there is something about knowing your kid, too. My son is 3 and eats hot dogs like an adult (holding it in a bun and chowing down) for at least a year. I watch him, and he is fine. I think it's more of an issue if kids rush when they are eating and don't pay attention or shovel food into their mouths. Being a stay at home mom who spends a lot of time around other kids (I'm in a moms club) has taught me that what is an issue for some kids is not an issue for others. I DO, however, th
  6. It's more common for younger kids not to nap anymore. I have a 3 year old and people are shocked that he is still napping. I'm going to continue it as long as possible, but he'll have to stop by Kingergarten when he's 5. I don't blame Jill for having Izzy nap. Most kids are more pleasant in the afternoon after some rest. It's a shame that society is so go-go-go these days and that many toddlers stop napping early. I totally nap during my son's naptime as well on certain days!
  7. 10 pm is late for small kids. My son is 3 and is in bed at 7:30. He was in bed at 7 until he was 2. I'm sure they hope that by putting them down later they will sleep later, but every kid doctor/sleep expert says that doesn't work and that toddlers need to be down by around 8ish for best sleep. I know on the rare occasion when my son is up later, he is still up at 7 AM. Kids have a biological clock that generally doesn't allow them to sleep in late in the AM. Most of the parents in my circle put their little ones (under 5) to bed in the 7/7:30 time frame. I don't see Jill as bei
  8. I actually think it is nice if Derick slept at the hospital. My husband did after my c-section because I couldn't get up out of bed by myself and needed him to lift the baby so I could nurse. The hospital staff assumed he'd stay with me and told him where he could sleep and gave him a pillow and blanket. I don't believe they are having that much sex. He should be tired from law school and they should both be tired from having two young kids. It's one thing to write it on a blog...it's another thing to actually do it. I also don't ever want to think of these two having sex. They
  9. Yeah, it's actually a good practice. It's sad, but it can take one allegation for your career to be ruined. I used to be a high school teacher, and we were told years ago to never meet with a student alone unless the door to the classroom was wide open. This was regardless of the sex of the student and the teacher. I don't think there is an epidemic of false sexual abuse allegations against teachers, but they can happen so teachers take a lot of precautions because you don't want that gossip around town- even if it can be disproven.
  10. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if she was receiving any prenatal care? I wonder if the baby had passed a few weeks earlier but she didn't find out until 20 weeks because that's when she went for a scan. Obviously this could happen to anyone regardless of whether they are receiving care or not, so maybe it doesn't really matter!
  11. Thanks for posting this. I live in a fairly affluent area, and my mom friends and I frequently share our kids' used shoes because they wear them for like 3 months and then grow out of them. The ones that get completely ruined we throw out, but I've received plenty of used shoes that are almost like new. I can't snark on anyone for putting their kids in used clothing or shoes if they fit and are clean. Kids grow like weeds. Save some money!
  12. I can't get worked up over sippy cups and bibs. My son is 3 and can (and does) use regular cups, straw cups, and sometimes a sippy cup. Just because he uses a sippy cup doesn't mean he isn't capable of drinking out of a "big boy cup." He still likes to use his sippy cup sometimes, so I'm good with that. I don't let him use it all the time because it can lead to tooth decay. (Don't know how often Izzy uses his. But we don't know...Izzy may very well be able to drink from a cup). While my son hasn't used a bib since he's turned 2, I've seen older kids use them but not get much food
  13. If they can't afford another baby, I can't blame Derick for saying no right now. That doesn't mean they can't try again in the future. I don't think Jill has any clue what it costs them to live.
  14. My son is 3, and while he is capable of eating in a regular chair, we put him in a high chair so he's equal in height to us. It helps him participate in the conversation. : ) He also likes having his own try in front of him. If Dracilla were my daughter, I'd never take her out of one (and I'd use the straps, too)! I'm not surprised she was in a diaper in the morning since most kids her age needs diapers at night, but she should have been changed as soon as she woke up.
  15. I'm with you on the breakfast. On this show we see Americans all the time in foreign countries that try the native cuisine...and we make fun of them if they don't attempt to try what they are being served. If I were visiting Korea I'd want a Korean breakfast, so it's not that crazy to think a Korean couple would want to try an American meal.
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