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  1. twizzwhizz11

    The Martian (2015)

    Interested to hear if anyone has seen this film (it's been released early in places) and their thoughts. I don't think I've been this hyped for a movie in a long time and I can't wait to see it!
  2. twizzwhizz11

    Everest (2015)

    I went in not knowing anything about the real life story. The cinematography was awesome (saw it in IMAX 3D - hate that it had to be 3D for the IMAX, but oh well). I felt like the writing and character development, as others have mentioned, were lacking but it was a still a gripping story. I had a few questions that I had to look up after the movie, like the reason the ropes were not set ahead of time, whether LASIK/eye surgery can really impair your vision at that altitutde, and why Harold thought the O2 canisters were only half full (apparently he had a broken gage). I was also interested to stumble into the backstory of Boukreev - I wish they had kind of touched on his role and that conflict of climbing without oxygen when you're a guide a little more. Mostly, I was more curious about Doug's backstory. How is this mailman/janitor (I forget his other job that he mentioned but Rob said he was working 3 jobs) able to take so much time off of work and also fund, at least in part, this extremely expensive climb? Though I could see things coming, I saw this last night and have been thinking about it all day: what they could have done differently and what must have been going through Rob's mind. Its kind of a sobering thought to put yourself in his shoes in those moments. I'm definitely intrigued to read Into Thin Air. On the topic of the idea of climbing Everest: Honestly, before watching this movie, I've always thought it was a very cool, adventurous challenge to aspire to. This movie really put into perspective the danger that is involved with both ascent and descent that I had never really understood. From what I can understand, it's not even a 'difficult' climb from a mountaineering perspective (obviously the altitude is killer, but it doesn't take special athletic ability or skill). Base camp seems like a really cool hike that isn't life-threatening or won't break the bank. But there always is that saying that everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives. While some people may not see standing on the top of Everest as a worthy accomplishment, that shot where Boukreev reaches the summit and lifts his arms in pure joy at the "top of the world" definitely gave me the shivers.
  3. twizzwhizz11

    TDS 3.0: Season One Talk

    I've really enjoyed his take the last few days. He's obviously trying to find his groove still but he's doing well. Love the dimples! I feel like most comedians aren't great interviewers - I don't watch a lot of late night TV, but from what I've seen, it's always very stilted and awkward. Trevor is doing an okay job so far so hopefully he can still improve.
  4. twizzwhizz11

    S30: Shirin Oskooi

    I really liked how they set up the narrative of Shirin not relaly fitting in with the White Collars (having more of a 'No Collar' type attitude) in the episode where Nina went home, and how she's now become allies with them. I like Shirin. Maybe I have a higher tolerance for "annoying people" than, say, Joaquin and I'm sure everything is heightened when you're out there on the island. She's clearly successful professionally and isn't afraid to be herself.
  5. twizzwhizz11

    S01.E01: Pilot / S01.E02: Liza Sows Her Oates

    Just watched it on Hulu. Liked it enough to try another episode. Sutton definitely makes and carries the episode. The guy who picks her up in the bar is pretty cute. Interesting to see Hilary Duff again - still sounds/acts/looks the same as 8-10 years ago, which is impressive.
  6. I enjoyed it for the most part. Liam seemed a little out of it (unless that's just how he usually is in interviews/talk shows) and I couldn't understand anything Bradley was saying. Eddie was adorable and took all the embarrassing moments in stride. I feel like I've heard the story of how he told Stephen Hawking they were both Capricorns too many times already and I don't feel like I've seen too many of his interviews. He needs to get a new anecdote. Anna was sweet too. She went a little too long on the power bar/trail mix bit (though it was funny to hear that the British don't have power bars). I thought all the advice was a little weird though, considering Eddie has been to the Golden Globes/Oscars before...for Les Mis? Anyway, liked the highlights from the Red Chair. The best ones were from when The Monuments Men cast was on the show.
  7. twizzwhizz11

    S04.E09: Thanksgiving IV

    This was a funny episode, despite it feeling like a rehash of a few different episodes from earlier on (especially the season opener with the weddings). I also normally really dislike holiday themed episodes but I've always liked New Girl's episodes. But I think this whole "everyone's single" thing that they've used this entire season will get old soon. It's nice to see some actual relationships and not everyone dating. Loved seeing Tran again - and he has relatives! Who talk!
  8. twizzwhizz11

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    Now that the season is over, what did you guys think of it overall? I didn't anticipate at the beginning enjoying this season as much as I would. I always like when there's real competition and a wealth of good/entertaining dancers who rise to the top (Season 8 is another one where I feel all the finalists were really good dancers). It felt a little fresh too. Even though I'll always watch the show, the past few seasons have felt a little stale/saddled down compared to this one. I'm wondering what Season 20/the 10th anniversary has in store for us. I can't imagine another All-Stars so soon. It'll be weird to see the show without Cheryl (and possibly Derek?). Agreed! Though I'm glad he's on SCD, I would have loved to see him on DWTS. Though I'm afraid he would have been like Dmitry and a little more reserved and maybe not as appreciated. And they seem to dispose of SYTYCD Pros pretty quickly.
  9. twizzwhizz11

    S19.E14: Week 11: The Finale

    If it were the latter, I'm sure he wouldn't be able to really say anything. They asked him on GMA and he didn't name a specific reason there either. I'm glad he was finally able to though!
  10. twizzwhizz11

    S01.E07: Chapter Seven

    Where have I seen the actor playing Marco before? He looks so familiar. As others have said, Rogelio is hysterical and definitely the bright star in the show. I think I'd still watch the show without him (I love the telenovela feel and all the drama), but he definitely elevates it to another level of funny. "I've had too much normal people wine!" was great, as was #PleaseFindJane. Another thing that makes this show even funnier is the narrator and the white explanatory text. Love that detail. Loved the couples asking for hugs from Jane, especially the one where she asks if they know her father. So funny. Hated that Michael jumped to have sex with his coworker after finding out about Jane and Rafael. I don't know how to explain it, but it made it less sweet that he waited so long with Jane.
  11. twizzwhizz11

    DWTS Touring Show: Info & Chatter

    Did they announce who was going on tour during the finale? I might have missed it.
  12. twizzwhizz11

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    I would be in favor of a topic for the tour! Was surprised they brought it back - I didn't know that DWTS was bouncing back in popularity. Have they announced who is going on tour? Any celebs or just the pros? I definitely miss the "old days" of DWTS. I'd be sad if we lose Karina or Cheryl or Tony, because they go way back. Derek and Mark to an extent too. I've never understood their rationale for bringing in or losing pros though - I always loved Chelsie and Dmitry, and was upset they never brought Anya or Pasha on board.
  13. twizzwhizz11

    S19.E13: Week 11: The Final Elimination

    Finally got to watch the whole episode. I thought the first round of scores were very fair. I didn't think Derek was whining about the set issue - it was more of a clarification. And I'm sure it's frustrating to have something external like that completely throw off your partner. Sadie did great - it was definitely one of her better dances. Janel improved a lot. I didn't feel like anyone this season got the samba completely right, but these were the best of the lot. And, as Julianne said, they probably could have given Alfonso and Witney 10s their first week and it was even better this time around. That being said, I usually hate when they score the freestyles (and the last dances on the last night) with perfect scores across the board. But, with the exception of Sadie and Mark, who had some timing and synchronicity issues, this group of freestyles at least deserved the perfect scores. They were all dynamic and interesting in their own way. Glad Bethany got to go out on a high note. Mark's concept was pretty interesting, but, as others have said, he could have catered more to his star as the other pros did to theirs. Janel's seemed like a semi-rehash of her contemporaary a few weeks ago, but it was really beautifully danced/choreographed without any mistakes. I did roll my eyes at the kiss though. And I think everything has been said about Alfonso's freestyle. A true entertainer. I'm usually not one for ringer talk, but I can see where people can get upset about people with dance backgrounds when Alfonso started his solo tap section. Yes, ballroom and tap are different beasts but, beyond remembering steps and counting music, there is a musicality and finesse that comes from dancing that you can rarely teach or mimic in just 11 weeks. It's that quality that Sadie and Bethany miss in a lot of their dances (Janel seems to have a bit more polish). Alfonso, on the other hand, has had it since Week 1 and, while I personally don't have a problem with it because it gives us good dances, I can see his distinct advantage. Agreed - he's probably just exhausted, as someone mentioned upthread. He's been in the finals pretty much non-stop for 4 years, minus the season he took off. Like I've said before, I've never been a huge Derek fan (I don't mind him, but I think the only partner he had that I really rooted for was Amber), but I think his and Bethany's partnership has been so sweet and refreshing. Even if he didn't care for himself, he had some really kind words for Bethany (and the show). Also, in an interview with Access Hollywood earlier this week, Bethany was asked how badly she wanted to win and she basically just said, politely, that she felt like her journey up until this point was "already a win" for her and Derek chimed in that he felt like she definitely didn't want to win as badly as the others. I could see it in Janel's face when she was in jeopardy - you could tell she really wanted it. Bethany, on the other hand, had either already accepted it or didn't really care anyway. It was probably a good, mature attitude to have, especially for a 19 year old.
  14. twizzwhizz11

    S19.E13: Week 11: The Final Elimination

    I think Bethany was more consistent dancer than Sadie, but I would rank them around the same and, while still great dancers, way below Janel and Alfonso. I loved that the final was so tight this year - all 4 of the finalists were pretty good dancers. Bethany is two years older than her (19 vs. 17, I believe). But yes, I agree, there is a great difference in maturity.
  15. twizzwhizz11

    Good Wife Quotes

    I may not have it exactly right, but Eli's "I trust assassins more than I trust teachers" had me in stitches.