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  1. This makes me.... feel surrounded by rainbows and unicorns. I hate myself. http://m.eonline.com/news/722611/blake-shelton-kisses-gwen-stefani-and-grabs-her-booty-on-romantic-night-out
  2. Damn show is making me ship them. Damn you, Burnett. I'm better than this.
  3. What in the world...lol http://m.eonline.com/news/712391/exclusive-gwen-stefani-and-blake-shelton-s-pda-filled-weekend-prove-they-re-more-than-friends This coupling is so bananas (h/t) and I don't know if this continues to be a Mark Brunett production....but you know what, I've enjoyed their flirty interactions this season so proceed.
  4. Treebeard

    The Star Wars Saga

    I was just watching the Batman v. Superman, Deadpool and Sucidice Squad trailers (liked them all), and it's crazy how we've only heard about two lines of dialogue from this thing and yet it comes out before. Different marketing strategy for sure. And yet…I'm so pumped for this from the stuff they have shown. PLEASE BE GOOD!
  5. Treebeard

    The Star Wars Saga

    I remember "The Phantom Menace" trailer looking pretty good, but they'd have to intentionally try to be worse then the prequels. Still... Please be good, please be good, please be good.
  6. Eh, I kind of believe the US weekly thing from what I've watched. Thought that convo. last episode was totally producer manipulated for the dramazzz. Then again, I'm total crap at picking who these people will choose... totally thought Brad was going with Chantal. Not that I care much...primarily here for the crazies.
  7. As I usually watch this show for the crazy and don't give a fig about the "love story"....This season's Ashley/Kelsey thunderdome battle on a bed in the Badlands. "You think I'm not as smart as you because I don't use big words. You and I both have our Master's and I have one from a great place. I’m not from Pleasantville! I am from freaking 2014!” "I may be a virgin, but I’m sexy and she’s not." “Ashley is a Kardashian that didn’t get her princess date and wears way too much makeup.” Just Gold.
  8. I hadn't seen it in a while. I watched last night and DVR'd it. Watched it again today while doing other stuff. So good. Nothing nowadays really matched its epic-ness.
  9. Alright not exactly the movie, but I was reading this old article that had famous screen tests (I'll have to post that elsewhere because some of them are just great) and the kid from ET is just incredible here...
  10. You're not kidding! ... from http://www.cracked.com/article_20487_the-5-most-hilarious-actor-meltdowns-behind-famous-movies.html (BTW, this whole article is great) "At one point, Brando told the director that he would not perform unless a midget whom he had befriended during production appeared next to him in all his scenes, so then that happened -- you know the miniature version of Dr. Moreau who accompanies him everywhere? That's not in the book or the script. Brando forced them to add all those scenes." "The dwarf (who had a successful television career in South America) then inspired "M
  11. Yup, here's one of them... SEVERE LANGUAGE WARNING That's more entertaining than the actual movie...should have put it in
  12. R2D2 and C3PO hated each other in real life! Well, the actors inside them. Here's a list of quotes of classic actors dissing each other. http://moviemorlocks.com/2011/08/11/they-said-what-classic-insults-from-classic-actors/ Some of them are hilarious, such as, 6. Vivian Leigh on Bette Davis after turning down a role in HUSH…HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE: “I could just stand the thought of facing Joan Crawford at seven in the morning, but I couldn’t stand the thought of facing Bette Davis at that or any hour.” 20. Fanny Brice on Esther Williams: “Wet, she’s a star. Dry, she ain’t.” Dayum 10. Chri
  13. Just thought I'd start this after reading about the legendary Joan Crawford/Bette Davis feud on the set of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane." From http://flavorwire.com/298930/the-most-notorious-co-star-feuds-in-movie-history: "Few stars got along as poorly as Davis and Crawford on What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, though they brought decades of rivalry and ill will to the set. The stories of their fights are legendary: Davis reportedly kicked Crawford in the head “accidentally” during one scene, while Crawford put weights in her clothes for a scene where she was dragged by Davis. But it
  14. Jimmy Stewart and Audrey Hepburn in a light romantic comedy. Directed by Billy Wilder. But they're all dead, DAMMIT.
  15. Audrey Hepburn has a beatnik dance outbreak, and Astaire's facial expressions:
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