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  1. What connects all the episodes together is the way Ambrose sees a bit of himself in all the killers he investigates. He is a man on the edge. The fact that he himself is not a criminal is kind of a miracle. Instead, he feels a deep empathy for those who crossed the line and wants to help them. In a crazy twisted way, he's helping himself too. I hope he hooks up with Sonya. He deserves some peace in his life.
  2. That's too bad. Just finished the series on Amazon. It would have been nice to read the discussion. Oh well.
  3. That link is not working.
  4. I find it very interesting that the show unintentionally works as a metaphor for what's happening today. Every time Nathan woke up in Lake View he felt disoriented and hopeless, feeling like he was trapped in the same senseless reality, where nothing could be really accomplished. And then he had to decide what to do with his time. Isn't that how many people feel in quarantine? I do love the whole setup for the series, and the levity of it. And I adore Nora and Nathan together. But yeah, I wish the story didn't have so many plotholes. For me, Nathan's death makes no sense. Also Ingrid saying that she had to protect him at Horizon makes even less sense. Wasn't she talking about deleting him two episodes ago? Than there's the conversation between Nathan and Jamie, where Jamie seems embarrassed for having cheated on him. Shouldn't he be mad about the betrayal? And why was the other guy killed? The one who didn't buy Freeyond? And don't even get me started on the magical Matrix technology that allows Nathan to control that elevator from the afterlife. By the way, was that guy dead when the door opened? Is Nathan a killer now? Oh and, like Dani pointed out, the ethical implications of an automated car where you can prioritize the occupants are scary. Is humanity completely lost in this future? Still, watching the episodes was a lot if fun. And I'm hooked. I really hope that some of the plot hokes are not just bad wrinting, and there's a big master plan behind it all. We'll see.
  5. How is that even allowed in this board? I still love the twins, but I skip all the scenes with Randall. Tks, show, fir ruining my second favorite character. Thank God for Kevin!
  6. I adore Fleabag with every fiber of my being. The second season may be my favorite season of every series ever. Those articles say it better than I ever could. https://amp.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/apr/08/farewell-fleabag-the-most-electrifying-devastating-tv-in-years https://www.vulture.com/2019/05/fleabag-season-2-fourth-wall-ending.html I have one question though. I see everyone referring to Boo as a friend, or best friend. I always assumed F (can't call her Fleabag, too strange) and Boo were in a romantic relatioship. I thought they were a couple, and very much in love. Then, when Boo fell in love with someone else, F got jealous, and that's why she had sex with him. But maybe I got it all wrong... Also, did Boo kill herself or was that an accident? I would say accident, but I'm not so sure. I don't think we got a definite answer. One more: does the fox symbolise anything? I love the fox so much. Ok. Going to watch last episode again. I've lost count of how many times I've seen it...
  7. I've read a lot of posts and reviews about the finale, and it all came back to the same feeling inside of me. The episode does glorify suicide. It got me very disturbed. Just talking about it triggers a hundred different feelings in me. I would not recommend it to anyone suffering from depression, ever. Possibilities, I loved your post, but I think there's a big difference between what the show was trying to say and what it really said. Your idea of bliss is lovely. A natural progression where your bliss surpasses you body and you become a being of pure energy would be a great ending for the characters. That's not what I saw. I saw people who lost interest in life and decided to end it. Period. I wish there was no door. I wish they all evolved together, till they became those bright lights in the infinity, still connected, still together. Now that would have been a good ending. I shall forget about this one, and let the show end when Eleanor and Chidi are seating on the sofa, contemplating eternity together.. This is a great philosophical analysis of the finale. https://www.theatlantic.com/culture/archive/2020/02/good-places-finale-made-heaven-look-hopeless/606001/
  8. Thank you, but I meant spoilers from the books, like when will Mathew meet his "fate". But maybe that's allowed, I don't know.
  9. I feel so much for Ruth Wilson. I can't help wondering how much she had to endure before she decided she'd had enough. I mean, Tremm was the one in a position of power here. So when Tremm says "I accepted this demand and that demand from Wilson", my take is: she accepted two or three demands (showing the script before, really? I think that's mandatory, not something she did to make the actress comfortable), and ignored all the rest. Because she had a "vision". To be fair, I think Tremm believes in what she says. She truly thinks she's defending her art. And she is really trying to write about things she experienced in real life. That's important to her. But I don't think she realizes there's a fine line between being true to your vision and being ethical at work, between working out a trauma and being disrespectful to the people around you, between creating a fragile character and telling a story that degrades women. The tree scene, for instance. There's a context for that. Alison was getting free from Noah's influence. She had gone to this retreat with her mother and she was feeling stronger, more independent, more herself. It seemed like an important development for the character. Then Noah gets there, dismisses everything she says and tries to force himself on her in a very aggressive way. In Tremm's version, Alison ends up giving herself to Noah and willingly having sex with him. But why would she, when giving herself to Noah goes against everything she's feeling in that moment? When having sex with him will make her feel defenseless and worthless all over again? So Wilson fought for Alison. In her opinion, if that scene was filmed as a rape, at least Alison would not be willingly giving herself to Noah. She would be fighting for her dignity, her new found freedom, her mental health. Noah is the monster there. She's trying to fight back. Tremm did the scene the way Wilson asked her to, but it didn't matter in the end, because the rape was never mentioned and Alison got back with Noah, feeling again like a shadow of herself. Because, let's be clear, in Tremm's vision, Alison never wins. She's forever this weak, disturbed, submissive woman, who can't show any signs of strength, and will forever be punished if she does. And her punishment almost always involves degrading, sad, aggressive sex. I'm pretty sure there's not what Tremm pitched to Wilson in the beginning. But that's all she got. And that's all we got: endless scenes of a disturbed woman being humiliated, manhandled, raped and finally murdered. No wonder Wilson was unhappy. Along with many members of the audience. I would also sue, if I could.
  10. Why is this thread filled with spoilers? Only the main source is hidden. But the comments are here for all to see. I didn't want to be spoiled.
  11. So what the hell did I just watch? Meredith gets a free pass because she's the sun, and because the judge loves to hear inspirational stories. Bailey is "good again" because she regrets being fair and firing a doctor for a very good reason. Glasses is the villain because, for once, he was a good professional. Most shocking of all: two responsible doctors gleefully celebrate the death of a man who had a seizure in front of them and had to undergo a surgery because of it. One of them might have inadvertently caused his death, but that doesn't bother her at all. Because, you know, vengeance is such a beautiful thing. Don't you love happy endings?
  12. This. Leave Chrissy Metz alone. Her personal life is hers. Enough with the hate disguised as concern. Fat people have the right to live, and have kids, and be happy. God knows TV is filled with unrealistically thin women. Aren't you concerned about their health??? She looks amazing on that cover. Happy for her.
  13. I'm trying to watch this show again, but it's so boring I fall asleep every single time. I think I'm done. Will keep a look here for good Kevin moments. Still love Kevin. Wish they did a spin-off with him only.
  14. I remember that scene. I hated it. But hey, that's just me. I'll shut up now.
  15. We will have to agree to disagree then. Sure, the show treated Mark as the father sometimes, which was infuriating. He was not. The child was Callie and Arizona's. Callie and Mark were never going to raise the kid together. He would be like an uncle, not a father. Anyway, that's how I see it. The fact that he actually had sex with Callie and is friends with her is irrelevant. The couple is still Arizona and Callie, and the child is theirs.
  16. The couple in question is Callie and Arizona, not Callie and Mark. Mark is just the biological father. Callie and Arizona are the mothers. So yeah, that couple was together during the pregnancy.
  17. Thank you. I don't get why people think Jo should have imagined her mother was raped. Why?? Of course she thought her mother abandoned her because she couldn't take care of her. That's what anyone would think. At least in Brazil. Are you telling me mothers never abandon their babies in the U. S., unless they have been raped? I can't imagine the trauma of finding out something like that. Let's see. You father is a rapist. You were coceived in an act of violence. Your mother was raped. And had you as a result. She is completely traumatized. Your mother can't stand looking at you. You wonder if you inherited something from your criminal father. You wonder if you deserve to be loved. You wonder if your whole existence is a huge mistake. Like I said, trauma. But yeah, none of this was discussed in the episodes. Nada. And it will be soon forgotten. Grey's writers forgot how to tell a good story. They have no clue.
  18. The phone call from Marie to Wever killed me. When she says that she had lost all faith in humanity, but the two detectives restored it, and now she can see the world with hopeful eyes again, I cried like a baby. If you can do that to someone, you're a true hero. Wever and Colette will forever be my favorite TV duo.
  19. Thank you. My thoughts exactly. Why oh why isn't June dead? That's all I wanted from this finale. Couldn't we at least have had that??? Who am I kidding? Of course Super June can't die. I'm killing this show instead. Bye, THS!
  20. Thanks for making June a murderer, show. She murdered Eleanor. I hate her so much now. She's not even a person anymore. Just a heartless thing that walks and bosses people around. Sorry I'm late with my comment. Watching the finale now.
  21. Ok maybe this is really a mute point, because this show has gone to hell and there's no point in trying to make sense of anything. Still I try. Marthas are servants, ok. But they are also part of the new Gilead order. A household must have a Commander, a wife, a handmaid and a Martha. And maybe kids, if the Lord decides to open. Marthas are an integral part of the whole system and even participate in some of the rituals. Now Jezebel is not part of that order. It's not a household. It's sort of illegal, even if it's accepted by the powers that be. Marthas do not belong there. Nor for me anyway. Were they there in Season one? I don't remember. My point: the only reasons there are Marthas in Jezebel's is to help Superjune stay invulnerable. Someone upthread suggested that next season should be all about the Marthas. That would be nice. Who knows, I might even watch it...
  22. Which brings me to my question. Why are there Marthas on Jezebel's??? Makes absolutely no sense to me. This show, I swear... Seeing Commander Lawrence taking orders from June actually made me cry. What the hell, writers? No words.
  23. I watched this in my computer with my hand over her face the whole time.
  24. Oh God they are talking Season 3. I was so afraid of that after realizing the Monterrey 5 were going to confess. I knew that's what they were going for...
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