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  1. And I thought the Crab People were devious...
  2. http://www.wetpaint.com/farrah-abraham-james-deen-rape-allegations-1457314/ Also Farrah's estranged Ashley had another kid. The name is spelled 'Axl'. Guns and Roses fan?
  3. Chin chiminy, chin chiminy, chin chin chiree...
  4. Sam is secretly the demon from Insidious.
  5. 90 min lets them sell more ads at the higher rate that TWD commands.
  6. Love the Praymate. Bunny ears with the Kim Davis/Misery fashion style. For the liberal hipster stereotype I think he meant "fair trade" coffee.
  7. for TFDW Want to 'glean' a ride On the Benham twins' strong backs Special, blessed, special!
  8. But won't he be more likely to stray from the true path without that wholesome, real-Murican manna from heaven?
  9. Josh always had the wrong idea when he heard "anointest mine head with oil"...
  10. Duck the livestream cam Just nine hours of sermon left Nod off, porno dreams
  11. JB looks like he's doing something under the table. Defrauding! Gotta be quick. The Rapture could come any minute now.
  12. So he had his choice of porn stars, and went for someone MILFy, even a bit older than himself? Velllllly interesting...vellly interesting. *reaches for Dr. Freud glasses*
  13. Show whole sinful world Righteous humping on golf course Don't leave, cameras!
  14. 19 Gig and counting. Healthcare. Joshy has "needs".
  15. "Where's the LAMB SAAUUUUUUCE for the tater tot casserole? You fat useless sack of yankee danky doodle shite!"
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