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  1. Ding, Ding, Damn Ding!!!! Total Summation of a Stupid Weird Ass Fucking Solution. AND you capped it off with my favorite ship. 👏
  2. I must say, Jared was amazingly convincing as a lowlife and made me wonder who is the real Jared. I always thought he was an inconsiderate prick. Now, he's doing a damn good job of convincing me he is an inconsiderate prick AND a POS.
  3. Yeah, you have to work pretty fast to get all your shit together, but that should NOT include a possible pinning the baby as Danny's so as to avoid any dangers. Who even thinks like that???? Have they even taken a paternity test or are they still going by the fact that Grace had a calling? First things, first, people. Ben has developed a very discerning eye for details, after all, he was able to spot Saanvi at the back of the plane by recognizing her butt! He's good. /s
  4. Sweet. Finally, Netflix is thinking of the fans...............and profit, but at least they are thinking of us too. 😲 Lucifer Twist: Netflix Wants to Keep the Show Going Beyond 'Final' Season 5
  5. Speaking of Binders, I laughed when Jake Pwned Amy with the Officer who was a Binder innovator. Way to get your Honey back, Jake. Using her own weakness against her. Well done, Jake. So glad Charles is back to his Jakey persona. "Boyhunter, indeed!" . Officer Debbie was a welcome addition and she fit right in. She can be the new Gina. Holt's comment about "I'm reporting from the Alley many miles away from the scene of the crime!". "Hold on, a Pigeon is approaching!" "Abort the mission!". <to the pigeon> "Shoo, Shoo, Shoo!" HA!!!
  6. Right now, Vance's only role has been to act like a buffer between Saanvi and Ben and whip up unsuccessful plans to battle the Major.That's a helluva lot more than Lourdes' role, which for all we know, she could be dead in a ditch somewhere. No, her name hasn't even been mentioned since the pregnancy rumor.
  7. Loved the two episodes back-to-back. I especially love it when they put Rosa and Amy together, they always crack me up as a team and Rosa has become softer with Amy and not as critical of her quirkiness. ”Glub, glub, glub. Oh, damn, a baby Peraltiago, would really bring out the creepy in Charles' Jake adoration. Amy outright abused Detective Fuzzy Paws. The fact that Hitchcock doused himself in a cologne called ”Zika” was funny so was the awkward dabbing when the Lt. interrupted them.
  8. I'm drawing a blank here and was wondering what the title of the episode had to do with what occurred in it? Anybody have any idea?
  9. Yeah, I don't know what the explanation for that omission Is. It should have easily turned up with a basic search. Got nothing on that other than it should have been routine.
  10. Yet, Michaela was in full knowledge of Zeke's record (though not his marriage) AND she trusted him enough to let him stay with her. Michaela is a cop, did Jared think he was the only one who could access Zeke's records? That whole fiasco was Jared just thinking that he could take care of Michaela better than she can take care of herself. Michaela isn't some damsel in distress waiting for Jared to save her. Go home Jared, and stop making an ass of yourself. Better yet, call your wife and ask her how your unborn son is doing.
  11. One could argue that he already threw his whole life away by dumping a PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD, WIFE for a recently returned ex-girlfriend. The only thing Michaela is guilty of was still loving a man who proposed to her not too long agao. And sleeping with him. Sure, she may have led him on, but she was still going by old emotions. Besides, Jared broke into Michaela's apartment and beat a man who did nothing to him other than hang out with Michaela.
  12. Quick clip of Beat in Face Guy right before the X-ers break into the Church: MANIFEST: Season 2 Episode 5 - Coordinated Flight HD TV Clip #1
  13. I don't know why the camera focused on him, making it seem like he's not supposed to be there. They made it seem like he's an X-er, but he got beaten up by X-ers. So, I'm not sure what his significance is.
  14. LOL, too late!!! 😄 Actually it would be better if the Cannibal Cop story was fake or in a TV story. Wikipedia about Police Officer Gilberto Valle who had an urge for fresh meat 'Cannibal Cop' Gilberto Valle Says He Wants A New Life
  15. You have to draw the line at Cannibal Cops. That crap needs to get reported ASAP even if by other cops. Ted Bundy in Blue doesn't need a Blue Code
  16. Limo Guy is the professor that approved Ben's acceptance as a professor at the school. He's apparentlyy an X-er or works for the Major. He's married to the extremely rude woman who told Grace she hopes she loses the baby.. Beat in Face Guy is the guy who was closing up the church when the 4 criminals came in and trashed the place and kicked the shit out of Beat in Face Guy. Frozen Donkey Wheel and a Smoke Monster will make their appearance in season 3. Don't knows anything about the men. I think Hurley was blocking out the men, but if they want to bring Evangeline Lilly over, I would welcome her with open arms. You can have Jack and Sawyer.
  17. Another weird storyline is that Ben and Saanvi, who seemed fated to get together, with the show even raising the issue up during Saanvi's therapy now it no longer seems like it's possible with Grace firmly implanted as the love of Ben's life. The writers are also rehabilitating Grace's character and trying to humanize the woman by giving her "green eyes". This show is starting to do what other shows do, once prominent characters no longer central to the story are disappearing by the wayside. Lourdes is out of sight & out of mind.
  18. This was a disappointing episode, from my perspective (No Saanvi). Just a lot of chickens running around without heads. Jared is slowly sliding down the asshole pole, but I don't think he's playing a long con. I don't think he would do anything right now that doesn't involve him hating Mick or making her pay. It's what assholes do. I can see him tipping off the X-ers as to the coming raid despite the fact that he's causing pain to the woman he supposedly loves and her niece. Why do X-ers drink at cop bars?? Seems like it's the perfect place to meet a potential undercover cop ready to infiltrate your super secret, creepy Anti-828 club. I have no clue what's up with the new chief. she seems to have it in for Michaela, with Jared whispering in her ear. Don't like that at all. They're supposed to be on the same team, not undermining your detectives. The chief keeps telling Micheala her "new boyfriend" got into a fight with her "old boyfriend", then why the fuck are you whispering about Michaela with her old boyfriend knowing he beat the shit out of Zeke because of a jealous rage? In fact, shouldn't Internal Affairs have a word with Jared about his B&E and subsequent beatdown of a civilian staying at another officers home? Why is Jared waking around with no aftereffects from the shooting. The shooting was ruled an accident that was caused by a police officer committing felonies. Why no punishment other than not assigning him cases? Adrian's platitudes are driving me crazy. I loathe people who speak in platitudes. Especially a "Preacher". Ben's roughing him up, while unexpected, was a much needed wake-up call, I hope.
  19. Accepting someone else as partly your responsibility and using that as motivation is not using them as a crutch. Parents accept responsibility and that is motivation enough.
  20. Did they ever specify a timeframe? The lack of information leads me to believe that the writers haven't figured out their backstory yet. I'm probanly wrong but I get the sense that Dex did a tour in Aghanistan, and during that time her parents left Ansel in a home(?) and left. When Dex was discharged she had him released with her as guardian (Ansel still obviously a minor) and that's how they have been since Ansel moved out. There must have been neighborhood gossip about the Parios' putting their son in a home and skipping town. Maybe fraud, income tax violations, charity theft were in the future for them. Who knows, almost certainly NOT the writers otherwise they would not be delaying the reveal so late in the series. I'd like to go on record that Grey going undercover and Dex playing a wealthy buyer are total catastrophes in-waiting. Grey may have the skills to portray a criminal, after all, he's a convicted felon with a shady past but Dex portraying a woman of substance? Puleeze, the woman is just a crafty vet with PTSD, AND BASICALLY ZERO posh. She's a tomboy and probably can't pull off what they want from her. Anyway, I think Hoffman is asking too much from Grey and if something happens to Grey, Hoffman is going to have Hell on his hands. Speaking of Hell, YAY, EVE!!!!! Max, played by Inbar Lavi, who played Eve on "Lucifer", is a welcome sight and I'm glad she's getting work. Just be available to play Eve in season 5 of "Lucifer", please.
  21. There's a certain strength one can gain by being responsible for someone other than yourself. The feeling of letting someone down and not letting them suffer through any kind of discomfort can bolster one's determination and courage. Dex does need Ansel; he gives her purpose and though she can appear distracted at times, she does have Ansel's welfare at the forefront of her "Hot Mess".
  22. I thought Dex's frustrated comment about not wanting Ansel to live with strangers covered the group home possibility. Ansel said, he's going to be staying with people like him and that made an already furious Dex explode. C'mon, nobody likes a loved one to have to stay with strangers. Think about placing your loved ones (e.g. parents, child) in a group home; it's terrifying for all parties. I understand that sometimes people have no choice, which actually makes the whole thing worse. Ansel is Central to Dex's life. She has protected him ever since she arrived home from her tour and took Ansel in (which would make an interesting flashback). So she's afraid that if neither she nor Grey are around, Ansel can be abused by group home employees or other residents. Proponents of group homes will probably make an excellent case for them, but it's not easy to let go of someone you've accepted as your responsibility, to be taken care of by others, even if it makes YOUR life easier.
  23. That was what I took it as. If anyone can figure out something deeper, please post! Nope. Nothing deeper. It was the Major's way of saying, "Here's how you fucked up". What I want to know is how did they know Saanvi had a home lab? Was it just a logical conclusion because her work in her work lab wasn't proving reliable and they figured Saanvi must have had another lab somewhere? I did laugh at Vance chastising Saanvi for acting like a schoolgirl with regards to Ben, "He LIED to me!". 😛 As far as Olive telling the Preacher about the Death Date, I think all 828'ers should know. Now, if the General Population knows, I think people would find a way to twist it into something nasty. I'm starting to wonder if cruelty is our natural state because we resort to it so easily. If Olive finds solace amongst people who are seeking answers, that's her choice. She probably wants to know why her entire family is destined to die. Perfectly natural for her to seek answers elsewhere.
  24. The comment was made when Grace ran into the wife of the University professor on the advisory committee who hired Ben. They met on the street and Grace asked her if something was wrong because she sensed the woman was in trouble. The woman replied that the only trouble she has is from Grace and her creepy son and that she hoped Grace loses her next child; in effect, she hoped Grace's unborn child would die.
  25. Damn, I was going to to DM you, but I completely agree with you. There's already a lot of violence towards pregnancy whether you're pro-choice or not, but that kind of vehemence is too much on screen.
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