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    Small Talk: Only 2 Ounces Of Commenting Allowed

    I just voted for Tiffany, can't remember the category, but she's ahead.
  2. auntjess

    S07.E24: Sean

    I've set the episode with extras to record, which I usually skip. I think it's tonight.
  3. It should be posted on the TLC Facebook page for her show. TLC doesn't care if you love her or hate her, as long a you watch.
  4. auntjess

    General True Crime Shows

    An early occasion of identification by dental work. https://www.medicalmuseum.mil/index.cfm?p=exhibits.past.resolved.page_07
  5. auntjess

    Whitney Thore: So She Thinks She Can Dance

    I can't see where the nominations or voting pages are. This is what I can find. https://forums.primetimer.com/forum/3310-annual-awards-show-the-primetimers/ Help! and thanks.
  6. I was thinking at first that this was that British author who hated fat people and gained weight to prove some point. Katie Hopkins, and she was on TLC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katie_Hopkins#Obesity It's a southern name I guess. I had several Talmadges in my family, on my mother's side.
  7. auntjess

    General True Crime Shows

    I googled and it looked like it hasn't been solved yet. Please post if they do, because I've got a zillion murders on my DVR (got busy with things), and I don't want to invest time in an open case, other than the Zodiac one. I love Cajun accents, and think Rhodie Sanchez should be a narrator on lots of shows.
  8. auntjess

    Four Weddings

    Editor's Note: Discuss Four Weddings Here! Original Post We need a place to keep abreast of Shanaenae's scientific study of these brides. So this week we've seen lots of Canadian shows, and I can't keep track, but my favorite was the one who commented on the the butternut squash soup, "butter, nuts, and squash, didn't sound like they'd go together, but it was good." She ranks up there with the " B L A N blan" bride. (And it's nice to know you don't have to from the US to...)
  9. auntjess

    S07.E24: Sean

    Yes, and sorry, but with some, I feel "promises, promises." Thanks for the clarification. I could have sworn he played football. Sounds like at 400lbs senior year he was already under the "care" of his mother. Probably didn't have many friends, thus when he became bed bound probably no one came around or if they did, they didn't stay long. Someone did have a football injury, and I got this mixed up too.
  10. auntjess

    S07.E24: Sean

    Didn't I see in one of the articles posted when he died, that he was somewhere his father had placed him? I'll have to look for the link. I thought that at first, but life insurance is usually paid quickly, so I wondered if it was some type of renters' insurance claim from the hurricane loss.
  11. auntjess

    The First 48

    The First 48 is back with new shows! The new one is a follow-up on the Harris county woman who was burned alive, but survived. The suspect, Joker, testified that he didn't do it, it was the other couple. That was bs, saying she'd taken so much drugs that she wouldn't remember. I think she'd have sobered up really quickly when that match was tossed. I didn't see the guy she was with when they dragged her off. Why didn't he testify?
  12. Did they say what size the mannequin was? (I've reached my monthly article limit, and can't afford to subscribe to every paper.) In the part they showed, the writer called it "immense and gargantuan," which seems immense hyperbole to be. Plus size, yes, but vast?
  13. I always felt his mother was the only one who thought Dr. Now's diet was too strict, and he was asking too much of them. I felt that had she encouraged him, he might have tried harder.
  14. auntjess


    Also, who thought this up? Who knew there were enough people like this, who'd agree to be on TV? I wonder if someone in the production company had to deal with this? Way back when Tom Snyder used to do the Tomorrow Show, he had on a mother/daughter lesbian couple.
  15. auntjess


    For me, it was 22 minutes.
  16. auntjess

    The Employables

    It would be nice if they had access to the skills assessment before what is apparently many months, if not years, of failed interviews. The woman today came off as a bit shy, but nothing to mark her as a "no hire."
  17. My tv schedule is showing a Sean update with a new date for next Wednesday. The blurb on the TLC page shows Sean and has a "NEW" tag, and reads " In the 4th year of his weight loss journey, Sean struggles to get past the loss of his mother, and live on his own. Dr. Now intervenes to control Sean's eating for a time, but if Sean can't learn to control himself, he will face the direst of consequences." (In the good old days of XP, that would have been easily copied and pasted.) (oh, and thanks Mod for removing the one I screwed up.)
  18. Having just watched Tiny House Builders, Hunters, and another one whose name I can't recall, I think we need a dumping ground for these. The one where the family wanted a place on some vacation land was good, but the one where the wife had married a true believer, not so much. At least she held out for a flush toilet. On all of these, I'm appalled at the way safety is ignored, with hazardous stairs, and NO FIRE EXTINGUISHERS in sight. If I had a wood house, that would be the first thing I'd buy. Also, not seeing much insulation. I want to turn Mike Holmes loose on them.
  19. auntjess

    S07.E23: Lee & Rena & Sarah LIVE CHAT

    To me, that's just about all of these shows. (I haven't started watching yet, and judge the show based on the page numbers.)
  20. auntjess

    General True Crime Shows

    Oh, it's a few different things. I can't remember what they called it but it was one of the shows from that weekend that I watched that had a new name on it and was listed as new! How about Menopause for Murder?
  21. From what I've seen, and recall from the shows, she's never supported herself with her "dance career," so isn't it about time that she learn something that she can make a living at? (In my day, my folks would have sent me to learn typing, at that stage.)
  22. auntjess

    Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    Nothing like having to wash dishes before you use them. I think designers like using the dishes, etc. to get colors into the kitchen.
  23. auntjess

    The Employables

    I've been watch this too. Are there just the 2 episodes so far? I've noticed that the traffic guy with autism, and the Tourette's man who joined the museum, both were in small towns, and wonder if places like that, with perhaps fewer formal hoops to jump through for jobs, makes it easier. It's hard to see someone with Tourette's being hired as a docent/guide, in a large city museum, where the people wouldn't come to know him.
  24. Those wonderful folks who brought you the poor guy with the 132 lb scrotum, are back with The Women with the World's Biggest Hips, which premiers Friday, along with The Grandmother Lovers. Who needs the Duggars? And if these aren't winners, they can try to get the Gypsy brides to Say Yes to the Dress, and have the Four Weddings brides all marrying the same polygamist Class tells.
  25. More than one, alas.