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  1. Kaya was the best contestant of this run, no surprise she was on Jeopardy as well. Spencer was dumb to not vote her out (with no bank building round in the F2, there is no reason to not vote out the obvious best player at 3) but it turned out to be a close battle in the end (though the questions seemed pretty easy).
  2. Also he was on Celebrity Family Feud where his “family” was other dads from his kids school. Sucks that neither Erik nor his helper Alberto knew what a “wenis” was. I learned that in elementary school since it was something kids would joke about due to the rhyming implications. If he had used Ask the Host I’m confident Jimmy would know it. As for Julie Bowen getting a Tiger King question for $1,000,000 that would be the one case I would see a question and be happy to not know the answer.
  3. The new episode tonight had to have been filmed about two and a half years ago. There was a reference to Joel Mchale’s Netflix talk show which was cancelled August 2018, and Skylar Astin talking about his marriage to Anna Camp when they divorced in 2019
  4. It still did well in the demos though, in the 18-49 it got a 0.8 (down from 1.0 for the premiere) which is good for any show nowadays especially a game show. It did much better than Millionaire and Card Sharks (the latter of which looks dunzo after this season). I agree the problem is that they don’t explain all the bonuses at the start which makes the big sweep (which is the main draw of the show) hard to understand and having all these “employees” isn’t really necessary. I could take or leave Leslie Jones but it’s the lack of explanation on the game that’s the real issue (since not
  5. I actually was enjoying Tiffany towards the end, lol idk why but she became endearing despite being annoying at first. Tonight’s group seemed less trashy then the previous one but they still aren’t intelligent, of course with them not being able to bring in contestants from the entire country the contestant pool is quite limited. Still can’t get over that one guy thinking Lee Harvey Oswald was a poet.
  6. Really dislike the (likely producer encouraged) trash talking between the contestants. Seemed like they went for a lot of IMBD page types, hopefully if there is another season (which there probably will be, it’s rated well so far and is easy to produce as long as the pandemic is going) they fix the issues from this season that came from having to rush it on the air.
  7. Renewed despite NBC’s efforts to kill it. https://deadline.com/2020/09/the-wall-renewed-season-4-nbc-1234588851/ Seems like they wanted to be done with the show, but this is so easy to do under COVID guidelines that it helps to have it available. Probably will see the next season in like 2023 though.
  8. This was ok but there’s not really any reason to watch this over old episodes on YouTube. The gameplay is fine and Jane is a great host but the production and editing were all over the place. Also doing the discussion before revealing who voted for who seemed awkward but that’s just compared to the original. And if you don’t know the answer, just pass instead of stalling for 10 seconds when you are on the clock, there were some people tonight who did not get this. Of course compared to a certain person on the show airing after this they seemed intelligent.
  9. Kathie Lee and family were on the originally Celebrity FF with Al Roker before so that helped. And Ricki Lake hosted that Game Show Marathon special which included Family Feud. So they were familiar with the rules which made them more likeable to watch here.
  10. It is airing this Sunday at 7pm before the Emmys.
  11. Pretty sure it’s fake crowd noises as it is on Jeopardy. Buzzerblog made way too big of a deal over the white thing being like “condoms” which the average Wheel viewer won’t think of. It is odd they are still offering trips as prizes but i guess the trip companies need all the advertising they can get for 2022 or whenever traveling comes back.
  12. Caught some of the show this morning, it switched from afternoons to mornings on a different station in my market. The format is pretty much the same aside from being on Zoom and having an at home player who wins $1,000 if the studio contestant wins $10,000. People are probably burnt out on Zoom shows by now but it’s good they were able to keep it going, hopefully it will get back to in studio in the future.
  13. PR purposes mainly so the show is ensuring the causal viewers they are taking the pandemic seriously. However Julie should also have to wear a mask in that case, either have them both do it or neither.
  14. Yeah the ratings weren’t the greatest (Million Dollar Mile got pulled with higher ratings, though it aired in season and with a Survivor lead in) but it’s cheap to produce, keeps Phil on the network and can be plugged into a timeslot wherever (much like his other show). Seemed like an easy call for renewal. I’ve still been watching every week but mostly as background noise and for the Rob has a Podcast recaps afterwards (most of which have had Phil on as a guest). It reminds me of that show “American Grit” which was on FOX for 2 seasons a few years ago and hosted by John Cena which had a
  15. The 2nd season will have Meredith hosting remotely from her home. The set is so small it would have been hard to work around COVID restrictions so they decided this would be the best option. https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/game-show-host-meredith-vieira-shares-memories-of-regis-philbin
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